Saturday, November 25, 2006

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, if I make a mistake with spelling, or the date something is posted, please let me know (Thanks Jeeze Louise). Sometimes I rush through these things and do not always take the time to proofread as carefully as I should nor take the time to use spellcheck.

The first comment/subject I want to address is the S/MV item. The only thing I will say is I will not confirm or deny anything. I really cannot do that. However, with that being said, one thing I will say about myself is that I love my friends, and if you are my friend you know you will not get trashed here or behind your back or anywhere else. Some of you have guessed a certain person and I make very clear in another entry that she is a really good friend of mine and therefore could not be the correct guess. Also, she reads the blog, so be nice. lol

Det. Rhiannon Brock made a very good observation in a comment and I have to agree. It was in the Neil Patrick Harris entry and I stated that Ellen did not have any traditional romantic leads after Mr. Wrong, and the point in the comment was correctly made that this had more to do with Mr. Wrong being such a bad movie, rather than through any fault of Ellen. I agree. I also believe that NPH is probably the best chance for a gay actor to play a heterosexual lead because of his track record. Almost every comment on every blog about NPH stated he was so "believable" as a straight guy in Harold and Kumar, and it was such a movie stealing role that I believe studio heads would greenlight a movie with him as a heterosexual lead.

One commenter said that I am not Perez Hilton. I agree.

Several people e-mailed me and asked about the reality star and the escorting. So, I thought I would expand on it and I will do so for the others in the next week. I had a client who was arrested for drunk driving and during his recap of where he was and what he was doing prior to getting pulled over for DUI, he stated he had been driving/bodyguarding for this particular reality star as she met with two different clients and he had been doing this for her for several weeks. He was employed by the escort agency she was working for at the time.

For those of you have e-mailed me, I will do my best to e-mail you all back within the next week also, especially those who gave me some tips to confirm.

Thanks for all the great comments and e-mails about L. She was truly incredible and I do miss her grace and style and charm.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, what happened to L's home and her brand-new purchase next door? Would hate to see 'em go to another flashy a**hole.

Anonymous said...

THANK GOD that you are not Perez Hilton...he is too consumed with outting people, getting his ugly mug on tv, and getting as far up Paris Hilton's bum as possible! I wish they both would just go away!! You've got a great site, its very refreshing! Keep it up!


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