Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have taken the comments to heart, and will do my best to stop using more than one period. How was that? Is that better? lol.

Australian link of the day,21985,20803868-28957,00.html

I am linking to the top story. It appears that Dancing With the Stars - Australia version has a scandal brewing. It seems that chess whiz (yes chess whiz, not cheese whiz) Arianne Caoili may have had dance training. Well we simply cannot have that.

New Zealand link of the day,,11964-6602780,00.html

U2 is in the country. I repeat U2 is in the country. They seem pretty excited about this group U2. Hmmm. Irish huh? Well I am sure they have some talent.

Now I must admit today has been kind of overwhelming. As I said in my first blog, I just was kind of using this platform to tell some of my stories. This blog went from about 100 hits a day to about 50,000 hits and so I am feeling the pressure to deliver better and better stories. I have plenty of them and some even better than yesterday, but for now I am just going to stay true to what I had been doing prior to yesterday and suck up to readers who comment and e-mail and who are all over the world.

I will continue to relate my daily adventures and everything else that interests me. I know not everyone will be happy everyday, but as I said earlier, I am just doing this as an outlet and not for any ulterior motive. I hope you enjoy.


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don't worry about the overly critical people from ONTD. it's your blog, you call the shots (yes, even ellipses). keep up the great work!

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Thank you for using only one period! It is far easier to read your blog now!!