Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sorry about the late update this morning, but it is not my fault. It is Blogger’s fault and the system has been down awhile and only now am I able to update..But never fear, there will be the usual larger post in the afternoon and it is about a HUGE scandal in the music industry that would have left everyone saying WTF?

Two Australian links of the day..The first link you may have seen either yesterday or today, but I wanted to briefly comment on it and since it is not a uniquely Australian link there needed to be a bonus..

Here is the first..

Now, once you read the article, this comment will make more sense, but basically she is trying to make us think that she was so in love and so devastated by what happened that she will never wed again. That is the biggest bunch of crap in the world..There is one reason, and one reason only why she is never going to get married again and that is $$$$..If she gets married and divorced she does not want to share..

Here is a blind item I will give you the answer to..What former Academy Award nominated actress owns about 15% of The Simpsons and is worth many millions because of it?
Jennifer Tilly who was married to Sam Simon who was one of the 3 original creators of The Simpsons. Shortly after The Simpsons exploded, Sam and Jennifer divorced with Jennifer winning the marriage lottery..Now, I love Jennifer very much and she kicks my ass at the poker table all the time, and she has told me and anyone who will listen that she is NEVER getting married again because she does not want to share her money..She knows how fortunate she was and Jennifer is VERY smart..For the rest of her life checks keep coming to her from The Simpsons.. She is not going to get married and possibly give it up..

So, back to Heather Mills..Sir Paul was thinking with the wrong head and married HMM without a pre-nup and so for putting up with Sir Paul for just a few years, she is going to be one of the 10 richest people in the UK..Now why on earth would she ever get married and give that up?

I want to make it clear that Jennifer and HMM are not in the same group..Jennifer married for love and when she married Sam he really had nothing..She probably made more than him at the time although I have not asked her..

If you believe the UK newspapers, HMM was an escort and was used to faking for money..Well her hourly rate is huge in this equation..

Now, for the exclusive Australian link of the day and a much lighter link than yesterday..

I have no idea how Scarlett Johansson and Nelly Furtado get in this article, but I did not write it, just linking to it..


Stuart said...

I have to admit,

I did write the article.

It's mainly a satire combining the two news stories of the day which interested me.

1. Free Viagra
2. Scarlett Johansson taking on the Bush Government for its conservative stances on sexuality.

Glad you enjoyed it though

Anonymous said...

why couldn't they just get pre-nups stipulating that all pre marriage income is not community property and won't be split in case of divorce?

Anonymous said...

Pre-nups aren't recognized in England.

Anonymous said...

well dude if you did right the article, your not a very good journalist, in the interview where scarlett talks about getting hiv tested she says she gets tested twice a year, not every month thats a big difference