Thursday, December 28, 2006

If you do not think 2007 is going to be the greatest year ever, then you have not been paying attention to the television commercials in Britain. What possibly could be so incredible, so mind blowing that it will make 2007 the greatest year ever? Well the return of Right Said Fred of course. That's right. Their television commercial in the UK is so popular that they are re-releasing I'm Too Sexy. A whole new generation of fans will be introduced to the pseudo male models. 2007 is going to be starting off right.

Harry Potter dead??? Well if you want to lay a bet in the UK, the bookmakers say Harry Potter is only a 6 to 1 shot to live. It is better than the 10 to 1 odds where the betting opened but the people actually wagering money, think Harry is a goner for sure. What I would like to see some wagering on is whether or not, there will ever be another Harry Potter book. Ms. Rowling is very young and to give up on a money making character forever will take tons of willpower, especially when she is still talking about him 30 years from now. She will want to read from her new book on exotic coffees of the world and someone will say, but what is a Horcrux exactly?

I don't know if this classifies as a Horcrux, but Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro just got more bizarre. You always knew Carmen had a little kink in her to go with the business smarts. (Prince, Dennis Rodman, you get the idea. And for those of you who do not think she has business smarts, you need to take a close look at what she owns a piece of and then get back to me) The trouble with a little kink is that sometimes it just goes full out. So now Carmen is hooking up with Joan Jett who would be about my third choice from her Runaway days and those are looooong gone. And what can you say about Dave? I can' think of anything right now except....Nah, was going to say something about Perry Farrell, Dave and some farm tools, but this is the holiday season.

When you do not actually care about the celebrity involved doesn't a sex tape scandal just kind of turn into home movies? If you want to see Kim Kardashian on video doing the dirty deed, then stay tuned. Does anyone really even care? Me either, but I am just waiting for someone to say there is one with she and Paris Hilton together. I don't care about that combination either, but I know someone will say it. I think a great idea would be for someone to come up with every sex tape rumor of 2006 and then I will post it.

Hey, I found someone for Dave Navarro. Pete Doherty and Shane Macgowan posed nude together for a recent photoshoot. No one mentioned where Kate Moss was or if she was in fact finally coming to her senses. Aren't they supposed to be getting married this weekend for like the 85th time this year?

You know I was going to say something sarcastic about Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman but instead I am going to be gracious and just see where this all heads. Besides, the headline says it all in a way.


Anonymous said...

Horcrux is Dark Art so dark no
one will speak of it. It's
splitting your soul so that it's
harder for you to die. You have to
kill someone to get your soul to
split. Doing it once is a big deal,
but Voldemort has done it six times
and that is why he is all f-ed up
and looks like a snake. Lord V
had hidden the Bits O'Soul in
various places and objects. Two,
possibly three, have been
destroyed and now Harry is leaving
Hogwarts to get the rest of the
Bits O'Soul.

Hope that helps.

I am so not signing my name to
this one.

-Closet Potter Fan

Anonymous said...

The first blind item makes me think of Julia Roberts and George Clooney. She always seemed to have a thing for him. As for Harry Potter, I also think he's going to die. I'm preparing myself for that. However, I'm really, really hoping that he doesn't.

Beccalicious said...

im in the Uk and have no idea what the Right Said Fred commercial is??? can you enlighten me?

lily said...

I read somewhere that Carmen had a crush on Joan Jett when she was a kid. ;)

Dave is infamous for swinging both ways. Weren't there rumors of him and Anthony Kedies back in his RHCP days?