Monday, December 18, 2006

Nick Lachey is not getting married for a very longtime, let alone by the end of the year. The only thing that would change that is if Vanessa were pregnant. (That is the one thing I cannot find out. They will not tell me if Vanessa is pregnant.) Nick wants kids, BUT that does not mean he is going to run from one marriage to another. My source when it comes to all things Lachey has always been right and there is no reason to doubt them now.

The problem is never actually taking the naked photos.The problem is when you decide to download them to the family computer and expect no one to notice. If that is not bad enough, the worst thing you can do is if you do decide to download them, don’t you think you should maybe delete them before getting kicked out of the house and letting your wife find them?

I do not know which article I believe less. Cameron Diaz having a girl crush on Pam Anderson or Moby actually having a crush on a woman. Honestly, when I saw the headline that Moby had a crush on an Arquette my first instinct was to think it was Alexis. I thought well that is kind of creepy but, hey he is a guy...for now. Patricia never came to my mind. How about you? As far as Pam and Cameron, I think she got put on the spot and could not think of another woman when the idea crossed her mind. Pam has been in the news so, voila girl crush on Pam. The only other woman in the news that could pop in her head would be Britney? Yeah that would go over well at home.

Paris is protective of her men? Ummm, how many guys has she been with? Takes a lot of effort to watch that many guys.

I have nothing to base this on except that you know Christina Aguilera is never going to find a guy who sucks up as much as Jordan must. Seriously, where is she going to get that kind of devotion? Angelina disciplining Brad has nothing on this one.

Hi, I am 31 years old, and dress like I am 17 so I might as well date a 17 year old. "I am the only person on earth who could make K-Fed look good."


B's Wife said...

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Femme Cafe said...

Good morning Ent L.

Good move for Nick... after the Jessica thing, even I would take a while before walking down the isle again. Hmmm, its telling that they won't confirm if Venessa is pregnant or not..... maybe she is, and if she is, it seems Nick might tie the knot again soon.

as for Paris or Cameroon... pshee....

ms_wonderland said...

Talking about a girl-crush to a gay mag? That sounds like Ted C's old stand-by question: Who would you do if you had to pick someone of the same sex? Most women picked Angelina, but we're talking Pammie back 15 years ago! When she had some natural beauty, and not the stretched and pumped up weirdness that passes for her today. Cameron's also looking kinda s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d these days as well.

Anonymous said...

So we had that blind item about a pop singer whose style has remained constant because her husband loves sleeping with transexuals with that same look. Now we have rumors about Christina Aguilera's marriage falling apart, as well as Pink's marriage falling apart. Coincidence??? I think not.

Anonymous said...

I wish Nick a happy and successful
second marriage,whenever it takes
place. He's a good guy.

Stoddard Hall

Anonymous said...

Nick isn't quite the 'normal' guy you seem to think he is.


P.S. Christina's marriage? There's trouble in paradise.

Anonymous said...

Dano, why isn't Nick Lachey "normal"?

Anonymous said...


In comparison to his former wife, Jessica Simpson, Nick may come across as a normal, down to earth, boy-next-door type, and I really do sympathize with him in regards to his divorce.

Jessica did the whole wait until marriage bit, treated Nick like a doormat and then went out and banged half of Hollywood. And that's just a partial story. We don't need to bring up things like her creepy father, Double-D Joe and the lengths he went to break that releationship up, and that Jessica decided that she didn't want to be married after the fact once she realized that sex is fun.

But Nick? He plays off this golly-gee whiz! routine while he secretly presents himself as an all American boy just along for the ride; which he's not.

I don't think Nick was really hurt by his split from Jessica, more like his 'straight' male ego was a bit bruised, and that may have been the annoyance for him. Jessica going off to bang and service one guy after another I don't think really upset him; I think he got pretty turned on by it, actually.

And it's strange...he seemed to hit the rebound pretty fast with Vanessa Minillo, and stranger still...while he wanted the public to understand that he needed time to himself, there he was with his new squeeze. Those photographers (pesky paparazzi!) didn't happen upon them by accident.

You see, Nick has been parlaying an image and a brand at the expense of the public and their dollars while he carefully orchestrates everything from behind the scenes. Who is he really? He's not the boy next door. He's a bit conniving, he's a bit self-absorbed and he plays dumb when he really isn't; behind the scenes and not. It's how this all comes together for greater effect that really makes him stranger than he seems.

I don't think he's a bad guy, per se, but be careful about cheering him on when you don't really know what he might be like when the cameras aren't there.

Oh, and did I mention that there's a certain kinkiness to Nick? He's kinky in a 'Opps! I did it again' and a 'I didn't know I had that many beers!' kind of way. He's got a naughty but nice schoolboy mentality, and one where you just want to take him over your knee and spank him. He'd like that, too, but don't tell anyone! And certainly don't tell his jock friends and his family. Make no mistake, he's a jock at heart and dreams of banging hot girls, but that's not to say that he doesn't keep an open mind, or wouldn't take offense to a stray dick that popped into his face at a crowded orgy.

At the end of the day? Nick is just a big whore, and while he by no means isn't the worst that Hollywood has to offer, he's not the little golden boy that he would have you believe. I love the fact that he's kind of sexy and secretly kind of kinky, but I don't like the pathological celebrity that he's slowly turning into.


Anonymous said...

Whatever Dano. I stand by my
comment. I am not clueless about
who Nick 'really' is.

Stoddard Hall

Anonymous said...

Cool. I stand by my comment as well.


Virgo74 said...

I truly like Nick Lachey. I faithfully watched the TV show Newlyweds and often felt sorry for him as it always seemed Jessica picked her family over him. She took him for granted and I believe that he is still probably smarting over that. She left him to be with someone else because she felt she was in love with the other person, come to found out, she leaves Nick and goes with this man, and he did not even want her ass.

Karma is a motherfucker. Her CD tanked, now she is trying to act and cannot even seem to remember her damn lines.... I like Jessica Simpson, but if she does not produce a hit movie and/or CD, her career is over.