Monday, January 01, 2007

Britney UPDATE - My story

Well I hope everyone had a very fun and safe NYE. I went to Vegas, and yes was at PURE, but did NOT see what happened with Britney. I was already long gone from the club when it happened and actually did not even hear it happened until I got back to LA. The last time I saw Britney was actually right before the countdown to midnight and when we spoke she seemed fine. It was really loud and so modds and inflections were hard to read, but I did not sense an impending collapse. I tried to call who I normally call when I need some info about Britney, but the phone goes straight to voicemail. So, for now I am in the dark with the rest of you. My first guess is that it was a combination of a very long day and the heat. It was really hot inside the club and Britney's day was really long. Earlier that evening I did have a conversation with the person mentioned above that made it clear Britney had not had much rest if any for almost two days or longer and had been too busy to really eat much either. In case you have not read what happened, here is the story. I will keep you updated if I hear more.


Jo said...

Thanks anon!! always in the know... :)

JeeezeLouise said...

Hiya EL,

Glad to see that you had a safe New Year's and thanks for the unexpected post.

Although I was never a Brit fan, we all lose it a bit when we end an important relationship (and Brit did have a lot of emotional investment in the success of her marriage) most of us don't have the entire world watching, nor do we have people around us encouraging or just failing to discourage bad behavior.

So we just sit at home and make the always-regrettable drunken phone calls ;)

In this case, though, I think perhaps "exhaustion" really is just exhaustion, and I hope she has someone close to her who truly cares about her health and her future.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year EL and Jeeezeloiuse!


Anonymous said...

While heat and exhaustion remain the mortal enemies of starlets, I'm not sure that's the case in this matter. This wasn't the old 'give her a glass of water, and prop her up' bit; her camp really freaked out.

Too many diet pills, perhaps?


JeeezeLouise said...

Right back atcha, UKGrrl!! :)

Dano, did I miss a rumor? Diet pills?

WTF said...

Yeah it must be REALLY exhausting for her to take care of two little boys ALL BY HERSELF with no help at all.

Please. They can try to sell it but I'm not buying this story.

VideoNews said...

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noel said...

Hi guys

As a mum to two young boys myself with only a year difference I think she is going though postnatal depression.

Hope she has some time out and gets her act together for herself and her kids.

Happy new year everyone!!

Anonymous said...

I do Crisis PR and she is definitely at the edge.

She's smart, beautiful and talented but she is making some bad choices.

People who love her need to protect her.

She's a v. young woman with two children who needs to portray herself in a different fashion.

I can totally believe exhaustion and not enough food, been there and have the tee.

But she is registering as out of control, whatever the excuses, and she needs a re-do.

It is so hard to turn around an image once it's burned into the public consciousness.

Think- Tara Reid.

Anonymous said...

That's the best headline I've ever heard. Spin it to win it, baby!


cindie said...

LOL. That's hilarious. "Falls asleep." Yeah, that's what happened. ;)

Happy New Year to all!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and jeeezelouise,

Yeah, diet pills.

Not a rumor, so much as an observation. Many of the pills on the market are really just a form of legal speed and when consumed above a recommended doseage they can really pull a number on you. If you aren't careful, don't get enough sleep and pack in too much caffine (Brit loves her Red Bulls!) you'll probably end up hitting the floor at some point; literally.

While Britney got a tummy tuck after her last birth, she definately does not watch what she eats and most likely is taking some sort of pill to remedy things. It's massively popluar and people start popping them like candy with a mentality that's like, 'well, I had a burger...I'll just take two,' and so on.

People don't really bring it up, but ODing on diet pills is pretty serious and can do severe damage to your heart and, potentially, can result in even death. While everyone talks about anorexia in Hollywood, pills are far easier to get into and - fainting spells aside - don't seem to give off as many noticeable signs of distress.

I bet you anything that she hasn't been sleeping, has been partying too much and is desperately trying to slim down and stay that way. Diet pills could explain what happened.


Anonymous said...

WTF? Was she totally krunk like I was last night? Having been to Pure though I can tell you that they make their drink STRONG. said...

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gossipmama said...

Fell asleep? Seriously? What a ridiculous excuse. I am the mother of triplets and I can assure you even when they were newborns I could not have fallen asleep in a nightclub. Although I can also assure you I would not have been in a nightclub either.

hez said...

Asleep at 1 am on New Years? I don't doubt that she's taking some kind of drugs, but they're obviously the wrong kind of drugs!!


hez said...

I just watched the countdown video on, and the best part is Brit saying "Happy f*ckin' New Year"...

Awesome. (But the whole time I watched I kept wondering where our Ent was!)

Virgo74 said...

I have to agree with Jeezelouise. She is going through a tough time right now with her marriage and all. I believe that she will bounce back. I believe that everyone gives her a hard time because they have this "image" of her and that is unfair. Madonna has done alot of outrageous things in her career and is fine. She is good to go.

She needs to give herself a rest and back off the coke though. I believe that is the house she constantly going to that is located in the Hills x17 keeps photagraphing her there. Maybe ENTL can shed some light on that.

I also said in another comments section of this blog that when Kevin called to wish the boys a merry christmas, she broke down and cried and told him how she missed him. How true that is I am not sure.

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