Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I Guess That Jennifer Aniston Topless Photo was Real--aka Perez Sued Again

Being the biggest on the block and making your distaste known for Jennifer Aniston puts your head squarely on the chopping block when you post a photo she does not want posted. Although every gossip site published the photo from the film The Break-Up, and millions of people now have it on their hard drive, Perez will be footing the bill for everyone involved. Universal wants Perez to shop showing the image and also wants the US Marshals to confiscate the material.

See, the problem with the law is that it moves slowly. No one cares about the picture anymore because we have all seen it. Even if they take Perez's copy who is going to get all the rest of the copies from every guy and many ladies who downloaded it. No money damages were asked for in the complaint and I don't think Universal will ask for any because Perez will make their lives miserable. It is interesting that Ms. Aniston did not actually file suit, unlike in the last topless action, but let the studio handle it instead.

Finally, the studio attached a copy of the photo(sans good parts) to the complaint, so now fair use would apply when publishing the photo (sans good parts) in the future.


Anonymous said...

Here is a thought....if you don't want your nude body on film....don't be nude in front of a camera.
Mrs. Mo

WTF said...

But that would make sense Mrs. Mo and if all your movies suck you gotta put the girls out there sometimes to get a hit.

Anonymous said...

I have a personal challenge for EL. He/she claims to attend many industry events...well, to prove that he/she IS in fact connected, why not take a few pictures and post them on this site?

They wouldn't have to be of celebrities...for instance, if you are at the Golden Globes, take a picture outside looking up at the facility it is being held in OR a pic of the crowds (faces blurred). Then your celebrity friends won't get mad and you can prove to all the haters that you who you claim to be (and not a housewife in Wichita).

Step up to the plate!

serenegab said...

This is what I want to know: who are the other defendants, Doe 1-10? I read TSG this a.m. and agree PH is the biggest, so therefore an easier target. I can't remember where I saw the pic first, but I'm pretty sure Perez wasn't the first w/ that.

Fifi La Rue said...

Why would the EL take pictures where he could be traced back as a source to satisfy you? I work at a studio, worked at several infact and see some unreal stuff. I would never take photo's and most the time can't tell what happened because it would be obvious I was the source and I would never work again in the business.

So to please you he's going to compromise his practice, partners and reputation? He'd be a fool to do it, so why not just go read that boring oaf Perez, you know he's super connected right? *snicker*.

Either you enjoy a blog or not, if you don't move on. Simple solution.

As to suing Perez, he's one of the few stupid enough to brag about how much money he's making - Perez has assets to go after and can pay a judgement. It's his big mouth and ego getting Perez in trouble - he can't break an egg. said...

About all Perez breaks is wind.

Team ENT!

Anonymous said...

She's an idiot for being TOPLESS in the scene in the first place. Everyone has seen her boobs. But sue Perez. He's disgusting and deserves it.

serenegab said...

Actually EL himself has said that Perez has amazing sources. Today is a good example of Perez sources w/ Britney @ lawyers and now a couple of hours later you have pap pics of her coming out & TMZ following up.

anon1 said...

Personally I think Perez is beyond despicable and most of his site is nothing more than a bunch of kids posting inane coments.

It's very obvious he is a very insecure person who now has a "massive" head that is leading him to make some very poor choices in what he posts.

He'll crash & burn...

Anonymous said...

ent has nothing to prove to anyone. Period, end of story.


chickie said...

Here is a thought....if you don't want your nude body on film....don't be nude in front of a camera.

can i get an amen?

a lawsuit is stooooopid.

serena said...

12:55 & Chickie you're right. i thought it was interesting that the pic came out right in the middle of the "no new nose & breasts" questions.

Anonymous said...

Just to say Thank you! Excellent Blog -- and highly addictive!

hez said...

I have a "personal challenge" for 12:33 and all you pesky Anonymice.

Pick a screen name and sign your posts, ya big CHICKENS! Bok bok bok!

Oh and as long as you're asking Ent to post pictures of the places he goes, gosh, why don't YOU start by posting your family pictures, your Social Security number and any Outstanding Warrants you might have as well?

Share and share alike!

"Personal challenges" are for Celebrity Fit Club... not someone's private blog.

I think I speak for all the regulars here when I say "let Ent be Ent".

Anonymous said...

she's so ugly.

Anonymous said...


get over yourself, please.
Whoever has asked you back clearly recognized that pope-rah & jeezeliouse were already disenchanted. I, too, miss the early days.

Could you please now lay off the insults? "Anonymice" would be one.

There, now I've identified myself, too.

serenegab said...

Now, now children! As a fairly loyal fan here I have to say again, the sniping from everyone back & forth, having to have the last nasty, sarcastic word and general puffing up is getting ridiculous. This is an entertainment blog for the public. Stop moving the goalposts, honestly no one cares. The reason I read this blog, real or not? Laughs, a chance to exercise some logical thinking and deductions. Not policing, who's a favorite (?), the most subtle bully or outing the author but INTELLIGENT, UNEMOTIONAL and rational theorizing. I'm not here for the people who buy the tickets and rags and vote the same again and again. I'm here for Houdini if you can understand that.

Anonymous said...

serenegab, I kind of agree.

I've been enjoying this site for what it's worth for a while - posting quickly - and not being bothered by people personalizing it at all. Most of it was really fun. I just refuse to run after a grown up woman by begging her to come back. Which is what she asked for - a lot.

Now she's back & with a vengeance. Sorry, but I'd prefer to go on without that. I don't mind the personalizing - as long as we can continue as before - just commenting. The ones that had good remarks seem to have disappeared anyway.


hez said...

Don't assume please, cdevfr132, especially not about Jeeeze and Pope-rah, who did not ask to be brought into this conversation to make your point for you, and who might not share your opinion if you actually asked them. It's entirely possible they aren't posting much because their lives are just plain busy.

And I'm sorry, but as far as insults go, I think "anonymice" is bloody clever and if you'd thought of it, you might think so too. I did not use any curse words, I did not malign anyone's mother, nor did I cast aspersions on anyone's virtue. That's as G-rated as I get, so call Disney.

Telling me to "get over myself" is however, rather confrontational, especially when your comment came out of the anonymous fog like a jailhouse shiv. Unless you are claiming the anonymous comments I was talking about in my post, I actually have no beef with you.

As to your comments, let's face it. I am as over myself as I'm going to get at this point. I've accepted my inadequacies and in time, I hope you can, too.



Anonymous said...

Kiddo - just bloody cleverly underlining my writing here.
Lay off a little. You can be (overwhelmingly) assuming yourself (& I'm not even refering to ENT) - so that snide remark is forgiven. But other than you I've not cited pope-rah & jeezelouise as someone whose thoughts I know. Just plain stating their lives have proven more enchanting than this blog (or why are they away?).
And you've confirmed it.
Hez, seriously, considering the kind of "I'm outta there" message in bottle you were sending out - please come back more quietly.
All I'm asking.
After you called somebody else anonymice even though the header said something else, I have difficulties making my ID clear. I'll just go with the repeat:


Anonymous said...

OK, enough, you two. Let hez be - her comments are fun to read, as are a bunch of others, and few blogs can say the same. And yup, she'll bite back when attacked, who wouldn't? (and btw, why are so many anonymice so easily threatened? And I love that term - it IS bloody clever)

Sign me -

Minnie (sqeak) said...

Welcome back from the abyss of Hollywood gossip, Hez

Anonymous said...

seriously, you broads need to get lives and/or instant messanger to have your little internet fights. nobody wants to read through your nonsensical bullshit.

ukgrrl said...

Suing Perez is just another way to keep herself relevant. He is vile but such an easy target considering he wasn't the only one with the pic. Stating the obvious I know but she needs to get over herself.

Didn't Ent hint in a BI that she might be broke and about 2 do playboy?? (Actress who thought her show might go on forever etc?)I cld be wrong.

Take Perez's cash instead!

On another can she be nearly broke after the 1mil per episode in Friends?!

Anonymous said...

It's good that that fat fuck Perez got sued again. I hope they sue him out of business

kchal11267 said...

Yes, I agree:
1) Welcome back Hez - but ignore the anons - if they can't bother to identify, then lets just pretend that we can't hear them ;)
2) I LOVE that Perez is getting sued again, and not because he has done anyworse than any other celeb blogger but becuase someone needs to take that ego down a few hundred degrees....

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7:34 somebody has to take down Perez's ego a couple of notches. He's a dispicable man who wishes death upon people. He's incredibly insensitive, has zero integrity.

I really want karma to bite him in the ass.

Virgo74 said...

I love EL!! This website rocks!

Perez was not the first to get the pics, but seems to be the target! I have not cared for his website ever since he met Paris Hilton and he stopped posting stuff about her. He made money and stopped being funny! He writes more of himself on his blog then of anyone else! Selling them dumb ass T shirts and shit!

I have to agree with the first post! Why take off your clothes and show the twins if you did not want people to see? Honestly, they are not all that, and she sucks as an actress. She is nothing without Friends and her ex, for real! The lawsuit is bs and I hope they lose.

Has anyone registered for the gossip board or whatever you call it? I registered, but I hate going on there.

virgo74 said...

My name on the board is chrystal74.