Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I Knew There Was A Reason I Did Not Like Jeffrey Sebelia

If you have the time, this is a really good article about why Jeffrey's career and romantic life has tanked since winning Project Runway. The thing that I noticed was that Jeffrey was advised to try out for Project Runway by his good friend Santino Rice. Yes, Santino was the ultimate funny guy when he impersonated Tim Gunn, BUT he was also the same arrogant, better than everyone ass that Jeffrey also sought to be. The video below is the best part of Santino.


FrancesDanger said...

I like Jeffrey. My friend who works in NY fashion told me he was considering suing Laura for slander for all the drama she created. She can afford it what with being able to send each of her kids to private school at $25,000.00 each a year.

Anonymous said...

I luff Jeffrey. I am not surprised that he created a "character" for PR. It is TV ya know?


foxy_chick said...

i feel sorry for the winners that life hasnt changed much after the show.

Mia said...

you know...I 'get' the editing process and that reality shows are looking for a villain or whatnot, and I thought that the portrayl of jeffrey on the show was brilliant. It's common sense nowadays that most of these skill-based competion shows are judged by producers as well as the actual judges, so I think he won the game because he knew how to play the game. fair and square.

BUT. My issue is that it says he's driving around in the Saturn. It was widely reported that he said he was going to donate the car to the rehab facility that helped him get clean. what a bummer.

ambersumiko said...

Jay McCarol is still my favorite.. man he rocked!!

Anonymous said...

Man-Hands and Joe Francis deserve each other. I hope all these tapes get released to the public.



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