Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mommie Dearest Sequel

Naomi Campbell wants to be a mom. I think the headline says it all. BUT, if you need a refresher on why Naomi Campbell would not be parent of the year, then here you go:

In 2000, she pleaded guilty in a Toronto court to a 1998 assault on Georgina Galanis, her then assistant; Campbell had assaulted Galanis with a telephone in a hotel room and threatened to throw her out of a moving car. Under an agreement with the prosecution her record was cleared in exchange for her expressing remorse; Campbell also paid Galanis an undisclosed amount of money and agreed to attend anger management lessons. [3]

March 2005, the model was said to have slapped assistant Amanda Brack and beaten her around the head with a BlackBerry hand-held personal organiser. The star's spokesman Rob Shuter denied the incident ever took place.

In July 2006, Brack began legal proceedings against Campbell, claiming the supermodel abused her verbally and physically on three continents. Brack accused Campbell of assault, battery, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress in incidents that started a month after she began working for her in February 2005 [4]

Italian actress Yvonne Scio has claimed the model left her "covered in blood" after a spat at a Rome hotel. Yvonne claimed: "She punched me in the face. She was like Mike Tyson." [5] Interestingly enough, Campbell once dated Mike Tyson.

On 30 March 2006 in New York City, Campbell was arrested for allegedly assaulting[6] her housekeeper with a jewel-encrusted mobile phone, resulting in a bloody head that required several stitches. She was charged [7] with second degree assault, a felony that carries a minimum sentence of one year and a maximum of seven years in prison. [8]

On 28 September 2006, she did not attend a required court appearance in New York City, and the judge ruled that he would order her arrest if she failed to turn up on court the following week, on charges of a second degree assault on her housekeeper, and could be jailed for up to seven years if convicted.[4]

On 25 October 2006, she was arrested in London on suspicion of assault. [9] She has been released on police bail.

On 14 November 2006, another former Campbell housekeeper, Gaby Gibson, began a new court case against the supermodel seeking unspecified damages, and accused her ex-employer of being a "violent super-bigot."[5].

On 15 November 2006, Campbell appeared in criminal court in New York City regarding her March 2006 assault charges. Her defence lawyer and the prosecutor told the judge that they were "still in the process of working out a possible" plea deal in the case.[6]

On 16 January 2007, Campbell pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless assault against Ana Scolavino. She was sentenced to five days community service and ordered to attend an anger management course. In addition, she was ordered to pay medical bills of $363 (£185) to Mrs Scolavino who needed four stitches after the incident. [7]

The Boston-based law firm Sullivan & Worcester, which had assigned a top litigator to defend Campbell throughout her many escapades, severed their relationship with Campbell in 2006.[citation needed]


mngddess said...

Someone tie her tubes.


UKGrrl said...

OMG not Naomi
Heaven help those kids if she succeeds. The temper on her scares grown men!! I'd like to say a baby cld be a calming influence but....

foxy_chick said...

omg i feel sorry for her child now...

Virgo74 said...

She has major issues in dealing with her anger and I really think that drugs are a part of it.

She needs to get herself together and stop thinking of children just because the rest of her friends have one. Children are not a fad! They are not pets!

Anonymous said...

Who would sign to be the father anyway ?


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