Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Nicole Richie did not have the Best Week Ever

So, you finally got past that whole Paris Hilton thing and you have a new sex starved boyfriend. Things are looking up for Nicole Richie right? Well if the past week does not send her back to rehab, then I think she is home free and my Valentine's Day prediction will come true.

In the last week, Nicole Richie found out she was going to have wiggle and evade to stay out of jail because of her second DUI in California. Now, we are not talking Pelican Bay jail time here, but jail is jail. I think Nicole can handle it better than Paris though. What are the odds that someday Paris will spend some quality time in jail? Take a moment to reflect on that scenario. I saw you smile. Yes, I did. Anyway, so Nicole might go to jail. Then this week, in Details magazine it appears Brody Jenner dated Nicole Richie solely on the advice of his publicist/manager with the sole goal of getting Nicole Richie to eat. His agent advised Brody he would be a hero in America. Sure, cure for cancer, getting Nicole Richie to eat. About on the same level. So, this guy who you thought liked you and who you may have had feelings for was basically using you. Instead of keeping his mouth shut about it though he told everyone in the world. Finally, you let your friend Mischa Barton borrow your Mercedes SUV and she wrecks it.
Nicole. Seriously, this week can only be better.


Anonymous said...

I hate these stupid rich whores who snort coke and smoke pot and eat prescribed pills like it was candy. Do all that I don't care you got $$$ hire a driver so you won't hit and kill someone when you are high. And it save you a DUI and jail time.
Brody is a tool

WTF said...

Actually, I think Paris would do better in jail than Nicole.

Think of Bridget Jone's Diary--that would be Paris.

Nicole? will probably kill herself on the first day.

BTW--I agree they should get drivers.

operaghost said...

1)Nicole needs to grow up and face the responsibilities of life.

2)Who is Brody Jenner, and why do we care about him?

3) None of these girls have any business being behind the wheels of their cars, EVER. One cannot Drink, giggle, make out, evade paparazzi, do drugs, do the Wave, talk on their cells, and TXT message while driving. It's a physical impossibility. They most definitely should have drivers.

Mischa, I hope, is paying for the repairs or a new one??


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:11, I completely agree.
And Brody's not the sharpest one in the shed.

Anonymous said...

Nicole is certainly having a better week than Britney.

Nicole has alot of wit, she'll be fine in jail for 4 days, she'll come out and write about it and laugh about it... she already said she was going to take responsibility for what she did.

Nicole also new Brody was taking advantage of her as DJ AM was. She dumped Brody only 6/8wks after they started dating, the guy got pissed hence this article.... she wasn't into him either. DJ AM's friends confirmed recently he was looking for a celebrity GF coz since he and Nicole were not together anymore he wasn't getting a lot of money or gigs like he used too.... enter Mandy Moore and their current kissy-kissy photo-ops.....

Its pathetic but I'm sure Nicole knows that many guys want her for publicity and they get it.

At least she's there for her friend Mischa who seems to need her now that her sister just went to re-hub and her and her BF are breaking up.......

Good luck to Nicole. I'm sure she'll be just fine.

I don't care for Paris, i was really happy to see people throw stuff at her recently.... ebola that she is!


Virgo74 said...

Please, remind me what Nicole is famous for! Why even give her press time? I am really trying to figure that out!!

She is a drug addict. She needs to go to jail, and she will make it just on the strength that once she gets released she will going home to a different zip code than some of the other folks in jail.

When do you think her five minutes of fame will be over?

Anonymous said...

HEY, ENT -- Can you clarify something please? How is it possible at all for Nicole to evade jail time? I thought the jail time was mandatory in CA for a second offense. And is there a mandatory minimum amount of jail time, or can she just be sentenced to a couple of days?


Jem said...

Nicole actually seems like a smart girl, or at least a pretty quick girl, so I think she'll be okay in there.

I totally smiled at the Paris thing.

Anonymous said...

first of all you know nothing about some of these people so why dont you all get a life? and its their life not yours why dont you try to earn one? and im not telling this cz i like mischa its just because you dont have to say bad things just because u dont have anything else to do than talking about the 'famous'' life.