Monday, March 12, 2007

Andy Roddick Disease Spreads To Dominic Monaghan

a) No matter what I do baby, you never change your expression. Are you even alive?
b) Baby, I know you like me wearing the women's underwear which I love, BUT we have got to get some bigger sizes because this is killing me.
c) I knew I shouldn't have slept with Paris Hilton.
d) Mine is much bigger than yours Andy.


operaghost said...

"One... two... okay, just checking."


Anonymous said...

i have that shirt she's wearing only in black

Virgo74 said...

It saddens me that anyone would waste film on these two. I used to love the first two seasons of Lost, but now, it is just straight trash.

She is nobody and he is nobody. He is grabbing air. Little Leprechaun. Looking for his Pot o Gold.

Sorka said...

I like this guy. He is a cheeky bugger. I think he is fully aware of the photog and is giving him an English version of the middle finger...only his is way bigger than a middle finger.
LOST is a great show! Save the Junkie, Save the World!