Saturday, May 26, 2007

More On Lindsay's DUI Citation

Here is the video of Lindsay immediately after the accident. I'm not seeing the injury, but hey I'm a skeptical guy. The video also shows her night prior to the accident.

During an afternoon press conference, the police said they found a usable amount of cocaine in the car. None was found on Lindsay. Wow can you believe it? Coke? I'm shocked. And not on her either? Well considering the cops found her at the hospital, I would hope she didn't have any on her. Let's see if her two friends fall on a sword or stick the sword in Lindsay.

Photo courtesy of dlisted


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Good question. From what I've read it sounds like some sort of 'lovers tiff' with DJ guess is someone not Lilo will take the fall. I know the kid is 20 (almost 21) and capable of making all her own choices - but her parents should live in shame. I wonder if she got to once feel like a regular kid when she was supposed to, instead of the family pay check.

Invisible said...

Bells Rang ... Angels Sang... All is right with the world tonight... Do you think she will be going out though??

mookie said...

this is so sad. wth is ll doing with her life and why is she hellbent on destroying it? at the risk of being flamed, she's a beautiful and talented young lady, so not of the paris ilk. yet, she's dong everything in her power to tell the world she and paris are one and the same...sad b/c ll actually HAS talent. ph just has $.

seriously, where are the parents here??

Anonymous said...

Interesting that celebrities seem exempt from the same standards that would place non-celebrities in jail... e.g., cocaine= felony; multiple DUI's= license revocation for the rest of us...

Anonymous said...

Drunk driving, cocaine in her car, running from the scene of an accident....Shouldn't Lindsay be in jail???

Is there any chance that she'll get the same judge who sent Paris to jail? Can they make him the permanent celebrity judge for L.A.?

More press for Lindsay's mother. Wonderful.

Kiki said...

I don't know about the 'talented' part, all she seems to do is act herself on screen.
Can someone explain to me why Lindsay haveing her own home prefers to book hotel rooms? Britney does this also... why?

Anonymous said...

I call shame on the paparrazi following her, for realizing she was a danger to herself and others on the road yet only wanted the damned video and photos to sell. Asshole. Should have called the cops to stop her before she hurt herself and possibly someone else. But the green means more than the red that could be spilled.

That is a tragedy.

And she is one lost, fucked up girl. Time for some tough lurve and it won't come from "white" Oprah; she's too busy thinking about fitting into her girls clothes. Waste.

Anonymous said...

Her breast implants exploded in the crash, hence the "upper chest" injuries.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay needs to stay at home and let me hammer her pussy into the mattress.

Anonymous said...

After that lovely Winter at Wonderland experience, I see a trip to Promises Summer Camp. I hear they have a great drama program. Wonder if Orange Oprah has already made the call.
- kellygrrrl

WTF said...

aonon 8:27

is that you Dina?

Hohan LOVES the paps if they didn't follow her around she would have to do even crazier things to get attention.

Way to try to twist things around and blame someone else.

She was out and about and had her bodyguard driving, then decided to go back out and drive herself. No way is this anyone else's fault but her own.

Anonymous said...

why are you blameing the Paps? did they shove that coke up her nose or that volka down her throat? or make her dirve impaired?
Lindsay next to Paris Hilton is a shameless media whore who loves the paps attention.

Anonymous said...


I call shame on the paps following her realizing she was danger to herself and others.

How do you know? can the paps predict the future? and the paps aren't her momma or her daddy they can't tell Lindsay what to do, shit not even her own parents do that. She a big girl.

NARC said...


without paps there wouldn't be video of her: fleeing the scene and admitting "i crashed my car", video of her bodyguard potentially obstructing justice by moving the car, OR proof of her HIGHLY inebriated state before the accident.


this junkie dEserves the same amount of sympathy you people would afford to any tweaking drug addict who crashes a vehicle - i.e NONE.

her new LV bag doesn't mean she is to be judged by different standards - she is a criminal and a drug addict, just like both of her parents.

Anonymous said...

This is very reminscent folks. Macualy Caulkin ring a bell? What about Drew Barrymore?

Child actors/actresses.

Then hanging with the wrong crowd, drinking at an eatly age and the saddest thing they have in common?

Their parents fucked them over for some nickels and dimes. Whew. Sounding Perry Mason over here. Nickels and dimes?

Even though it's not a surprise, there's something very sad and pathetic about this.


bionic bunny! said...

narc, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Ent, since this occured in your jurisdiction and you have knowledge of the local courts/judges and how celebrities are treated, can you give us a rundown of how this should play out? What will the prosecutors do as far as charging, and what is she looking at as a possible sentence? Who would you recommend that she hire to represent her in that area? It's so cool because this is an area that you really know about because it's what you do and where you do it, so you can give us inside knowledge! Thanks and just curious.

Anonymous said...

8:27 slobber your sympathy all over some other bleeding hearts
its landing bon deaf ears here
nobody to blame but herself...
forget blaming the paps
she LOVES the paps more than anything in the world (except drugs and booze of course)
they are her babysitters
at least someone is following her in case she seriously injurs herself or others in her f'd up state... at least they will be there to perform the CPR and pull the victims out of the car before it explodes

Anonymous said...

that bitch will never work again,no one will insure her now!
what a damn waste..Lindasay,give up,go to a real rehab abd straighten your shit out.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this, but there's one thing I don't understand: If the paparazzi saw her driving when she was all inebriated, why didnt' they stop her? Isn't that the moral thing to do? Prevent her from killing someone? At least they could have called the cops or something... Just confused...

Anonymous said...

And also... why don't this "rich" girls hire a driver, or take a cab???

Anonymous said...

I spent last night with Lindsay, and I must say that she is one wild fuck when she's on the blow. My dick is sore from fucking her. Uniquely, she likes to fuck beyond the point that her pussy is sore from all of the pounding. She also likes for you to cum inside her so that your sperm is the sex lube for the next round. She loves to see her cream pie in the mirror, and she loves to watch herself ride your cock in the mirror. Best sex I ever had!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been out all day and I made the original statement on the paps. I did not mean she should be excused by any means. She should have her ass locked up. What I meant was that the paps should have called the damned cops when they saw her behind the wheel, knowing she was fucking tanked. THAT'S what I meant, not defending a spoiled little brat that could care less about others in her path. Someone could have been killed but hey, selling those shots were more important.

If y'all had a damned brain you would have realized what I meant.

No apologies here for thinking the paps should have done the right thing when they saw her driving a several thousand pound projectile.
I guess when someone here loses someone they loved to an intoxicated driver they'd consider it important.


bionic bunny! said...

if we haven't learned anything from britney driving around w/ her kid in her lap, were learned this:
apparently cops in california, at least in some areas,
can not use a photo as reason to write a citation.
the paps aren't issued breathalizer equipment, nor is it their responsibility.
in this particular case, i hope ent can enlighten us whether or not IN THIS SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCE, the vids can be used against her in court.
there are a lot of charges pending.

please illuminate to the best of your ability, ent.
i don't freaking care. she needs to do a little time, and then have court-ordered re-hab as part of her

Anonymous said...

One last comment, then I'm done. I didn't say the paps should have breathalyzer equipment nor should they be the ones responsible for proving anything; just that if they suspected her of being tanked they should have called it in the authorities that DO have the right to handle it. Easy enough.

And I hope they do lock her up, as it's justified, but rehab won't work unless she wants it to.

The whole lot of these spoiled "celebs" need their asses whooped.

I'm done.

Anonymous said...

hey guys
the guy that was with blowhan and samantha when the car was crashed is that patrick dude 'pookie' and he was photograohed alone out with hilary duff the other day... hmmm
is he their coke dealer? Why else would they hang out this dude in particular?
that might make the duffster the object of a few blind vices
innocent little hilary who lost about 30 pounds in a couple years - from a normal 120 to a tiny 90 pounder last year... hmmm and she was with joel madden (nicole the x-junkie's x as well) strange coincidence in hollywood if you believe the 'sleep with dogs you get fleas theory'
only 1 degree of separation from blowhan and nicole

Anonymous said...

hey ent
will the public be privy to all the drugs are in her system? Her face looks (meth) suspicious with all those red pimple like marks on her nose/cheek . Also those text messages made public (to samantha) were about how she can tell she's using/not using because she gained/lost weight...
seems like they were talking meth... i think the weight loss is with coke is not nearly as rapid and severe as meth
keep us posted thanx

Claudea said...

7:16, You're gross.

As for Lindsay Lohan, she should be put in jail just for the mere fact that she flew the scene of the crash. I think that her "bodygard" wannabe should also be put under arrest for moving the car -which is a CRIMINAL act-. Also, i'm tired of hearing that these guys are bodygards. No they are NOT! what bodygard will work 24/7 like that. These are just 300 Lbs personal assistant.

I sure doesn't make me want to come to LA. 'Seems to be a fucked up town, with a very flexible sense of law and responsability.

For all it's worth, these child actors should be obligated to put all that cash they earn before 18 (and the following royalties) into an account which the access would be closed until they turn 25.

Btw, Ent? is that even possible?

threejay said...

Give us the inside scoop please!! Are you hearing any details that aren't in the media? If she would hire you as her lawyer, how would you handle her case? (I know you do criminal stuff cuz you talked about clients getting arrested and having to bail them out in the middle of the night, like that guy who commits the robberies) If the cocaine is found in her car, is it assumed to be hers under the law? Answers, please!!!!!


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