Friday, June 01, 2007

BlackBerry Curve Party

Even the bridesmaids thought it was too ugly.
I thought a mugshot got into the mix. I think Clifton Collins should give some tips to Paris.

I hate the hippie thing, but I am a HUGE fan of this short dress thing.

Star Jones has her blow-up Al doll in that huge monstrosity of a purse. Seriously. I have seen suitcases that are smaller than that purse.


Twisted Sister said...

Star keeps her ego in that purse and it's still bursting at the seams.

Hez said...

If Blackberry is so desperate for "stars" that they'll actually invite some melted trash bag who happens to be named Star, they should just drop their new product out of a plane like they did with the turkeys on that episode of WKRP.

I grow fatigued of watching undeserving a-holes get all the free stuff companies then expect me to covet. It just makes me hate the companies for giving more freebies to rich, entitled, undeserving a-holes. Time for a strategic re-think, Crackberry! Make the bitches PAY!!!

Hez said...

PS: Eva, you're not fooling anyone with that surgical cellulite drape, fat-ass.

mookie said...

i once lived in a studio apt. that wasn't as big as star's louie.


Mistik said...

Yeah, that bag is fug for sure ... but Ent, I love me some big bags. We're never going to get along if you can't see the beauty in a (nice!) roomy purse... girl can carry all kinda things in one of those!

kiki said...

LV is for poor people.

Twisted Sister said...

Ohhhhh!!! So there are homeless people in that bag. I see.

Hez said...

Bitchiest thread yet.

Love it. Golf clap all 'round.

Allison said...

i can't believe lv would make something so fugly.

is she loses 50 lbs she could live in it


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