Friday, June 22, 2007

Entertainment Weekly Celebrates The EW 100

Working solo last night. I heard Kim K may have met her quota with Fabolous so went back to LA.
Amerie just kind of disappeared with all the Rihanna hoopla.
Nothing snarky. Alan Cumming is not photographed very often so thought I would share.
The only reason I post photos of Lydia Hearst is so I can link to her "fashion" show.

Kerry Butler is like Elisabeth Hasselbeck on crack.

Gilbert Gottfried finally got invited to something. Congratulations Gilbert.
Ice-T can have her. Actually, so can you. And you, and you and you and you.
A mom and her son, or Sky Nellor and Esteban Cortazar. I think I will stick with the first thought because there's just something wrong with this picture. It's creepy and he brought the big tube sock.
Rihanna changed her hair. You can actually see her face now.
I know I say it about everyone lately, but those boobs look new and improved.
Figure skaters go downhill faster than any other celebrity.
When is the last time you saw Montel? I thought he was dead.


Anonymous said...

still no proof that DS is really ZX.

Mooshki said...

That's 'cause figure skaters and gymnasts destroy their bodies in training. They have the bodies of senior citizens by their mid-teens. I feel so bad for the ones who do all the training but don't make it. said...

That damn back-drop reminds me of the Sonny and Cher show.

Mooshki said...

1:26, does it really matter that much either way?

Anonymous said...

That backdrop is awful!

Anonymous said...

Montel looks great! When I saw Ice-T's house on Cribs, with all the art, I thought he was probably a classy guy. But now, not so much.

Anonymous said...

Alan Cumming/Stan Laurel
Separated at birth!

Montel's lady friend has fake boobies,
(Hee, I said boobies.)

Anonymous said...

Not all figure skates look like roadkill; Peggy Fleming is in her 60s and looks amazing. Michelle Kwan also still looks great (she's only something like 25 so she should).

Poor Oksana looked awful when she was still a teenager. Now she looks like she's in her 50s.

Anonymous said...

montel does look great, how old is he? yum!

Anonymous said...

yeah but oksana is also a big bozzer as well.

schneefloeckli said...

Shoooooot! I didn't even recognize Oksana Bajul here. Seriously, my mum looks younger than her...

bionic bunny! said...

mooshki is right about the skating. its also hell on your joints.
great fun while it lasts, though!