Friday, June 29, 2007

Even More Links

A very brave man. Not like going after Paris without a condom brave. Well, on second thought, maybe he is that brave. Paula is one whacky lady.

Penelope Cruz freaks out on a plane. Not like Snakes On A Plane freaking out, but more like a Paris in a jail cell freaking out.

Chris Benoit/Wikipedia mystery is a hoax.

Sounds like Jim Carrey is going back to doing what he does best in films.

If you're going to f**k a Bachelor you may want to bring a condom and some Valtrex.

Calista Flockhart realizes no one in Hollywood wants to hire her so she is pretending she misses the theatre.

Natasha Bedingfield wants Prince William's babies.


420 said...

Penelope smoked a doobie before boarding the plane and became paranoid. Pot does that to you man. said...
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Anonymous said...

ENT said:

"If you're going to f**k a Bachelor you may want to bring a condom and some Valtrex."

You might want to rephrase that sentence, because the article says that a large quantity of beautiful women were rejected from the show because *they* had herpes or some other VD.

The way your entry reads, it implies that the Bachelor(s) has/have herpes. That isn't what the article says.

Anonymous said...

Calista is on brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

did you mean "whacky" like she'll give you a good thumping w/ her billy club, or perhaps "wacky" meaning just plain crazy.
sorry too much Law Review writing..


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