Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fantastic Four Premiere

Jessica Alba cleans up really nicely.
Botox on the day of a premiere is never a good idea.
I'm predicting about a 5 year "engagement" for Kate Walsh. At that point her new show will be done and she and that engagement memory will fade away. People will ask, "Wasn't she engaged to some guy before?"
"Show them you are a real man."
"Oh, you caught us. We didn't see the 200 cameras pointed at us."


Anonymous said...

I'll say one thing for kate walsh's engagement: she's looked even more gorgeous since she's started it up.

Anonymous said...

Check out the initials of these pics (when you right click) Clue?

inuyasha said...

If you have not already tilted with previous ent's comments about her : kate walsh is a lesbian! lol Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards in fantastic four) and alice evans (actress)in last photos = gesture said it all = our relationship it's a pure comedy. So that question why? Ioan = gay? Alice = beard for the potential upgrade in her "career". I wonder...

CinCin said...

K. Walsh was that blind item about the actress, that was always good at keeping her lezzie status under the radar, even though her co-workers kept on trying to hook her up. It mentioned that she was having a hard time now that she was becoming more of a public figure, hence the FAKE engagement.