Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random Photos Part One

So close to being a bad one. With anyone else, this look would be a disaster. Damn you Heidi Klum.
Win Project Runway and you get to design clothes for dogs. When you don't win you get to judge beauty contests.
"I can't believe they actually pay me to sell this crap."
I don;t post enough photos of SuChin.
It looks like Mariah must have been regaling Michael with her version of the Eminem hook-up story.
"This is harder than deciding whether or not my girlfriend is really a man in women's clothing."

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bluegirl said...

Doh! just posted a big comment but forgot to sign my name...
Heidi is beautiful, don't hate on her Ent.

Josh is gorgeous, and sorry to disagree with most people but Fergie does not look like a man. Granted she hasn't looked her best lately but she can look good. I thought she looked great in the 'Shut up' BEPs video. I think she's had a little too much collagen though.

And she got to cuddle with gorgeous Milo. Sigh...