Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Links

Attention or money or both?

The Hoff's ex is abusive and doesn't want to take drug or alcohol tests. Sounds like a fun mom.

Claudia Cohen died yesterday. She was one of the greatest gossip columnists ever as well as being one of the sweetest people ever. She will be missed.

John Travolta gets his daughter Ella a role in a new movie. When is he going to get Jett a role in a movie? If you ask him, he would probably say, Jett is only interested in sports and doesn't really want to act.

It kind of looks like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are smoking a joint, but it also kind of doesn't.

One theory is that Paris did all of this for money. I think that theory is nuts, but it makes for good reading on a weekend.


Anonymous said...

So sad about Claudia Cohen. 57 is way too young to die like that. May she rest in peace.

as for that Paris Hilton stuff, I agree the theory is nut. the only thing she is is morally bankrupt! said...

LMFAO at Woody Harrelson! I can't believe that's him! F'N HIPPY!

Anonymous said...

Travolta needs to get that boy real medical help instead of pimping his "perfect" princess daughter.

Anonymous said...

RIP Claudia

Anonymous said...

I thought that both of Travolta's children have autism.

The link on Britney cruising for attention is sad and pathetic.