Friday, July 20, 2007

Four For Friday

Quick and dirty like Paris in the back of a Ford Escape. Hey at least it has room for her surfboard. Hang on, I need to go back and add to my rant. Be right back. OK, back. Just had to add a few more descriptions of Paris. If you think of any that I missed and that won't get me sued, please pass them along and we can all make it the longest sentence in the world. Give R.E.M a run for their money. Then I will find all the photos of Paris posing with products and have one big jolly post. It will be the happ, happ, happiest f**king post of all time. Now, on with the show.

#1 - Ummmm. She's told everyone she's pregnant, BUT she hasn't been to a doctor (OB/GYN), AND has taken no pregnancy test. She has simply missed a period or two.

#2 - Comes from AP and like all good AP stories they come from the women's restroom. Seems this female B list television/ made for tv movie / maybe one good movie role actress who has done the whole "I'm not anorexic or bulimic anymore even if I ever was," type speeches has been seen in the bathroom twice in the last ten days or so by AP puking up all the appetizers and drinks she had cheerfully consumed 30 minutes earlier.

Oh, thinking of AP reminded me that the "spy" who goes to the events for me and does those reports you love wants me to go the Emmy Awards with her which means she won't be texting like crazy. So, I have to think of a way to get out of it gracefully because otherwise you will have to go with what I remember or maybe I could try live blogging. Anyway, sorry for the interruption.

#3 - Have you noticed this A+ list couple hasn't been photographed together lately even though he has been. Do you think she is enjoying her long "vacation" because he slept with their maid's daughter or because he hit on and got rejected by the son of a family friend. Both happened but who knows which caused the "vacation."

#4 - There is this network, should be a hit, dramedy show, and it seems that a married actress on the show is having a little thing with the currently unmarried, main star power, but not really the lead actor on the show.

Bonus - This jackass B+ actor, on a hit network drama was in a restaurant for lunch on Wednesday and was dissatisfied with his food. He called the waiter over to complain. When he didn't feel the waiter was being attentive enough to his needs our actor took the ketchup covered cheeseburger and threw it at the waiter. Well threw is an overstatement since the waiter was about 1 foot away. Our married actor then got up with his ho of the day and walked out.


jax said...

1- Nicole or Britney
2- Catherine Bell?
3- CZJ and Douglas?
4- Someone from Bros and Sis
5- Someone CSI-ey

Sorry my guesses suck today.

Melissa said...

1- nicole ritchia
2- hillary duff?
3- angelina/brad?
4- no idea- totally confused by the wording

sandy said...

I'm guessing Johnny Depp. I didn't see any pics of Vanessa at his recent outings on wireimage.

sandy said...

#2 could be Katharine McPhee. She made a big deal of her bulemia and being "over it."

foxycleopatra said...

1. Gotta be Nicole Ritchie. I have a sneaking suspicion she has a pretty serious drug problem and a pregnancy would both give her the chance to keep her man, who probably does not approve if he dated squeaky clean Duff, and avoid possibly going to jail. She hasn't even told her father yet!! Plus, all those reports she is still using.
2. I am thinking Jamie Lynn Siegler. She is a swinging single who is a poster child for eating disorders.
3. No idea! But would love to know more....
4. Who cares?

j said...

#1.I'd go with Britney over Nicole as Nicole's been pictured/spotted at the doctor's a couple of times now (unless she's just there wandering the

#2. No idea
#3. I'd go with Brad & Angie just cause I'd think it was funny if Braddie was wandering already (cough...karma..Angie..karma). CZJ & MD were just pictured together I think for her new movie promo & weren't they on a boat or something and the comments were about their kids never being around.

My alternate guess would be Harrison Ford & Calista Flockheart

#4. Maybe someone from Weeds?

JA. No idea but who, great manners....I hope they ban him.

knm2003 said...

ok maybe its just me but i never heard that brad was gay which makes me believe number 3 isnt him

sandy said...

Brad and Angelina were photographere recently here

j said...

LOL - Yeah I was just logging in to say I remembered them loading the kids on the plane together a couple of days ago.

Tracee said...

For #3- Catherine and Michael. Usually we see them together, but recently she's been stepping out on her own. She's been photographed on boats too.

#4-Let's see Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters and Men in Trees are the only dramedys that come to mind. GA doesn't have many married women, so that's out. Am I missing a show?

Pinky said...

Bones is a dramedy.

Melissa said...

#2 - who knows. I can't say Nicole either because of the doc visits. And she really does have boobs.

Okay, before anybody jumps down my throat, what do you think of Debra Messing for #2? Doesn't say married OR single...and everybody thought she was anorexic before she got pregnant.

#3...doesn't it sounds like Katie/Tom? Of course we would have to assume that she's not a contracted beard...or else why would she even care? Still thinking.

#4 - sounds like the same random hookup BS as always. Boring.

Bonus - makes me want to kick his ass and I am not a violent person...but i am an ex-server. bastard.

j said...

I think Messing is an excellent guess - she's been in a few red carpet shots lately so she's been at events. I just can't think of a good movie role she's done.

Judi said...

#3 is not Vanessa. She's in pre-pro for a tour this fall.

DNfromMN said...

Grey's, Betty, and DH can't be #4 since they are confirmed hits. Bones is more on target with the kind of show we're looking for (my interpretation of "should be a hit"--something like Veronica Mars(RIP).

Melissa said...

Well I think he was implying somewhat okay movie role and she was in Wedding Date...otherwise she's a TV girl. Otherwise, no - her film career is rather bland.

Melissa said...

30 Rock SHOULD have been a hit too...or so they tell me. said...

I want a Johnny Depp blind item. Even if its a good blind item instead of a naughty one.

ykkstuck said...

1. Asslee Simpson
2. Tori Spelling
3. Guessing the couple is older as both victims were "children" of friends or help. I'd also put Tom and Katie out there as he's been shot doing that Nazi movie.
4. Can't make out the writing and not really interested.


Melissa said...

Waiiiit a minute. YKK, what somewhat decent film role has Tori had - out of curiousity? O_o

april said...

I like the Debra Messing guess for #3! I remember reading that she spent most of her pregnancy in bedrest because she was so skinny.

Hez said...

Tori wasn't bad in House of Yes.

some said...

the asslee simpslut guess is a good one. i haven'tseen any pictures or tabloid reports of her going to and obgyn. there have been a bunch of reports about nicole.

Melissa said...

Ha! I had to look it up and imbd had this to say:

Rated R for language, perverse sex-related situations, and an image of violence.

Sounds like A+ maker of a film, Hez...


ykkstuck said...

wasnt Tori in Scream series?

bethflgs said...

Tracy Gold for the anorexic maybe. She does tons of the TV movies though I don't know about film.

I believe Tori was in scream so it may fit for her too.

Hez said...

Melissa, that sounds like a lot of my twenties.


schnoorn1 said...

#1. Nicole
#2. Lara Flynn Boyle? The Practice, has been in a few movies.
#3. A+? I'm thinking someone big like Brangelina. Or CZJ % MD.
#4. Taye Diggs, on the new Greys Spinoff?


Pinky said...

Really, it's not Nicole for #1. Spy-witnesses at my docs office saw her go into the ob-gyne on Wilshire. Same baby doc as Brad and Ang.

JustinD said...

1 Britney, sounds like the sort of pathetic attention seeking crap she'd pull.

2 for Calista Flockhart.

3 for J Lo/Marc Anthony?

Twisted Sister said...

Pinky, is it possible that she snuck in and out and only the people in the other offices saw her?

I find it hard to believe the paps (pardon the pun) aren't out there waiting for her to go in, but maybe they figure they're wasting time they could be catching Posh faceplant in those high heels she wears.

With HIPAA, I don't know how they could find out that she has or hasn't for sure been to the doctor anyway. Nobody could talk about it without fear of being sued.

Hez said...

1) Assica
2) I'm all over the Calista guess. Props, JustinD.
3) The clue says that HE has been photographed recently, so as much as I want to say CZJ, she's the one getting the press at the moment and thus I am ruling her out. It doesn't say they're married so could it maybe be Leo and Bar? There have long been rumours that he bats from both sides of the plate.
4) I agree, Nat, the way this is phrased does make it sound like Taye Diggs on the new Grey's spinoff. We know the broad isn't Kate Walsh, so who else could it be?
Bonus - I'm gonna say P.Demp, just cuz I think he's probably an all-around jackass.

HautieTx said...


I like the Calista guess too. Plus did anyone besides me notice how tiny Sally Field looks against Calista? I bet that was enough to send her back to the bathroom for a little urping.

But the Debra Messing is a good guess also. Debra was in the movie with Richard Gere... Mothman Prophecy.. which was a decent movie...


Okay the BI stated: HE has been photograph... so that leaves out CZJ guess. I have seen numerous pics of her and paw-paw photograph alot in the last 2 weeks. Maybe the gossip sites are cutting paw-paw out of the published photo's. haha!

Harrison Ford has been in Hawaii on the set of Indiana Jones... so that kills that guess.

Brad and his skelator... if they have not been photograph together was because it was planned out that way. If there is one thing Jolie does is plan out those photo-op's with great care.

The Bonus one:

I also immediately thought of Patrick Dempsey! After that whole episode last fall, that incident with the girl reporter from E! whom he made cry, cause he turned into screaming ass at her... then there was that Barbara Walters interview that sealed it with me. He is a gigantic ass.

ManDJO said...

For the Grey's spinoff guess, wasn't that girl from Judging Amy also on that show? I don't know if she is married. Possibly her and the Daly(?) guy from Wings. He is the brother of Tyne Daly(?) who was on Judging Amy with her. hmmmmmm

ManDJO said...

For #4. Sorry.

OMG-NoWay! said...

1. ashley sipmelton
2. jamie lynn siegler
3. Tom/Katie???
4. Huh?
B. Wha?

ManDJO said...

Why do all of my comments have a trash can at the end? How can I change that?

ManDJO said...

Is it because I'm using my nickname?

Hez said...

It means you can delete your own comment. It's a good thing. Nobody else can see them, don't worry.

laurajfive said...

I may be wrong BUT how about -

1. Ashlee Simpson (there's a rumour that she's pregnant)

2 - Dunno

3 - Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. I've seen tons of pics of her and none of him lately.

Hmmmmm just a thought

Christine said...

I'm going with Ben Afflek and Jennifer Garner for #3. They just had a RIDICULOUSLY long vacation in Hawaii with TJ Hooker and fam. Recently, there have been shots of Ben alone with the baby...and shots of Jen alone...but not many shots of them together.

Also, I think there been some shots of them each coming alone out of a therapist's office (allegedly).

Christine said...

This Bonus screams Patrick Dempsey to me...married...hit network drama...all-around jackass.

Christine said...

Here's the link to Ent's comment on Affleck apparently exiting his therapist's office.

Another website had a separate pic of garner exiting the same location. Can't find it right now though.

MissBliss said...

Im a fan of the Calista guess for #2 as well but Teri Hatcher also came to mind. She seems to fit all of the clues.

MellyDoodle said...

#4 I was thinking that "studio 60 on the sunset strip" show, it was supposed to be a big hit but pretty much bombed. So maybe Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry? Which would be interesting since they starred in a couple of movies together...

DeborisAnna said...

Oh Ent, by all means never know who is around the corner : ) and we only want good things for you!

Be 00-Enty and leave a spy device in your pocket; camera, recorder, me : )

Mooshki said...

#4: So obviously Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris. Duh!

fo real said...

fo real!!

#4: So obviously Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris. Duh

thats a joke right?

NPH plays for teh other team..

Carlos said...

"After that whole episode last fall, that incident with the girl reporter from E! whom he made cry, cause he turned into screaming ass at her..."

What? Don't remember that, details?

"then there was that Barbara Walters interview that sealed it with me."

hmm, I remember that interview, but I have no ideia what you are talking about.
Anyway, I doubt it's Patrick Dempsey, he's well know for being on the cel with his wife and 4yo girl 24/7 like a maniac.

jasonhoney015 said...

#3 - I keep thinking either Tom and Katie; wouldn't be the first time he's been ALLEDGEDLY caught in a compromising position with another guy, though not sure if he'd voluntarily sleep with another female. But there has been shots of Katie on her own recently; in the park with Suri, out to dinner at Baldis (?) etc

It also makes me think of Demi and Ashton, there have been a few photos of him out alone of an evening recently, and I could see him sleeping with maids' daughters, step-daughters, friends' sons, anyone really. He's Ashton Kutcher...He's Awsome!!

MEP said...

Ooh, Ashton and Demi might be a good guess for #3.

I am also 98% convinced that #4 is Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry because

1. Amanda Peet got married in 2006
2. They HAVE been in a couple of different movies together in the recent past
3. Everybody I know proclaims the unfortunate fate of the
"best show on TV" that demonstrates the current sordid state of TV content . . . hence the reference to the "should have been a hit" show on TV - Studio 60
4. I've always thought that Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet were or should be datating/sexing

kchal said...

#2 - Kate Bosworth?

Pinky said...

Okay - looking like #1 is now Britney. How disgusting...

Brainy said...

1. She's black (but as I don't follow the comings and goings of the leechy hos of athletes I'm at a loss for her name).

2. Kally Martin.

3. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.
Enty gave it away in his photo comments. He had a bad photo last week, she had a photo (for the first time in ages) after this BI was first published. Coinkydink?

4. What CBS show just got picked up for its second season (barely)?
Its the blond(e) and the curly brunet(te). Again, names fail me or I could google!

5. David Boreanez (sp?)
The Angel and Bones guy.

Hez said...

IMO, "vacation" = boob job. Must be Tom & Rita for #3.

Brit for #1, especially after today's reports.

Lolly said...

#3 - Matt Damon and his wife. There were only photos of Ben, Jennifer & Matt on that neverending Hawaiian vaca - never Matt's wife.

Also, a good guess for this Enty 7/13 blind seems to be Matty:

This A list actor is already very tired of his fairly new wife. The problem is his fans expect him to be a certain way and getting divorced from the mother of your child(ren) is not something they want to see. So, he puts on a happy face and tries to find other people to act as a buffer.