Saturday, July 07, 2007

Music News And Photos

On Sunday there will be a huge Live Earth photo extravaganza.

Toni Collette - Aussie Stadium - Sydney
Lenny Kravitz - Copacabana - Rio De Janeiro
D.A.D - Tall Ships Race and Festival - Aarhus, Denmark
Blue King Brown - Aussie Stadium - Sydney


Anonymous said...

still can't get used to Lenny K without the dreads after all this time!

Look forward to the Live Earth pics tomorrow ENT

kellysirkus said...

Lenny K could be bald and still be the hotness!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Toni Collette sings?

Anonymous said...

Who knows but she looks awesome doing it...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Toni C. has a band here in Australia. They release a CD (last year?) and her hubbie plays drums.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad a bunch of jet flying, tour busing celebs are preaching the green lifestyle to the fortunate masses.
I consider them the new green televangelists. Until they practice what they preach, I will have to ridicule them mercilessly.

Dennis Green ChicagoAll original said...

Someone should take this foot print right up Gore's ass.

Take care of your son.

Attention whore.

bluegirl said...

According to an Australian mag, Toni Colette is almost 20 weeks pregnant. She doesn't look it here...
Of course the mag is 'New Idea' which some people like to affectionately call 'No Idea'.
Anyway just thought I'd break some news seeing as Ent hasn't updated. ;-)


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