Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blind Item Revealed - Jackass

Now for the Jackass.

Since there was a kindness earlier in the week I figured a jackass would be appropriate as well. I believe this is the first time a woman has been featured in the jackass section but it just shows that rude behavior is not limited to the men. What makes this one extra jackassy is that the celebrity in question was in a "safe" location. By safe I mean a neighborhood where there are no tourists and most people have more money than said celebrity. Also, it's one of my favorite people so that kind of sucks.

Of course this takes place at a Starbucks because celebrities save their very worst behavior for Starbucks and restaurants. So this gorgeous A list actress walks into Starbucks and says three words, and three words only. "Non fat latte." No size, no other instructions. Just those three words. When the barista asks a followup question, the actress puts her finger to her lips in a shhh motion, but says nothing. He tried again, and got the finger again. It was kind of like watching Austin Powers in front of your eyes except she wasn't actually saying anything. I guess he recognized her because he didn't ask for her name, not that she would have responded anyway.

She doesn't utter a sound or make any other noise as she pays for her latte and just ignores any and all questions or comments from the barista.

While she is waiting she positions her body in what well could be described as peacock or flamingo mode. She walked around the entire Starbucks thrusting her chest out and her head back like she owns the place. The three customers in the store started looking for hidden cameras because this was crazy as the actress just kept walking around in circles. It was like she wanted to put her very real beauty on display, but there was no one to display for. The place was practically empty and it's a very small Starbucks.

When her latte was ready, the server just raised the cup and our actress noticed it on her next pass through the store. She walked up, took the cup and then walked out of the store like she was on a runway.

As she left, one of the customers said "If I was going to do that I would at least make sure my hair didn't look like a rat's nest when I did it."

I told you this one hurt. Jax you must know me very well.

Eva Mendes.


  1. I was right .. you were scolding her in that pic werent enty ...

    I got the clue .. I got the clue ...

    (give me a break here, first time I ever ever picked a right answer)

  2. ^what pic?

    Geez - that's really strange. I thought she was supposed to be nice and not really a "hollywood" type. Yuck!

  3. alison: eva eva eva. It's a shame.

  4. Hat's off to you Donna, I totally thought it meant foreign press. Might be time for me to give up on the old guessing game.

  5. I am sincerely bummed...
    Eva, what were you thinking?!

  6. Okay, I know you like Eva, but I also know she is NOT A-List!


  7. i'm confused - i feel like the whole a-list, b-list thing is kind of a joke. EL's definition:
    "Shine brightly, consistently, and even folks that live in the middle of nowhere have heard of them. They can carry a film on their name and earn maga-bucks.My ideas would be Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, and George Clooney. You probably won't see these stars getting trashed at the local nightclub in your tabloids."

    so you mean that Eva Mendes is bigger than Penelope Cruz or Salma Hayak? I can only think of one movie she was a supporting castmember in...

  8. eva can't carry a movie on here name or at least she never has. she has always been a supporting chaerator to a strong male lead, like densel, nick cage etc.

  9. Ohhhhhhh that one does hurt. I like her! Darn you Hollywood and your negative influences!!!!!!!!

  10. Um...since when is Eva Mendes A list????

  11. Reality check time! See what happens when you put hot bitches up on a pedestal? Hmmph.

    Is anyone but Ent surprised at this behaviour?

    Eva honey, you haven't entertained the world NEARLY enough to merit that snotty attitude. In my world, your nonfat latte would be rendered undrinkable from all the loogies people would line up to hock into it.

  12. HaaHaa! I guess Chestica did rub off on her when they were hanging out.

    Kudos to those that guessed her!

    I still think she's cute, kinda sad its her, but maybe she was trying to ward off a hangover. -shrug-

  13. I still like her. Bitches gotta stick together, right? Maybe she can't speak until she's had a latte? Or she had a hangover? Who likes to talk with a hangover?

    Okay, I know I'm making excuses.

    Honestly, it's the prancing around stuff that has me more concerned. Hmmm, peepee dance maybe?

  14. Califblondy, I think she a bubble in her tummy. She prob had a hangover and then the stomach started gurgling and since she was getting coffee she probably needed to work one out.

    Babies get grumpy when they need to poo too!

  15. nooooooooooooo. I heart her :(

  16. LOL Good clue Ent.

  17. True, Tracee, I think the poo-bubble-gurgle would make any girl/guy prance around grumpily (if that's even a word)?

    If Ent can use "jackassy", I guess I can make up a word or two myself.

  18. on a side note - went to my plastic surgeon today and asked about what work Michelle Pfieffer (sp) had done. He didn't know BUT his assistant saw her at Target recently and she was SCREAMING at her kids. He said really screaming.

    Geesh. What a biyotch.

  19. She is so overrated.

  20. I seriously doubt if Michelle shops at Target and even if she did, her kids are older now, why would she be screaming at them? I'm not buying this one.

    I think she's highly UNDER-rated. Beauty can be a curse.

  21. Oh ya, and if screaming at our kids makes us a bitch, well, you can spell mine with a capital B. LOL.

  22. Cool! know damn well i know you by now..haha..i think i just got the answer to my own blind item!

    Me love you long time.

  23. Nice one Donna!! I never would have got it cause I would never consider Eva Mendes A-list in a million years. She's had a couple supporting roles in films that made some cash, but she could open a movie if her life depended on it.
    A lot of people have no idea who she is. That's not A-list.

    Come to think of it, I can't think of the title of anything she's been in. Just that Will Smith movie that I can't recall the title of. The only thing I've ever seen her in is the cover of Maxim and FHM and those crap rags.

    If EL considers Eva Mendes A-list, I gotta start thinking more outside the box on my guesses. He needs to give us a better demarcation line of what's A/B/C list.

    Sorry she let you down EL, but I've always got the total raging bitch vibe from her so this doesn't come as any suprise to me that she'd do something like this.

  24. please, she is a stoner, plain and simple
    there is nothing exclusive about that club
    whether you're in Hollywood or Kentwood
    you can trip out on a little too much smoke
    she is most definitely NOT even close to
    A List
    Dude, if you are a dude,
    are you just buttering up
    are you already "in"?

  25. jesus Kelly WHAT you been smokin?? lol

    it couldnt been that hard of a guess if i friggin got it,you guys wayyyy overthink this stuff.

  26. again, i have to say it. Eva is definitely not A list.

    A list= Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, even Jlo and Salma Hayek are more A list than Eva Mendez.

    Eva is B list at best.

  27. Eva Mendes has been "the girl" in a couple of hit films toplined by MUCH bigger male stars, but I agree, to call her A-list is a stretch.

  28. Eva Mendes?!?!? Who gives a fuck?!
    Not that attractive OR talented.
    Comes off like a self-serving ass on talk shows. If I was the Starbucks manager and if she wouldn't give me a size and/or kept shushing me, I would have told her to get the fuck outta my store so loud and fast she would have peed on the floor.

  29. Also a bit baffled by Eva being called A list. Maybe for makeup ads or the occasional tabloid entry, but she's not a big star as an actress. I know she's been in movies, but which movies would take a Google spin for me.

  30. Ent,

    Are you trying to get in her pants (by calling her out on jackass behavior, but referring to her as A list)? ;)

    I think we are all in agreement that Eva Mendes is not A list. Pretty girl, but B list at best.

  31. "califblondy said...
    I seriously doubt if Michelle shops at Target and even if she did, her kids are older now, why would she be screaming at them? I'm not buying this one."

    I wouldn't doubt her shopping at Target. Why not? It's close to where they live. As far as screaming at her kids - just because they're older doesn't mean parents don't yell. Geez, my niece is 18 and still gets a yellin every now and then.

    And he went on to say that she knew she was in the public eye, yet she acted that way.

    Just relaying what I was told. Don’t shoot da messenger. :)

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  33. I'm curious what the "safe" neighborhood is... my local starbucks in in Brentwood village (Sunset & Barrington) and I keep hoping to spot someone there, the Reese & Jake indian restaurant is just down the street, etc. Maybe I should work from the starbucks...