Friday, August 10, 2007

HFPA Installation Luncheon

I know you are asking yourself, "what the hell is the HFPA installation lunch and why are there so many big stars that came out in the daylight?" These are all good questions. HFPA is also known as the Golden Globes. Yes, these are the members of the foreign press who decide who gets the Golden Globe nominations. If you are asked to come to the lunch and you don't show up, then you are NOT getting nominated that year. Guaranteed.

The guest list is always fascinating because you have huge A list stars mingling with Sam Elliott and Peter Falk because the 80's and 90's are still popular back in the home countries of these reporters.

I think we would all have trouble finding a bigger ass than Marc Anthony. Anyone got someone better?
I mean who outside of Al Pacino in Scarface wears their clothes like this? He's stuck in a really bad Miami Vice episode. I also didn't know Jennifer was that good of an actress so she's probably laughing at him rather than with him.
Eva, Eva, Eva.
Charlize is their favorite and always will be. She's usually hot, foreign born, a great actress, and knows how to kiss foreign press ass. I must admit she looks really good here.
Billy Bush has taken his name way too literally. That is one big bush.
Speaking of bushes. No, not really. I think the last thing I actually watched with Sam Elliott in it was that really bad Whoopi movie. Yes, I know most of her movies were bad, but I mean the really bad movie. Not Jumping Jack Flash which you all know you watch. That movie has everyone in it. I love that movie.
Peter just comes for the booze.
This is noon and Jamie Foxx looks like a million bucks.

It's noon and Hillary Swank looks like $20.


Tracee said...

Aww, I think Hilary looks like at least 85 dollars and 36 cents. No really she looks good here.

Mooshki said...

Charlize is also Esquire's "sexiest woman alive" this year.

__-__=__ said...

I love Sam! "Way out west there was this fella I wanna tell ya about...."

Can't JLo dress Marc up properly?!

Bebedog said...

I adore Sam Elliott. He has always been sexy and always will be. He looks yummy in that suit too!

Hez said...

Aw, lay off Gar, Enty!

Let's not forget a little gem by the name of LEBOWSKI! The Dude abides and IMO so does Sam.

Anonymous said...

You know why Hilary looks awful all the time? She's too skinny for her frame. I'm a dude and built very similarly - scrawny but with really broad shoulders. If she were able to thicken out a bit, she might actually look good in a dress. The teeth though, that's just retraining her smile.

Christine said...

I think the hint that Ent refers to above is that Eva Mendes is a the answer to a blind item today. Check properties on her picture.

Maybe she's the hot chick who plays for the same team, but refuses to use a beard?

bluegirl said...

Christine, I have no idea whether the Eva one is a clue but I thought EMFP stood for Eva Mendes for President. You know how Ent LOVES her...Although I don't see how it fits with the blinds.

ManDJO said...

Clue, Eva Mendes! Flamingo, Peacock, Shh, Jackass

ManDJO said...

He said Eva, Eva, Eva, like he was ashamed or disappointed in her.

Judi said...

Eva makes me want to weep - SO gorgeous. Hilary's dress is fine; it's the shoes that fail miserably. Charlize looks ridiculous.


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