Friday, September 14, 2007

Former Nanny Says Denise Richards Is Moody--That's A Shocker

Denise Richards' overworked and abused spokesperson said that a new story in Star about Denise Richards is untrue.

Star has an interview with a former nanny of Denise who claims the actress is a moody 'Jekyll and Hyde' character.

The nanny went on to state that Denise sleeps with 14 dogs, guzzles coffee she imports from Hawaii and changes from pleasant to unpleasant in an instant.

Well the story is of course untrue because everyone knows that Denise only sleeps with 13 dogs and not the reported 14. As for the coffee, I think we all know that Denise has a special place in her heart for Hawaii. They make the very best chapstick.

The former nanny alleges Richards is prone to "temper changes," adding she's "irritable" and "can't focus."

The nanny told Star, "In the morning, she's sweet and friendly, but... by one o'clock, she seems wired and confused. She changes plans from one minute to the next.

Must be the chapstick.


Fabiola Thing said...

Yeah, coke will do that to ya.

Pinky said...


Rhianna said...

Wow, if that's not the description of an addict nothing is.

Deja said...

She threw her laptop out of a window! And I thought I had anger issues when I threw my cell phone at my ex boyfriend... sheesh.

kellysirkus said...

it amazes me that this loser still gets her name in print.

Denise, get ready to hit that CAPS LOCK key and start your defense. said...

Wonder who's keeping her in chapstick these days?

Jenn said...

Wow, so bold! "chapstick" right on the beach! Now THAT is sexy. Ya know, a real something for her girls to see. D'oh!