Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Another big valet tipper($5), Hayden Panettiere gets a new hair style to go with her new single status. US Weekly of course breathlessly announced it yesterday as some big scoop, but all of you found out last week.
Alicia Witt is one inch away from a Britney moment.
A model from Mercedes Fashion week. Criticism was heard in many places that the models looked emaciated. Considering this model is just bones I wouldn't disagree with that generalization.

Kate Bosworth loves her some Hee Haw.
I guess Jennifer Love Hewitt wants to be the man.
I love Fashion Show combinations. This one is really good because they all look so bright. From left to right; Emmy Rossum, Diane Kruger, Rosario Dawson and Michelle Rodriguez.
Drew becomes Heidi. Not a good look.
See the good thing about having a V for your first letter in your name is that you can hold up the two fingers and people just think you are talking about yourself.

Like Sienna Miller needs to be in a movie about hippies and free love. Hell they could just make a documentary and not even bother with costumes and such.
Owen Wilson out and about. Not out as in out as in gay out, but just out as in wandering the streets. The streets with no name.
Speaking of out. Natasha Lyonne is alive and walking down the beach to the tent she calls home.
Mina Sorvino and the brood. Notice her 8 foot tall heavy metal looking tough ass husband with the Thomas the Tank Engine train in his hand. Kind of ruins the tough guy image huh?

10 comments: said...

newly single and....pregnant?????

kellysirkus said...

Wow, wha's in owen's cheeks? and did they give him some new robot arms?

Tracee said...

Ent you are too much! Love the Owen and Natasha comments! Clever rabbit! :)

ladorabelle said...

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt stretching her back? I do that sometimes since having kids, but . . . in my own house. If that's not what she's doing, then there's really no excuse.

ms_wonderland said...

Can't wait to see Viggo stark nekkid and fighting in his new flick. No hottie points for the weird facial hair though!

Jenn said...

Is it me, or does that model resemble something from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?? And WTF is up w/ Natasha Lyonne? Oy vey!!

Production Girl said...

OMG!!! that model need to eat. What a freaky pic! I shuddered when I was that.

Natasha L looks pregnant in that pic, but I prefer that look over the herion (or was it crack??) look she had a year ago.
I heard she was extrememly smart. What a waste.

I think Alica Witt is very pretty but we def don't need a BS moment.

LOL on the Jennifer Love comment. Something about that girls irks me.

I still say Hayden P is doing it with Milo V.

ManDJO said...

Viggo looks like he has a vajayjay landing strip on his chin!!

Dave said...

Woot, thanks Viggo, I've been wanting to do something like that, though maybe a lil less on the chin.

Still have a crush on Alicia for some reason.

wood1107 said...


Be still my quivering loins, cheesy facial hair or not. And he plays a bad guy with a Russian accent??? In a David Cronenberg film? Oooo, I am so there!