Thursday, October 11, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Rachel Nichols gets to go first even though she makes promises she doesn't always keep.
Maggie Grace is my favorite person from Lost.
Emile de Ravin does a complete 180 from the last time saw her in a grocery store parking lot.
I guess Carmen Electra is playing the role of Meggie Cleary to Richard Branson's Ralph de Bricassart.
Angelina Jolie doesn't exactly dress like a soccer mom does she?
And Tilda Swinton is actually in a good mood here.

Tobey Maguire and Kevin Connolly. Tobey actually looks really happy in his new role as dad and has lost some serious weight.
Shiva, Shiva, Shiva. I did notice she wants the McDermott back on her name so maybe there has been a reconciliation?
If you happen to be close to the In-N-Out at Sunset and Highland on Fridays, you can often spot Rebecca Gayheart there.

Mario Lopez might be an ass, but hey, here is giving something back to the local food bank. So he gets a break for a few weeks from the snarkiness.


Khemenu said...

If Angelina Jolie wore the same thing everyday to pick up her son the paps wouldn't bother her so much. It's not like her wardrobe is that diverse.

Also, Kevin Connelly is looking...erm...older than usual. But still cute.

Calla said...

Angelina...why does she dress to kill anytime she goes out (even just to pick up her kid from school)? It doesn't seem to be compatible with her moral stances on feeding the hungry, adopting the destitute, and all that. Shouldn't she be dressed in hemp or something like that?

Kelly said...

I think rebecca tried the "skinny" look for attention, but couldnt stick to it- in my brutal opinion. and she also looks much better

Carmen Electra looks like an old Lauren Conrad

Pinky said...

You made a Thorn Birds reference??? Okay, now I'm starting to think you really are a woman...

some said...

what promises did the rachels chick make that she didn't keep?

Tracee said...

Yeah, Slater has some serious guns there. Who knew doing ballet twirls in a spandex leotard on Save By The Bell would get him so built. Still weak for those dimples though.

M.B. said...

mario lopez loooooves the bananas. lol.

Connie said...

Bravo to Mario, he actually is working at a food bank instead of standing around smiling like many celebs do at charity gigs.

lainiekazan said...

Funny thing -- you almost never see pics of Susan Sarandon, SJP or other celebrity moms here when they're doing school runs (and then they're in jeans and caz stuff). Even when she was alive and mom-ing, Jackie O managed to stay under the radar.

Angelina sooo wants to be seen. By NY standards she is incredibly un-cool and pathetic. The staff and parents at the Lycee must be just sick of her by now. And what they must be saying about their living at the Waldorf (tackeeeeeee.)

lainiekazan said...

One more thing -- the Italian boots w/the short-sleeved dress when it's 80 degrees and 97% humidity outside? Honey, only 19 year old trustafarians in Williamsburg get away with that.

And they actually *don't* get away with it.

lainiekazan said...

This article says Brangelina are moving on and taking Maddox out of Lycee NY and out of town.

Let's see if he ever sees the inside of a lycee again. I'm thinking of the published comments last spring on how Brangelina keep their children isolated and away from contact with other children and families. This is the time of year when school group activities and playdates get underway. Let's see what their next move is.