Friday, October 12, 2007

That Blogger With The Funny Hair Was Sued Again

Yes, that blogger. Seems as if he released 10 Britney Spears tracks over the past three months which were finished and unfinished and so he is being sued. Zomba Recording LLC which has the pleasure of being Britney's record label and what a special joy that must be, filed a federal copyright infringement suit yesterday against the multi-hued one.

The statement accompanying the lawsuit went something like this: "The unauthorized dissemination of recordings is a serious violation of copyright law," said a Zomba spokesperson. "In addition, posting demos and unfinished songs as if they were final versions is grossly unfair to the artist and misleading to the public."

Last week the record companies won an award against that woman with no job and made her pay like $9000 per song and all she did was download them illegally AFTER they had been released and they nailed her for like a quarter of a million dollars total. So you know that Zomba has probably been injured in the amount of multi-millions to the tune of at least $10M, but maybe more.


Nancy said...

Perez should give up who ever gave the songs to him. If it's someone in Britney's camp or a Zomba employee, he should claim he was part of her marketing campaign. Kind of like X17Online.
Besides, it's not like she doing publicity for this album, she needs all the help she can get. If it weren't for Perez posting those songs I wouldn't have known she had an album coming out.

JustinD said...

To be fair, a lot of bloggers posted them as well.

But on the other hand, anything that takes PH off his high horse would be great for the gossip community.

jax said...

$50 says it was Britney or Alli who leaked them all along.

This is just another publicity train chuggin along. The music companies need to eff off on downloadin..its here to stay you cannot stop progression. If you want me to buy the whole album then put out a good album and maybe ill stop downloading that one decent song off the album. I have no problem buying all Jack Johnson, Coldplay Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Sam Roberts albums..but fuck me if I'm going to spend more than .99 for the new Fergie disc. IMO.

Virgo74 said...

I think that this is very unfair! I am not crazy about PH's website, but damn, there is no need to sue him! Alof of other blogs had songs also downloaded!

I wonder how he (PH) stays in business?

The bottom line is record sales will never be what they used to. Artists must now be a brand, have their hands in other investments to make money. Also, doing tours can also generate revenue for the artist.

What a mess, and the tracks that were leaked were not all that great!

ms_wonderland said...

Virgo, you wonder how Perez stays in business? Aside from the ads on his blog, the ugly git takes kickbacks to plug various people. He was paid a lot of money to kiss-ass some embarassing Brit reality star - I'm talking six figures. Last year he made an estimated $4 million.

So cutting edge, so truthful. Ent is more risky, and risque, than PH these days.

Tracee said...

I agree. Downloading of music IS the new CD. Musci companies for years have been gouging consumers for music. I believe it takes 10 cents to make a cd, of course that doesn't include every staff member that helped turn it out.

Old school music companies need to hurry up and catch on, before they go broke.

And I'm sure Brit is just pissed at Piggish for all the crap he's written about her. But he's definitely no the only one to put her crappy music up.

Brit, it's not Piggish's fault that people think your music sucks. It's you babycakes. You suck.

Esq. said...

Perez is about the only blogger with the deep pockets and is the most famous. That's why he's being sued. They are trying to send a message. said...

The record companies are finished. Once the sales figures are tallied, Radiohead will prove it.

DisorderlyMan69 said...

Fuck Perez Hilton. He's just a spic spermbreathed moron, and he deserves all the litigation and more. He will go back to being a cujo meth head who steals and forges checks before it is all over.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Well, that was...unnecessary.


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