Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Baby Shower Like No Other

At first glance, the fact that Paris Hilton is throwing a baby shower for her good friend Nicole Richie seems like something a great friend would do. According to In Touch, this Sunday, Paris and her mom will be having a little shindig for Nicole with Samantha Ronson providing the entertainment as DJ. Photos of Lindsay Lohan staring through the window at the party guests and fawning over Samantha will only cost you $25 and can be ordered in advance. If you order two or more, Paris will throw in a free Riley Giles blow up doll which stands exactly five feet behind Lindsay at all times.

From what I understand most pregnant women should not eat raw fish, so Paris of course is having sushi as the highlight of the menu. When asked about this, someone muttered "mercury shmercury," and another said," isn't that a planet?"

Meanwhile, Paris couldn't find a party planner who specialized in baby showers so hired a wedding planner instead, saying "they both involve two people and cause a certain amount of pain, so what does it really matter? It's all about the presents anyway, and the drinking." When told that perhaps Nicole shouldn't be drinking since she was pregnant, someone said, "we have a sink and a glass, so that's covered."

As far as presents go, since this was more of a last minute thing, Paris has agreed that people only need to give presents to her on a one to one basis with those they are giving Nicole. Further, if they haven't had time to get Nicole anything, they can just make out a check to Paris who will collect them all, and then head over to Chinatown where she saw some really good deals.

Should be a hell of a baby shower.

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jax said...

i love that no one actually gives a shit to even comment on these skanks.