Friday, November 16, 2007

Four For Friday

A 15 minute court appearance turned into three hours, so am a little behind. Will do FFF right now and post everything else throughout the afternoon. Next week will be a very big week. More from WD as well as two long blind items to get you through Thanksgiving Day.

Hints-There is almost no chance that any blind item will be about a current member of Heroes, Lost or The Office.

#1 This female solo singer and member of a group overdosed on heroin on a recent flight. The rest of the group walked her up and down the aisle of the plane until the plane landed. At that point, they walked her around and around the plane until a doctor could arrive. They still managed to perform that same night.

#2 Haven't heard from our accountant in awhile, but he said this A list film actress received a wire transfer of $1M from the actor she is "dating."

#3 This former B list television actress in the middle of a divorce to a rocker missed a custody hearing recently because she was getting paid $50,000 for a week of travel with a gentleman.

#4 This solo male Top 40 singer has an actress girlfriend. Well he likes the world to think they are boyfriend/girlfriend. Actually she only has girlfriends. Seems the lover of our actress got pissed at the "boyfriend" three weeks ago necessitating a quick trip to the dentist for the boyfriend. Seems the lover knocked out one of our singer's teeth when they had a disagreement. Turns out the singer cries like a baby.


Cho said...

haha, oh GOD is 4 timberlake and biel? oh GOD!

nadiakotsev said...

4 is so Justin...cries as in "Cry me a river" and Biel is so lesbo!

jax said...

1- Fergie
2- Julia
3-Heather or Pammy
4- JT

catbird420 said...

1: Fergie/Black Eyed Peas
2: Reese/Jake
3: ?
4: Timberlake/Biel

The Oklahoma Hippy said...

1# Fergie

kevin said...

1 Fergie, I hope.

2 Dunno

3 Heather Locklear

4 Ha, JT! That would rule.

jax said...

oooh 2 is gotta be Rees and Jake good call!

Bryn said...

*don't know*
God, let it be Timberlake!

princess pea said...

Hey Ent, what happened to the writer/producer blinds that you promised to put up daily until the strike is resolved?

Okay, here are my guesses.

1 - Fergie
2 - not sure
3 - definitely Heather Locklear/Richie Sambora
4 - my first thought was Michael Buble/Emily Blunt (Ent put up her In Style pictures yesterday), but could defintely be JT/JB

GammaGirl said...

1. F E R G I E. Girly has a history of drug abuse, how did this stay out of the press?

2.hmmm. Reese and Jake were the first to come to mind but I'm not sure...

3. Heather Locklear.

4.OMG! This is so Jessica and JT!

donna said...
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Trix said...

1. Fergie, or maybe Nicole of Pussycat Dolls?
2. Hmm Reese and Jake would make sense. So she's a beard and a paid one too? That'd be juicy anyway...
3. Is Heather Locklears divorce final?
4. HA Jess/Justin would be hilarious. Its feasible!

donna said...

am thinking amy lee from evanecence ... #2 jake and reese ... hush money .. reese, I am very disappointed in you .how about shanna moakler .. this sounds more like her then heather .. and justin, baby, didnt you see the pics on the internet of that butch chick grabbing your girl;s ass... c'mon

Stacy said...

#1 Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas
#2 Ryan Reynolds/ScarHo? (not sure she's A list though)
#3 No clue
#4 Michael Buble/Emily Blunt

Brenda22 said...

Thanks ENT...these are so easy, they're like freebies.
1. Fergie (what does Josh Duhamel see in her?)
2. Reese Witherspoon from Jakey
3. Heather Locklear
4. Timberlake and Biel

nadiakotsev said...

Heather Locklear dates Jack Wagner

kellysirkus said...

donna, I was thinking Amy, also, but Fer4gie would make sense.

you guys are good! I hadn't even thought Heather for #3, but that makes sense.

again, #2 - didn't think of Reese and Jake but it makes sense. Shelling out half her funds to Ryan must be killing her! finally, something she won't have to split with him.

#4 is way too obvious

jax said...

are Barker and Moakler back on or off..if off I say her but it changes daily with those two nutjobs.

Brenda22 said...

But was Moakler ever even B list? If she wasn't married to Barker no one would even know who she was.

Jewels said...

Well, I'm gonna throw a wrench in these suppositions!
#1 Gwen Stefani
#2 well, u got me, probably Gyllenspoon!
Hmmm. Don't know why, but I'm thinking # 3 could be Donna D'errico (?sp). She certainly was b list, being on Baywatch. And I just get that 'Dirty stripper who'll do anything for a buck' vibe from her... LOL!
#4. JT and Biel sure make sense. Especially since we saw her butch grabbing her tail in that one photo. But maybe John and Minka?

Town Bike said...

Heather Locklear's divorce was finalised ages ago. She isn't 'in the middle of a divorce'. Besides she would have been considered A-list television back in the day.

hello kitty said...

I guess we should be thinking more along the lines of "Baywatch" for our B-list actress......

Kim said...

clearly I know nothing about heroin, so can someone explain how walking someone around after an overdose would help?

Blossom said...

No drug user here, but I do know heroin is a narcotic, meaning it makes you sleepy-and too much would make your body slow down to the point your heart would stop and you would stop breathing. Maybe it keeps you alive to walk around? Very sad.

I hope this isn't Reese and Jake, because it's really sad if it is too.

Heather Locklear is B list, Shana Moakler...what does she do or rather, what did she do before this? If it is Heather Locklear, I feel sorry for her kid-a drunk for a dad, a prostitute for a mom, it doesn't get more Hollywood Babylon than that.

Renika said...

1) Fergie or one of the Spice Girls. Are the Peas still on tour?

2) Reese, I thought you were better than that.

3) Heather's already divorced so I have no clue.

4) Is this really blind?

paulealex said...

#1 Solo singer and member of a group... can't be Amy Lee, she doesn't have any solo work, only with the band... So only Fergie, Nicole Scherwinger (sp?), Gwen Stefani or even someone like Joan Jett or Annie Lennox fits the solo/band/touring profile...

#3 Former B list television actress: Donna D'Errico of Baywatch fame. Rocker: Nikki Sixx... they are in the middle of it... a couple of weeks ago she passed out in the court house's bathroom... had to be rescheduled. And there is rumours she was a escort before they married....

Kimberly-Anne said...

1.Nicole of the Pussycat Dolls or Fergie, Black Eyed Peas

2. Donna what's her face from
Baywatch who was married to Nikki

3. Timberlake & Biel

Lauren said...

I'm really starting to think #2 is Reese, especially with the Ted C. blind vice about Toothy Tile changing his mind about coming out.

pusssykatt said...

I have a hard time thinking #2 is Reese/Jake...first of all, she makes a ton more money than him, and I think if the romance was a front, that Ryan would be squealing it to anyone who would listen.

jindi said...

heroin suppressed the heart rate but more importantly it supresses the respiratory system.

when someone dies of an od it is becuase their heart stops or usually because they stop breathing.

so walking them around, slapping them, cold showers etc, are often used to get through it.

the idea of Fergie on heroin is interesting but i don't buy it: although many speed / coke users begin heroin to help bring them down afterwards i have never noticed pinned pupils on her and i'm obsessed with heroineyes.

if this was amy lee her band would be smothering her face with a pillow: don't they all hate her?

Sally said...

i would have guessed 4 to be john mayer and minka kelly.

though, he's been seen in a bunch of photos lately..wonder where he lost/chipped a tooth.

Kelli said...

i agree with everyone, definitely Fergie, Reese, & Donna D'Errico for #3, JT #4

Melissa said...

But everyone, don't forget that Fergie was recently in South America and got "food poisoning" and just came on stage to apologize and then took off, the rest of the show going on without her. Could be her...and oddly, everybody thought her coming on stage and apologizing was deemed uber professional.

Brenda22 said...

wow, it is D'Errico said...

1. I don't think its Gwen either though. I want to know how whoever managed to get their "works" past the airline checks.

Melissa said...

She could have been high before she got on the plane...could be a private plane, etc.

unicorn jones said...

jindi -- who else have you noticed heroineyes on? do share

Sweater said...

2 is Reese
3 could be Heather or Valerie. Odds are more towards Heather, though.
4 Jessica/Justin

Cries like a baby..HA. He needs to just drop her. At this point he's the only one in the relationship that could get someone to return a call. She's done.

Sweater said...

Oooooh brenda22..great catch! Change my guess:)
thanks for sharing that!

jindi said...


- blohan - AFTER 3rd stint in fakehab (oxycontin is an opiod and pins pupils too)

- nicole richie up until last year (AFTER she was claiming to be clean). she went to rehab quietly.

- tommy lee (shocking, i know)

- vince vaughan (not shocking at all)

- owen wilson (cat = out of bag)

- amy winehouse (as far back as 3 years ago, when she was kinda "normal")

- angelina jolie (a few years ago)

- lenny kravitz (loves his horse)

there are way more that escape me right now.

heroin may not seem like a "glamourous" drug but nothing gets you down off coke quicker (therefore the initial appeal to celeb's.)

Rebecca said...

Wow.. I didn't think it could be Fergie. I know she has a history of drug abuse, but heroin. Ooh, that's harsh. Amy Lee is a good guess too.

Anyway, my first thought was obviously (at least for me) Amy Winehouse since she does have a band.

Reese and Jake for #2

#4 would be hilarious if it was JT and JB.

Karen said...

1. Amy Winehouse
2. Maybe Reese
3. Pamela Anderson
4. Probably JT

C.J. said...

Is #2 a current blind item? Because Reese's divorce was finalized last week.

HautieTx said...


Isn't Nikki Sixx doing everything possible to financial destroy Donna D.? That is why their divorce still has not been settled. He refuses to give her any money. It must suck to have married her with no pre-nup. I bet she was making more money at the time they were first married. haha!

There could be a real decent reason she is out taking cash from a "gentleman-friend". The girl has kids to feed. And her loser of a husband is making her life near impossible.

I love how he is claiming he had "no idea" that Donna had danced before they were married. What a j-o-k-e. He knew exactly who she was... what's worse is he is no prize himself.

voice of reason said...

I always assumed the reason for the pin-pupils was all those photographer's flashes. Naive me.

poster_child said...

1. Fergie
2. Kate Hudson & Orlando Bloom. Kate was awfully quick to publicly deny her make-out session with Heath. Perhaps that would have screwed up her million dollar payday?
3. Baywatch Donna
4. Michael Buble & Emily Blunt because I suspect both would benefit from the beard the other provides.

Miss X said...

1. Fergie
2. Resse & Jake (though, the Kate Hudson/ORlando Bloom guess is good)
3. Shanna Moakler
4. JT/Biel (this is the most obvious one)

The Single Female Chef said...

1. AMY WINEHOUSE!!! Hello.....

3. Donna D.

Jac said...

Amy winehouse is a member of a group?