Thursday, November 08, 2007

When Did Nick Carter Get So Smart?

I must have missed the memo where it said that Nick Carter got any type of degree beyond a G.E.D. Nick Carter said in an interview that he would never date Paris Hilton again because she couldn't put together enough words to form complete sentences and the only conversations she enjoyed were the ones where she was talking to herself.

Nick went on to say that he would be willing to date any celebrity and in fact would welcome dating anyone famous so people wouldn't forget about him or why he used to be a celebrity. His only requirement other than being famous is they must be intelligent. Now I have no idea how smart Nick Carter is, but I do know that he couldn't be that smart or he wouldn't have dated Paris Hilton.

Now the first question every girl should ask him is, "did you catch the herp?" So, not too smart. I do admire him for his blatant attempt at celebrity loving, and the press it will attract. Maybe he enjoyed when Kathy Griffin put him on her show and he got to be the more famous person in the couple. You know that doesn't happen much.

VH-1 will make a show about anything as they proved when they gave him one in the first place.
Why not give him a dating show where all the single women from all the episodes of the Surreal Life hit on him and further degrade themselves. Adrianne Curry can host the show, and Christopher Knight can be at her feet in his collar. It's hard to believe this post was about Paris and how she is box of rocks dumb. She could have a role though as the crazy next door neighbor who comes over and says "That's hot" whenever Nick has sex with one of the contestants or when Adrianne steps on Chris with her boot.


GammaGirl said...

I take it Ent is unimpressed with Paris's new campaign to save the elephants from Rice Beer? Kim K might be sluttacious but she's got nothing on Paris!

Nick Carter's voice is unsettlingly high in person. Deduce what you will about that.

donna said...

the chris and adrienna comments are definitely blind items reveals ..

Trix said...

Funny how that drunken slut wants to help animals get off the booze...

Tracee said...

Chris does like to spanked. I bet he's totally into being dominated. He always looks like a dog with his tail between his legs.

DNfromMN said...

That's right, that chick from the Go-Gos was on that Surreal Life year and she was big into the BDSM culture and taught him about spanking. Good catch, tracee. (that was the first and last season of Surreal life I watched... though I wished I'd been able to watch Tammy Faye befriend Ron Jeremy)

__-__=__ said...

I'm overdosed on Paris!


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