Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random Photos Part One

Ashley Olsen goes dumpster diving for Christmas presents.
You ever get the feeling that Bai Ling just imagines she is always with people. She has more fun by herself than any other person I have ever seen.
Just in case you wondered what her band-aids said. I know you probably didn't. I actually just thought she had a bad case of rug burns when I saw the one band aid in the first photo.
A Simpson Family Christmas. Can you feel the love? I know Pimpa can feel that extra 50 pounds he gained this year. Never has a shirt been more appropriate.

I stay up nights wondering how Harvey Weinstein managed to get Georgina Chapman to marry him.
I don't stay up nights thinking about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, but I think some of you do. You don't admit it, but I know you watched The Hills and are just dying to know if Spencer and Heidi will stay together. Yesterday they were. Must be a DVD coming out or something.
When you take Chyna out, she brings along her apartment all in one bag. Of course it could be things for her next "appointment."
All the kids asked Ashley Tisdale to sing. She said she couldn't because of her nose. They than all asked, "what the hell does your nose have to do with you singing?"
You know that stupid joke someone always says when you get a really short haircut about getting in a fight with a lawnmower? This is the reason people tell that joke. Nice to see that Tobey Maguire tipped the valet. Next time tip your hairstylist and she won't do that to you again.

Tom Cruise doesn't look so good when he isn't expecting the photo opportunity. Kind of has that "why are you here taking my photo since I didn't ask you or pay you to be here look?"
Oh sure, the mittens should keep you warm.
Janine Turner. Former crush, now Ellen Barkin look-a-like.
This is a red carpet. Nothing unusual about that for Jeanne Tripplehorn except this red carpet was at 4am which was what time she had to arrive to get ready for the SAG Nominations. Guess actors don't like Johnny Depp because Sweeney Todd was shut out.


Mooshki said...

Tobey Maguire got his hair cut for Tropic Thunder. I just wish they'd made Tom Cruise get it too - it couldn't possibly look worse than the way his hair has been lately.

Chatty said...

I think Ashley Tisdale's new nose makes her look a little Michael Jackson-esque. said...

"Guess actors don't like Johnny Depp because Sweeney Todd was shut out."

Their loss.

GammaGirl said...

Is the general consensus that Spencer is gay?
Remember those two BI's about the reality tv couple where the "girlfriend" kept catching the "boyfiend" with guys?

I would be ridiculously happy if its these two fools!

Ellen said...

Oh, snap on Pimpa Joe! Tres catty

lyz said...

Chatty, I was thinking the SAME THING about AT's's too long and skinny now.

Brit Brit said...

I really dont like ashley tisdales new nose it is really ugly.. totally doesnt look like her. am i the only one that thinks this?

Harriet Hellfire said...

"I stay up nights wondering how Harvey Weinstein managed to get Georgina Chapman to marry him."

I don't. He's rich. He's very, very rich. And who knows, maybe he is also extremely good at sex.

Kara said...

Yeah Harriet..I bet he treats her rreeaal good.

jax said...

and if he isn't he's rich.

I watch the Hills but i don't care about Spencer and the poor man's Ashley Tisdale. Oh you were thinking it.

Janine Turner has Christ Yoga DVDs it for laughs. Downward dog and crucifixes.

So Chyna is a the paid to bone reality BI?

kellysirkus said...

Sweeny Todd Shut Out????



Judi said...

Even with all of Weintstein's $$, I couldn't. He's grotesque and a sh***y person. Ew, ew, ew-ew, ew!
Seeing Janine like this just makes me sad.

Twisted Sister said...

Was the comment about Chyna's "appointment" some kind of hint about something?

I've never seen such awkward hand holding until Tom and Katie started dating.

4am? Jeanne Tripplehorn looks great for that hour.

captivagrl said...

looks like tom's thinking....oh no, what's HE doing here? oh shit.

kellysirkus said...

Good call, JAX.
I knew that had to be a hint, but didn't care enough to put any brainwork into which Blind it applied to.
(I have to conserve brain cells over the holidays ;)

deity2 said...

omg....this is the 1st time i ahve had a bunch of shit to say about "rp-1"
#1: is it just me, or does mama simpson look just like mama spears?"
#2: is chyna a man, and i just didn't know? or maybe a trannie.....where have i been?
#3 ashley's nose looks like shheeett!!! my god.....i could have done a better job under the influence!!!!!
#4 @#$$%^ or whatever,,, adventure kuts....waayy!!!!(He musta moved against the grain of the klippers!!!! john deere has nothin on him!!!!
#4 TOMKAT------ who in sueville f''in cares
#5 ae those the O.C Angels?? they finaslly fucking decided to put some clothes on!!!!!!!!
#5 janine turner.........omg!!! she has always been one of my look at her...NIcole
TOX wannabe
#6 jeanne tripplehorne......ABFAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

took me 20 min to type cuz i am dunk and still haven't fixed my rr

captivagrl said...

deity2 - good for you getting the holiday dunk on.....have one for me! ( or 2 or 3)

loveshoes said...

i thought the same thing about mama simpson looking JUST like lynne spears. when i first saw her in the photo, my actual reaction was "why is britney's mom in that photo?"
so it's definitely not just you!

RandomRamblings said...

I'm convinced Bai Ling is in her own universe. Why does she keep writing things on bandages and stick it on herself? It's creepy. Just get a sandwich board and write away.

Heidi and Spencer will be together until the reality TV money starts drying up. Then Heidi will become a party girl/unemployed entitled person and Spencer will write a tell all book. We all know how its going to happen.

Tobey's haircut is awful. It's amazing what D-list actors will do for attention. Just shave it bald and call it a day.