Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tom Cruise Gets Turned On By Suits

I know everyone is dying to find out what turns Tom Cruise on. This is what Katie said about the subject. "Tom likes me in a suit and a mini every now and then. I like it when he likes it. It makes me blush," she told the January issue of In Style. "He'll say, 'You look good. I hope security's going with you.' Now that gives me attitude."

I have no doubts he likes her in a suit, especially with that short hair cut which grows shorter and shorter each passing day. I like how she added, "and a mini" at the end of the sentence. In her mind she heard suit, and said, "oh crap," and so added "and a mini."

I really believe the last part of the quote is true. I can easily hear him say she looks good, and that she should take security. I don't think he is worried that strange guys will come up to her on the street and hit on her because she looks hot, I think he is just acknowledging she looks good and she better take security so she doesn't run away.

Look. Maybe we are all wrong about all of this and, in fact, Tom does in fact invite her to his separate bedroom each night for a little fun between the sheets, and maybe she is totally in love with him and he makes her hot. Perhaps Tom Cruise is even a monster in bed. Perhaps all of that is true. I doubt it though. If Tom Cruise has sex it is probably a bigger production than MI3. The one thing I have never seen from Tom Cruise is passion. He can overact passion as in Oprah, and he used to be able to deliver passion in film, but everything he does is just so clinical and antiseptic that it just gives everyone the creeps.

I think he tries to show the world he is human, because he must realize that I am not the only one to have this opinion. What does he do to make it better? He stars as a Nazi. Not exactly a way to make you warm and fuzzy.

Katie also talks about children and how she would love to have another, but there is no rush. Nice side step Katie. A sentence likes that means Suri will be an only child forever. Oh, are you counting Isabella and Conner? Not mentioned in the interview. If you were the interviewer and were not actually being fed questions by Paula Wagner, wouldn't you ask the question how do Suri and the older kids get along? It is a natural question, and they are her half-brother and sister in an odd adopted way. Crickets.


Sylvia said...

If he likes her in a suit thats another hint what his preference is LOL especially with the short hair cut.

He really looks so phoney. He should have won an Oscar for his performance in Oprah jumping on the couch LOL.

DNfromMN said...

I don't know that there is a women in suits fetish, but there is definitely a man-in-suits fetish for gay men.

But I don't want to get sued, so: this in no way implies that I think Tom Cruise is gay. (I believe that disclaimer should cover me.)

Kory said...

I lean toward EL's take on this - that he is passionless. Prior to his "acting" career, Tom was preparing to become a priest, so he probably has the celibacy thing down.

A gay priest? nah

jax said...

Tom Cruise is gayer than Richard Simmons in rainbow dolphin shorts riding a pink pony.
Sue me Midget.

Oh Katie..did he make you feel sexy when you got that nose job? When he denied you countless decent movies only to take some shit ass Set it Off knockoff insuring that your popularity won't eclipse his ala Nicole?

Now that's love baby.
Crazy Xenu, self absorbed delussional lovvvvve.

lainiekazan said...

Oh, this is distasteful. Talk about protesting-too-much. Why don't they just shut up and be married in private with RoboKid and the Phantom Adoptees, like everyone else?

mngddess said...

"Tom Cruise is gayer than Richard Simmons in rainbow dolphin shorts riding a pink pony....."

Ok, Jax - that was your best comment yet....

jax said...

but more importantly..TRUE

Liz said...

Yawns. It is getting a bit tiring of reading everyone bitch about their relationship. Am I a fan of them? Not so much. But I think it is snotty to say that Katie saying she wants to wait a bit before having another kid is her saying she just wants Suri and not even her step-kids. I also think it is ridiculous to refer to Suri as a robot or alien. Picking on babies is so immature.


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