Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tyra Has Been Heard From

Got this little missive from Tyra Banks' PR people this morning in response to the articles about Tyra saying Britney should do the world a favor and commit suicide.

"Britney is a friend and we correspond with each other. These alleged statements are completely false."

I actually think she could have just written the last sentence and that would have been best. I don't think anyone has ever said that Britney and Tyra aren't friends when they see each other. That wasn't what the posts were about. They were about the alleged statements that Tyra has declared to be completely false. As in she didn't go anywhere with any friends and definitely didn't eat anything so there is no way anyway could have heard her speaking about anything because she was in fact not anyplace where anyone could actually hear her because she locks herself up in a completely Get Smart cone of silence all day long. BUT, even if someone did break the cone of silence, she didn't make those statements. Cool. Got it.

If I were her PR person, I would have skipped the correspond part. Tyra might send Britney a Christmas card, and I'm sure there is some record label flunkie sending out Britney Spears Christmas cards to the world and Tyra is probably on the list. Does anyone think Britney is sitting down at a desk and writing out a letter to her dear friend Tyra, and sharing her innermost thoughts. Or, is in fact Britney texting Tyra about the inner turmoil of not being able to see her kids? The only corresponding Britney is doing is with the pap, asking them what she should wear and if she should flash that night or not.

On a completely different topic. I need to reiterate that Janice Dickinson is full of crap. Tyra Banks is not fat. Janice Dickinson is a washed up, used to be someone, has been slut though.


jax said...

Janice is starting to look like a leather saddle bag with eyes.

You're old enough to know better Janice you used up obnoxious See You Next Tuesday!

Tracee said...

LOL, Jax. Her skin does look like it would make a wonderful pair of boots.

I love Tyty. I really do. And she's not fat. Yes she's thicker than her modeling days, but she was always curvy.

The only thing that worries me is her trying to be Oprah. I don't like that. Oprah would kill to be Tyra, KILL! Tyra just be your crazy self and take off that wig. You head must be itching at the end of the day...finger taps only do so much!


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