Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mo'Nique A Coke Dealer?

Mo'nique is being accused of being a regular user of marijuana and cocaine, as well as dealing cocaine and evading her taxes. The accusations are made by an ex-boyfriend and detailed in this week's National Enquirer. That is what I love about the Enquirer. No matter the list you are on whether it be A-D, if they find something good, they are all over it.

I actually think this story is more interesting than whether Heath Ledger used cocaine at a party two years ago. Who gives a crap whether he did or not. It was two years ago, after he got crushed at the SAGs, and he was having some alone time for the first time in 3 months.

So back to Mo'nique. Her ex-boyfriend is Marvin Dawson who she broke up with way back in 2003. She broke up with him because of his criminal record that included theft, gun and drug possession charges. Why? Because she didn't know, or because he was ruining her little party?

Dawson says Mo'nique is a big hypocrite and that she is guilty of far more serious crimes than he ever was. "Mo'nique threatened my life. She said if I ever told anyone about her lifestyle, she'd hire someone to kill me."

Dawson claims he is planning to write a book about his life with the star.

Mo'nique's lawyer had this to say about the accusations. "Marvin Dawson has no credibility - he's a nut. If she was dealing in kilos of cocaine, the DEA (drugs enforcement agency) should have her on their suspects list. See if they have anything on her. That's dumb."

No one said she was dealing kilos of cocaine. Does her attorney know something we don't? It didn't sound to me like Mo'nique was buying kilos, and then selling them to people on the street. I got the feeling from reading it that she has a really good connection and that she sells to her friends, and to people she runs into , and maybe isn't as careful about her record keeping on these transactions as she should be. Somehow I can't imagine Mo'nique meeting some guy and buying a couple kilos at a time. But, I can see her buying enough to make a few thousand every week.


notvotingforsuckno said...

Which begs the question, if she is using so much coke, why is she so fat?

Twisted Sister said...

Ala Whitney -

"Where's the receipt? Show me the receipt!"

Khemenu said...

She broke up with the guy five years ago, which would mean he was 23 at the time and she was like 35. Not a huge age difference but seriously, dating a 23 year-old drug dealer? What kind of behavior do you expect?

Also, for some people, coke doesn't make you thin...especially if you drink a lot too. Hence the term "Coke Bloat"
See Robbie Williams, Rob Thomas, Chris Farley

p m said...

coke = skinny

coke + alcohol = cocaethylene

cocaethylene = fat

Kristen S. said...

Meh, who cares. Legalize all of it, and these types of non-stories will go away.

Twisted Sister said...


Are avatars no longer allowed, because I don't see any today.

And I guess we all know why they'd be disabled. I wish EL would move to something beyond this blog, which doesn't allow banning people.

klown said...

Who the hell is Mo'nique anyways?

GammaGirl said...

Is it wrong that I have a major "Meh" reaction to this? In hip hop, they applaud rappers for selling drugs, but god forbid if a woman does it.

I think it's only newsworthy if she's doing it now, which she clearly isn't. Most people would be VERY surprised if they knew what today's stars were into before they got famous.

notvotingforsuckno said...

Twisted: You mean you don't like giant close-ups of testicles as avatars and heartwarming coming-of-age tales about a lad losing his virginity to his mom? Don't need in-depth descriptions about celebrity genitalia? Besides, we're all on our best behavior now, haven't you heard? ;)

Twisted Sister said...


I'm such a party pooper!

wtf said...

I hate this bitch.

Trix said...

Hm, interesting, but not surprising. EVERYONE in Hollywood is moonlighting in some way, and for half of 'em it involves drugs or hooking.

captivagrl said...

i am shocked! her charm school was so,um, charming....this is going to bother me all day. i thought she was a wonderful woman, a real role model for young women everywhere. now my shock is turning to a very deep sadness. oh Mo' how could you?????

Sylvia said...

Went to check Google to see if it was them who took off the avatar. It's not them.

jindi said...

I'm seriously disgusted by your muddled logic about addiction.

Who cares what Heath does: justify justify justify sympathy sympathy sympathy.

But Amy Winehouse is a crack whore (your words)?

Heather was addicted to the same drugs she is: cocaine and heroin.

Why is he given a pass but she's raked over the coals? Because she's a woman so you can call her a whore?

Because she didn't maintain as good of A LIE as he did?


Rare Avis said...

That is an interesting observation. I think that when talent puts their addictions out on full view, like Amy, sympathy doesn't follow. Heath may have or have not had a drug problem. It is not quite the same.

tracee said...

Sista, ROFL, Show me the receipts is right.

I don't believe this shit. Wouldn't she be skinnier if she using? I love how every fucking thing about a black celebrity swarms with drugs.

Next we'll hear Obama is dealing out of his campaign bus. [rolling eyes]

Majik said...

Regarding the 'fat' didn't say she was doing it, just selling. A lot of "serious" dealers don't actually touch the stuff.

Not telling you how I know that. ;oP

My instinct is that there is, at least, some truth to this--otherwise, why attack dude's credibility right off the get go? Why not just outright deny? The wording is a little to spinny for me.

tracee said... says it in the first sentence that she's a chronic [cough] marijuana and cocaine user...

jax said...

jindi- i understand you are quite passionate about addiction but you can't tar everyone with the same doesn't take a friggen rocket scietest to see the difference between Amy and Heath.
a movie showing someone using coke 2years before his death does not make him an addict! if the video was 2 days b4 his death it might be a diff story.

until we have hard facts on his drug use we can't really speculate...Amy on the other hand is a f*ckin mess and we all see it.