Friday, February 22, 2008

Aaron Carter Smokes A Lot Of Pot

Here is a valuable tip. If you are carrying drugs, don't speed. Make sure your car is in working order, or better yet, take the bus. Aaron Carter forgot about these valuable lessons and is now sitting in a Texas County jail after being arrested in Kimble County Texas for allegedly possessing 2 ounces of pot.

Although 2 ounces is considered enough for two months use, that is in a normal person. People who have been subjected to the thought of having Paris Hilton as a sister-in-law routinely need at least that amount each week just to cope with the horror of having to call her "sis."

2 ounces is usually the cut off between so what and serious crime, and the same is true in Texas. Surprisingly though, or maybe not considering you could drink while driving in Texas until a few years ago, as long as you don't have any prior felony convictions, then the judge has to sentence you to probation with mandatory drug treatment. Of course since Texas doesn't have much money for social services, if a drug treatment facility does not exist in the county in which you were arrested, then the judge can just give you the probation. The judge can also waive all the fines. So, basically this whole thing is nothing. It would be something if you had a regular job and were sitting in jail instead of punching the clock this morning. But, for Aaron Carter it is just something to laugh about over the next bong.


p m said...

lol -- he's prolly just saving money by buying it in bulk!

and, YES, it does work like that.
(it's what I do)

adrian said...

Ha Ha-- we took our kids to see Aaron Carter at Jones Beach about 6 years ago when he was hot in the kiddie circle-- I have to say--for a 14 year old he was very entertaining. That was back when he did Nickelodeon soundtracks & PBS themes. Not sure what happened to him--probably the curse of being connected to Paris Hilton.

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Thanks for everyone's support!

silas said...

That is the face of someone who's doing something a lot more hardcore than pot.

Judi said...

Silas, you took the words outta my mouth. He looks ill.

Production Girl said...

He looks like a Zombie from one of the Dead film series.

And I agree with Silas, looks like WAY more then just pot.

Mia said...

over 56 grams tho?

for personal use?

on the streets a gram of green is a $20 sack... so that's over $1120 of weed for just probation.

oh the joys of being famous.