Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Now how much exactly do you think Motorola is paying David Beckham to stand up on that stage and pretend he is going to use that phone? Enough to pay for that suit which is in my top 5 suits of the year so far.
Santana - Sydney
Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer pay tribute to Katie Holmes. Most of the time when I think of Jon Cryer I think Pretty in Pink, but I have to say that my two favorite roles for him would be the movie Hiding Out, and as the star of one of my all-time favorite shows, The Famous Teddy Z.
Whenever I see Graham Norton, I am thankful for BBC America.
You don't suppose that Mickey Rourke has asked Evan Rachel Wood that if she is willing to sleep with Marilyn Manson, how come she won't sleep with Mickey.
The pervert in me is ecstatic that Elle MacPherson is willing to wear this outfit and not be shy about it.
This is a good looking couple. Esai Morales and Valerie Cruz.
Delia Smith was signing copies of her new book, "How To Cheat At Cooking." I'm looking at the cover carefully, but I don't see Jessica Seinfeld anywhere.
Do the eyes on Katie Holmes' outfit freak the hell out of anyone besides me?
Stop the damn presses. Julia Roberts is smiling at a pap.
Congratulations to James Marsden for being honored at the Tourette Syndrome Champion of Children Awards here in LA last night. Keith Collins, one of my best friends, is standing next to him, and does more than anyone I know to try and raise awareness and money for Tourettes.
You know Jemima. No one made you stand there and take a photo, so if you don't want to, then don't. The Gift is something very important, and if you can't even toss in a smile, then don't bother coming next time.
As much time as Bill Cosby spends promoting Temple University, the least the school could do for him is to send him a shirt that fits.
Vivica Fox just doesn't look very friendly does she? I mean, I know she isn't, but she just looks mean too.
Rihanna - Dublin
When Mariah Carey actually wears some clothes she can look almost pretty.
Late Of The Pier - London
If you didn't know this was Lindsay Lohan, how many of you would guess this woman was working the streets?


Cho said...

lilo's cans in that last pic are a joke.

that outfit is a joke too.

jax said...

well he's your bff EL then by default you must be some kind of hot. that's just the way it works in LA.
well unless you are BFF with Rumer.

Sooooo Graham Norton, me loves! His Teddy phone kills me.

I loved Hiding Out, a fav of mine as well. adding to Zip list.

captivagrl said...

mimi will never give up the jersey stripper in the 80's look. if she does let it go.....maybe, maybe she'll be pretty. but she won't.

mandythegreat said...

Becks is so pretty. So pretty.

And Jon Cryer will always be Duckie to me, just like Anthony Michael Hall will always be Farmer Ted and Andrew McCarthy will always be Blaine.

Lindsay Lohan's boobs are enormous in that picture. Did she get her implants replaced?

TF is Rhianna wearing? Honey, I know Madonna, and you're NO Madonna.

Vivica A. Fox has always looked like an entitled bitch to me.

Bill Cosby has a huge head. Hugh Hefner never looks happy to be anywhere. You know he just wants to retire and eat oatmeal and watch Matlock all day.

Yeah, the Xenu eyeballs on KatE's jacket are quite bizarre. That must be some sort of Rockwell type device that Tom uses on her. (If anyone else gets the Rockwell reference, kudos.)

Liz said...

Awww, my alma mater got a shout out in Random Photos! Yay Temple!

GammaGirl said...

Ummm, Rhihanna's stage costume is kinda sluttacious. She did cover herself in silver paint and dance around in water last year, so I shouldn't be that surprised. But I am.

LiLo needs to go somewhere and disappear for a while. Poor girl is so overexposed it's not even funny.

Kristen S. said...

The eyes on KH's shirt don't scare me as much as her actual eyes. She looks like holy hell.

francesca fiore said...

Yeah, it's the eyes on Katie's face that freak the hell out of me.

Also, when will people stop taking Lohan's picture? I'm so sick of her, and I can't wait until we don't remember who she is.

califblondy said...

EL, don't be so quick to compliment Mimi's outfit. Did you see the shoes?

Becks, ahhhhhhhhh damn. He just gets better and better.

Why does Katie do that no make-up thing so often? I want to believe it's her own cry for help without tipping off Tom. I want to round up my friends who sell Mary Kay and Avon and rescue poor Katie. Those bitches could kick some Scientology ass. said...

Pretty soon Lindsay Lohan is going to be reminiscing about the good ol' days when she could take her bra off and her tits didn't flop down to knees.

Rhianna said...

The eyes on the shirt at least draw attention away from the fact her 'neck'line is down to her navel and she has no cleavage. At least you can't see her ribs, but she is wearing a jacket. Seriously, that woman needs some food and to get rid of little man ... Pronto!

Rebecca said...

I always feel like somebody's watching meeeeeeeeeeee......

Kory said...

There looks like there is a penis on the cover of that cookbook. That certainly is cheating!

Marnie said...

Sad thing is, at least streetwalkers have the common sense to request payment from the strangers they screw. Poor Lindsay. She reminds me of Tralala from Last Exit to Brooklyn, getting two-timed by street gangs and screwed by the whole bar. Sad girl.

Brenda22 said...

I showed my boyfriend the new pics of Lohan in Vanity Fair and he said she looked "sloppy and busted"...kinda sad for a 21 year old. Scary to think how awful she's gonna look when she turns 30.

jax said...

the only other thing that's been in and out of Lindsay more than men is her implants.

Grace said...

Every time KatE and Tom go out it's always with HIS friends, never hers, so this tells me that it's all staged and choreographed, unless Tom lets KatE have HER friends over for dinner -- at the house.

You just know that Tom would never be seen with a "nobody."

califblondy said...

Kory, thanks I thought my mind was in the gutter again. I'm glad I wasn't the only one seeing the helmet.

kitty said...

The Famous Teddy Z !! I thought I was the only one who still remembered that show. Loved Al Floss (Alex Rocco).


bitterella said...

Jon Cryer is one of our great comedic actors and although I am thrilled he finally got a hit show, it's tragic it has to be the snoozefest that is 2 1/2 Men. More pics of Jon Cryer, please!

Poor Lindsay--she's the poster child of everything wrong with Hollywood theses days--all that potential (she had a lot of talent) gulped down, snorted up, and puked into the toilet.

Jewels said...

"Do the eyes on Katie Holmes' outfit freak the hell out of anyone besides me?"

You've been drinking the fermented orange juice again, haven't you Ent?

Eeew, Kory, I can totally see it! LOL!

adrian said...

I think L.L. probably used her crappy New York Magazine spread money to upgrade her implants. I predict Playboy & porn next.

She is too run down to play anyone her own age, & there are really no believable parts she can play.

I feel like I missed the postsall day--thanks for everyone's votes-- I'm sitting at #24, & spending my day voting & leaving reviews!

takeme2espana said...

Unless Lilo is nursing twins as of last week, that is not the same 'set' that was in the Marilyn shoot!?!?
Two weird ;)

Harriet Hellfire said...

Not only would I assume she was working the streets, but also that she was in her early 40's.