Friday, February 01, 2008

Scientology Has Lots Of Lawyers

Over at Defamer they got their hands on the letter above sent to US Weekly from Kirstie Alley's lawyers. It seems that Ms. Alley's attorneys took exception to a one line joke that was written in the magazine when Nicole Kidman wore that awful silver pants number. You can click on the Defamer link above and then scroll down to see the photo and comment.

The attorney who wrote the letter makes some good points, but the fact is they are not accurate. The first problem I have is that he immediately throws out the race card. What do Scientology and race have to do with each other? I thought the fact that he even raised that issue is noteworthy in itself.

The second problem I have is that he compares Scientology to the big three religions. I think that most people don't think of Scientology as a religion, but rather more like a lodge like the Elks or some secret society. I don't need a bunch of Elks members e-mailing me. It is just the first thing that came out of my head. It can be the lodge in the Flinstones for all I care.

Here is what galls me the most about the letter. Wow, I used gall in a sentence. That word a day thing is paying off. The last two paragraphs are accusing US Weekly of being narrow minded. Has this guy seen the Tom Cruise video? Has he listened to the attacks leveled against everyone else in the world who is not a Scientologist? Against people who have a different set of beliefs? If Tom Cruise is the #2 at Scientology then it must also follow that his views represent the view of the "church" itself. Therefore it would follow that Kirstie Alley has those same beliefs and I think it is fair to return fire with the same amount of criticism.

I didn't see the Scientology lawyers rushing to apologize for anything Tom Cruise said. All they did was try and get the offending comments out of the public eye. I didn't see them "discharge" Tom Cruise from the church for what he said. Maybe they need to look at themselves before they look at others.

25 comments: said...

don't you ever - EVER - insult the Flintstones like that again!

kevin said...

Or, like Micheal K at DListed said, so it's not okay to talk shit about Scientology, but it's okay to rip psychology and the people it has helped and practice it.

captivagrl said...

kirstie - you just drew a lot more attention to a fashion comment that no one remembered. you are an ass.

jax said...

captiv-her ass is all i remember.

MiamiArt said...

funny how one of the top 3 religions is also a'd think a law firm would proof. (muslin vs. muslim)

jagerlilly said...

You know what I LOVE the most about the letter? They spelled "Muslims" as "Muslins"!!! Since when is a fabric one of the big three religions? AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! And this is from an attorney who wants to be taken seriously??? Oh, that made my whole week....

takeme2espana said...

Some people have just too much time on their hands. I guess when the career is in the crapper-
Ent, per the lodge reference, lets call TC the "Grand Poopah" from henceforth, shall we?

Elle said...

WTF does Kirstie Ally have to do with this at all??

Also, if there are Scientology repelling pants on the market, I will definitely get myself a pair.

Praise Xenu!

takeme2espana said...

Kirstie must've been doing "research" for a "role" by reading US...:P

white lorelei said...

Hey! I worship muslin, especially on hot days.

The comments after the article on Defamer's site are excellent.

However, I'm not convinced that this letter was really written by a lawyer. It has the whiny tone of an intern at best.

michele said...

"Ent, per the lodge reference, lets call TC the "Grand Poopah" from henceforth, shall we?"

hahahaha, brilliant!

janele said...

Ronny Boy Hubbard was a racist himself. He once told one of his wives, "Don't break your back scrubbing floors. Get yourself a nigger, that's
what they were born for."

Of course, I doubt that Will Smith or Isaac Hayes were ever told about this....

Robert said...

Good lord, sticks and stones. These Xenu fans are getting very sensitive. Makes ya wonder if this anonymous group claiming that they intend to wage war on the Scientology freak show, has em worried. Wonder how much the lawyer charges for writing the letter?

Kat said...

If they keep pushing like this, it's going to spell out their demise as a 'religion'. It's going to make people go after them even more than they currently are, and the dirt will come out. Now, all Alley has effectively done is put herself in the crosshairs. I would guess she is going for publicity, but ultimately the only awareness being raised about her and her chosen religion is going to be negative.

If you want to succeed as a religion, keep it undercover. Otherwise, it's going to all go to hell.

Moonmaid said...

I never saw the comment, but now that I have, I think it's hilarious:

"Bonus: this specially suit repels Scientologists" - Hah!!

Those Scientologists are asshats with zero sense of humor. Religion my butt. I don't remember ever being charged hundreds of dollars to sit through a Catholic mass or Protestant sermon.

She has called more attention to something everyone ignored, and made herself look like a humorless buttfuck to boot. Way to go Kirstie!

Moonmaid said...

oh sorry, my typo - the letter said "specially designed suit"

But it doesn't hold a candle to the "muslins" typo.

I never disparage muslin myself - it has such cooling qualities.

janele said...

First it was GMD and his wacko stunts.

Then it was Jenna Elfman and her "Have you raped a baby?" response to anyone who attacks her "religion".

Then it was Isaac Hayes and his I-can-attack-any-religion-on-South-Park-unless-it's-about-my-religion stance.

And then there's Will "Here's a coupon for a free audit test Christmas bonus" Smith.

Next it was Leah "I was a stalled Scn until I shelled out more $$$, and you can, too!" Remini's leaked letter.

Now it's Kirstie "Silver Pants" Alley.

I know I'm missing quite a few.

Majik said...

The Will Smith thing disappoints me immensely...I always thought he was a really intelligent guy and then Tom and Xenu sucked the brain outta his head.


Sweater said...

I wonder if they think the rest of us are stupid, really. Or if they are just counting on the lemmings who believe someone is cool or hot if told that enough.
It's quite obvious to anyone with a brain that actors and actresses get involved with them for no other reason than to accelerate their careeer, then find themselves trapped by folks who run an organization more through fear of 'being ratted out' than any sort of positive things.


Oh well. Kirstie Allen is fat and whiney AND a Scientologist.

I want a letter, too.

takeme2espana said...

I wonder how they got 'religion' out of 'Scientology', the sheer definition should mean 'STUDY OF' not "worship of", or am I missing something???? It makes it sound all the more ludicrous to me when they compare themselves to actual faiths or races, for Pete's sake!

Judi said...

Awww, dare poor widdle feelings were hurt? Good thing none of us here were writing the copy.
Kirstie wishes she could fit in those pants. And what's she doing for work these days? She used to be sexy and funny. Now she's just pathetic. I'm done with her.
Maybe we should start a boycott of the work product of all Scientologists. I think they have enough $$ not to ever need to work again. What do you think?

Les Suckno The Great said...

Scientology is a religion for men, like Tom "Fuck My Ass" Cruise and John "Let me Suck Your Cock" Travolta who suck cock and take cock up the ass; the fag hags, like Mimi Rogers, who marry them; and fat lesbians, like Kirstie Alley, who can't get laid with an American Express card stapled to their foreheads.

selenakyle said...


noel said...

I wonder if the lawyer/ intern actually got paid for this?

takeme2espana said...

People need to wake up and smell the xenu-laced coffee.
I will NOT go to a Grand Poopah movie. Nope, won't do it. To "baaaaaad" all the sheep in the world will keep him rich. I'd rather watch Indies.


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