Monday, March 31, 2008

Carmen Electra Will Work For Food

Carmen Electra has not quite regressed to the point of standing at an intersection with a cardboard sign and a box to scrounge up some dough. No, there would be a few demeaning steps along the way before it came to that, but she has started down that back staircase now. It is kind of sad really. She had a run there of about a year when she was doing that VH-1 show with Dave Navarro. I think it was during that show that she finally jumped the shark.

At this point Carmen has been trying to rustle up personal appearances for money. Here in the US and abroad. Apparently the offers are not as high as she would like so she is trying to sell herself out to Australia. Why the hell not? If Australians are willing to pay her ex husband (bet you forgot she was married to Dennis Rodman) than they should be more than happy to pay for Carmen.

Asking price? $50,000. Now, that is not for one night, or two, or even three. Nope. For $50,000 you can have Carmen Electra for an entire week. My math is shaky, but that appears to be about $7000 a day. Considering The Hooker tried to get that an hour, I think 24 hours of Carmen for $7000 is a hell of a deal.

Australians must not think so though. Since she has thrown herself out there, there has not been one nibble or bite. I think we all know where she can go for a nibble or bite, and no, it isn't over to Joan Jett's place.

In case you were wondering, Paris Hilton charges up to $1,000,000 for a week in Australia and will spend a total of three weeks there this year. Wow. I could have 20 Carmen Electras for the price of one Paris Hilton, AND I wouldn't be exposed to herpes. That should be Carmen's new slogan. Cheaper than Paris and herpes free. Not that either one is sleeping with anyone for the money, but you know. They come over to party and Paris finds some Australian boy from a nice family. Gives him a night of passion while she looks in the mirror and talks on the phone. Next thing you know he is in the STD section of the personals.

Stay safe. Hire Carmen.


jax said...

poor carmen, i like her but damnit girl get a real job before you go the Yasmine Bleeth road to post- fame.

why don't these chicks go back to school and get real jobs, fake tits and chola lip gloss dont last forever. well the tits do...i digress.

captivagrl said...

carmen, herpes free? prove it! she has quite the past with so many losers. said...

Dennis Rodman should have been good for at least a few STDs.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

What captivagrl said. I seriously doubt that girl is herpes-free.

theflock07 said...

We live in a sad, sad world

Amber said...

Awe, I like Carmen. If she really needs cash, she should try doing another "reality" show. Even one of those Tila Tequila dating shows, yuck. People would watch though!