Friday, March 07, 2008

Random Photos Part One

No clue here. Just been a really long time since I saw Andrew Shue anywhere. He looks pretty good right?
The new poster for Iron Man.
When she wants to actually try, Charlize Theron still looks amazing. Amazing I tell you.
The Chemical Brothers - Sydney
This is Carla Bruni naked in GQ. Let us all close our eyes for a second and imagine Laura Bush naked in GQ. Not quite the same thing is it?
Christina Aguilera in one of her new ads. Finally a place that her hooker makeup fits right in.
Another blast from the past. Lynn Whitfield. Remember when she was like the next big thing? Unfortunately there are lots of other people that you can apply that very same sentence to.
Wow. So the hero to all these little girls is Lindsay Lohan. Nice. They then went and purchased Paris Hilton perfume and Amy Winehouse wigs to cap off their day.
Julieta Venegas - Mexico City
Juanes - New York City
Jeremy Piven is doing Broadway now. Guess he ran out of women in LA. He looks good though.
Soulja Boy - London
Which one is Robert Downey Jr.?
Yep. This should be interesting.
Nick Cave - New York City
Thank you Mischa Barton. Before I begin ragging on Mischa, I want to make it perfectly clear that this is not on the set of a new film. Nor is Mischa wearing this on the way to a costume party or some kind of Sienna Miller tribute party. She is not auditioning for a role in Hair, and she doesn't like to be called Pocahontas when she has sex. I think that has it covered except for the fact that she wore this to lunch, on a patio and got the guy she was with to make out with her while she was wearing it.
I just love this picture. I hate Elmo, but love this photo. Will Arnett cracks me up by doing nothing.
Victoria Beckham in Vogue
The Teenagers - London
Haven't seen Sharon Lawrence in awhile. She always looks the same.
This bright smiling face actually sleeps with Corey Feldman each night. Why don't you trade with her for a weekend and see if you can force out a smile like that.


Carol said...

Thanks for the Julieta Venegas and Juanes pictures. Love them!

captivagrl said...

actually she does like to be called Pocahontas during sex, that and Momjeans.

CarolMR said...

Many men would prefer Laura Bush to that skinny, bony drink of water, Carla.

nothingsacred said...

I'm meeting Susie Feldman (and Malcolm McDowell AND Bruce bamf Campbell) next weekend at Monster Mania woooooooooo! lol

i'm such a dork

DNfromMN said...

nothing - bruce was my idol throughout my teenage years. I'm jealous.

lindsay photo - in photos where you see the kids' faces, it looks like they were all actors (Dina hired them maybe?)

RD,Jr/Blackface - Only by putting them side-by-side do I realize they gave him a fake nose, too. It will probably be a very bad idea.

Will Arnett - Ent I'm totally with you, although his Funny or Die movie that came out this week was terribly unfunny.

Vicki looks beautiful in that vogue shot. I'm surprised.

jax said...

find me that man carolmr, find me that man.

no Mischa prefers Poke-your-anus.

RDJ is gonna catch hell for that.
ya just know it.

Piven- when you have thinning hair and we all know it, then you get some plugs or whatevs..then you just look like a guy with thinning hair with plugs. this is one guy who needs to embrace his inner Willis. or his inner Diesel. your pick.

Chemical bros- great gig.

Will Arnett was my husband in another life. me like.

wildflower said...

So since Charlize isn't in the top spot does that mean Andrew Shue is an answer to a Blind Item? Hmmm. . .

wildflower said...

Okay - or I could actually read and see that Ent. puts "No Clue here". Der!!

CarolMR said...

jax, you'd be surprised how many men prefer meat on the bone. I guess I don't think Carla Bruni is all that beautiful.

GammaGirl said...

soooo what is the difference between Robert Downey Jr wearing blackface make-up and Ted Danson's ill-fated gag back in the day?
I'm not offended, but I'm wondering why they felt the need to "go there."

I'm kind of excited for Ironman. I love a good Superhero film and the previews have been surprisingly well done.

Soulja Boy Ent? Seriously?!! That wanker represents almost everything I hate about the rap industry.

Rhianna said...

Wow, Beckbitch looking ... WOW! Screams old Hollywood glamour in that photo. Who ever took it deserves a Nobel prize for photo-shopping an ugly woman.

jax said...

oh i know asking find the man thats gonna choose Laura Bush over Carla.
i meam come on.

jenner said...

oooooooh would have LOVED to have been at that Teenagers show!!!!!!!!

If I had a daughter & she was in that throng worshipping that whoor Lohan I'd ground her for 6 months. Then throw another 6 months on there for good measure.

Posh looks great - but then I think she ALWAYS looks great - even if "great" means insanely cheesy & ridiculous LOL

Sylvia said...

Posh and Christina are soooo airbrush I hardly recognized them.

sunny said...

Jeremy Piven is an ass. said...

If anybody can pull off a movie with blackface and actually make it into something cool and/or entertaining for everyone, Robert Downey Jr. is that man.

bionic bunny! said...

brenda, i agree w/ you.

i saw some of the other christina pics, and i actually think she looks fabulous. wasn't it a jean harlow thing?

Lupe Arreola said...
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lupisima said...

I heart Julieta Venegas. She has such a great voice. Post more pics of her!

Harriet Hellfire said...

Will Arnett on 30 Rock was one of the funniest things I have ever seen on television...and I'm pretty sure I've pointed out before that I find him strangely attractive.

Will Arnett for Full Frontal Friday! Anyone with me?

Marnie said...

More Sarkozy! More Souljah Boy!

DUDE. Sarkozy gets this, Jugo Chavez gets Naomi Campbell, and you call the American President the most powerful man in the world? Give me a break. That man abuses power like old people fuck.

bluegirl said...

Thats Robert Downey Jr?! WTF?! Okay...I would never have guessed. I'm not offended by it but some people might be. And when did Ben Stiller get so buff?

Andrew Shue looks exactly the same as he did 15 years ago.

Why must Ent post something on that waste of space Lindsay every friggin day?!

__-__=__ said...

Juanes AND Nick Cave!!!! Wonderful! Thanks Ent!! I can't wait to see Juanes!