Friday, March 07, 2008

Rebecca Loos Is Evil

You remember when David Beckham allegedly cheated on Posh with Rebecca Loos? I remember it, but was never really sure what happened. Rebecca insists it still happened, but that her new song called Your Boyfriend which talks about men who cheat because their women don't pay attention to them is not about David Beckham. No, of course not. It just came to her as a vision while she was sleeping.

"Of course it’s not about David Beckham. The song has nothing to do with the Beckhams at all. It’s not a dig at Victoria - I’d never, ever do that.

"I had a relationship with David, who was married, but I never tried to steal him or take him away from Victoria. And David is still with her - I’m not a marriage wrecker. They are still married and so strong together.

I love the part about how she is not a marriage wrecker. She admits she had an affair with him while he was married, but because they are still together she is not technically a marriage wrecker. Love that logic. That is some serious rationalization on her part.

It gets better though in Rebecca's crazy world. "I recorded it two years ago as a p*ss-take and it was never supposed to be released. Now it’s the most listened-to song on the internet. We haven’t got a clue how it’s ended up on the web - we’re trying to find out who leaked it.

"But who has a better singing voice, me or Victoria? I couldn’t possibly say."

I haven't got a clue who leaked it either, but I bet it might be someone with the initials RL. Just a guess. Maybe while she is looking she can find the real killers too. How hard do you think she is looking? Also, I have never even heard the song, but if all of you have listened to it then I would think it is the most downloaded song on the internet. My guess is that she has some computers in her house that are busy downloading it 24/7.

I want you to know that I had to go through almost 5 pages of photos before I found one of Rebecca that didn't have her naked or showing off her breasts to anyone who wanted a look.


Alice.W said...

Rebecca Loos is a sad wannabee. David Beckahm IS a cheater, can't get away from that fact.

jenner said...

I just CANNOT get over how many celebs think the entire population is STOOOOOOPID LOL

Like, Parasite - "I don't do drugs" even though there's plenty of video showing otherwise, or when she was about to go to jail & she was snapped carrying self help books & exiting church - now this Loos broad "I don't know how it happened, it certainly wasn't ME who leaked it"


Is it because these people are stupid themselves? ie that's why they think thye can fool everyone?

*shakes head* lol

captivagrl said...

jenner - "Loos(e) broad"

jax said...

ph please this slut was looking for a way in with David.
and now she has 'no idea how it got leaked'.

Bitches like this give women a bad name. whore. try fuckin a single guy to get your way to the top you no good piece of trash.

sorry im really not that

Twisted Sister said...

Jax just synged everyone's eyebrows and she's not that angry. Don't anyone piss her off Smooches, Jax. ;-)

Just because Victoria is stupid doesn't mean the rest of us are.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why she never smiles.

jax said... really im in a fab mood,working my way to a lonnng weeknd and turning another year older on monday..ouch!

i just hate twats like this who play all innocent. not that i think David is entirely innocent but you dont see him years down the road STILL trying to benefit off it. (he never did obviously)

Happiest of fridays to all!

GammaGirl said...

This bitch needs to it down and shut up! I know that Posh isn't the nicest person, but she's kind of growing on me. Actually, I love Cruz and she gets a free pass for birthing him.
I thought she was entertaining on the Porject Runway finale.

Trix said...

As if it werent trashy enough that she's trying to ride her status as jump off and glorified cum rag to fame, then she eggs it on by releasing that song? Is she determined to look like the most evil woman alive?

Looks like those tabloid interviews got her a nose and boob job. She should get it over with already, and resign herself to the bottom tier gonzo porn circuit.

Twisted Sister said...

We'll have to sing happy birthday to you online on Monday since we can't buy you a drink. And hey -you don't look a day older than whatever age you were five years ago. ;-P

jax said...

29! (5 years ago) Yes i'm celebrating the 5th anniversary of my 29th bday.

lol...thanx..oh you know ill be around in the am at least.

Twisted Sister said...

That's the spirit. You're not pushing 35, you're dragging the hell outta 30!

jax said...

hahah good one!

bippy said...

happy birthday, jax -- take it from me, it only gets better and better.

enjoy your weekend!

Jac said...

Hey this is the trainwreck that wanked off a pig on some reality show ...she is worse then the shite flies shite after eating shite...

Amber said...

The song is just horrible. It also seems to be the consensus that if we saw this bitch in the street, we would beat the shit out of her, yes?

Steve N Allen said...

You know, she's attractive, but the thing is when you're with a woman you get that paranoid worry that you're not as good in bed as her previous lovers. And if she is to be believed that includes David Beckham!

But on the other hand, a more recent lover of hers was that pig she flipped off live on TV.


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