Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NY Daily News Blind Item

Which small-screen actress has been texting and fawning over and otherwise smothering her '90s TV megastar boyfriend, just after her PR leaked the relationship to the press? At this rate, she might have to cast a new beau for next season.


gossipmonger said...

one of the dwts ladies...I don't know their names.. the one with the marios..

Twisted Sister said...

I don't think a dwts dancer (Karina Smyrnov) would be considered an actress.

lyz said...

PR leaked WHAT relationship to the press? So, the actress is fawning over her current beau b/c the PR people leaked the relationship with the same current beau??


TL Hoochie said...

It's another awkwardly worded blind, thanks a lot Ted. I think it's saying she will try to get her show to hire her new boyfriend?

TL Hoochie said...

(Btw, I know it's not a Ted item, but he seems to have convinced everyone else to write blinds like this.)

Twisted Sister said...

It wasn't written by Ted.

Either that or she'll have to cast a new boyfriend in her real life? I give up..lol.

HthrHllywd said...

I think you're right, Twisted, I think that it's saying that she's smothering and ridiculous and "cast a new beau for next season" is just (maybe a clue?) another way of saying he's going to leave her and she's going to have to find someone else.

Twisted Sister said...

hthrhllywd, but I can't think of anyone whose b/f goes back to their '90's television hit show, can you?

Here are some of the popular shows from the '90's. Please add to this if you can:

# Beverly Hills, 90210
# Dear John
# Doogie Howser M.D.
# Full House
# Home Improvement
# Herman's Head
# Mad About You
# Married... With Children
# Murphy Brown
# Quantum Leap
# Roseanne
# Saved by the Bell
# Seinfeld
# Wings
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Northern Exposure
Judging Amy
Twin Peaks
Touched by an angel
Boy Meets World
Home Improvement
News Radio
Any Day Now
Dr. Quinn
Dawson's Creek
Mad About You

I'm not sure how correct this list is, so help!

Carla said...

off topic ... did anyone else see the blurb about samaire armstrong not returning to dirty sexy money? she's still receiving treatment and will now have a recurring part, not full time.

thought there was a past blind that we all thought she was the answer to (and yes it involved rehab) ??

gossipmonger said...

well, a dwts dancer MIGHT be considered an actress, with all those rumors about them not actually choreographing their own stuff & just "acting" like they do... i dunno, just a guess...
although, rereading "cast a new beau for next season" is making me think i'm wrong...of course they would cast a new "beau" for her to dance with...

Khemenu said...

What about Matthew Perry and Lizzy Caplan?


HthrHllywd said...

Melrose Place
3rd Rock From the Sun
Fresh Prince

But so far I can't find anyone that would be a classified as a megastar linked to someone recently except Mario from Saved by the Bell and Karina Smirnoff...
I'll keep digging.

captivagrl said...

matthew perry is who came to mind.

Brenda22 said...

anyone linked to Terry Hatcher? She's a small-screen actress and I thought I saw a headline somewhere about her 'new guy' but didn't read to find out who it would be.

Brenda22 said...
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HthrHllywd said...

John Stamos and Denise Richards.

Gold. hahahahahaha.

Ahem. But in all seriousness...The Matthew Perry guess fits.

Brenda, she dated Stephen Kay who was on General Hospital but that was a while ago and idk of anything current?

hotpants0225 said...

what about brian austin green and megan fox...

Char said...

I don't know why everyone is so confused, I don't find this blind convoluted at all (and I can NEVER understand Ted's). TV actress, new boyfriend who was a 90s TV megastar. Her PR leaked the relationship to the press (a la Jessica Simpson style) AND she's been fawning over him and texting him. Smothering a guy is never good, nor is leaking a new relationship to the press so chances are, he's going to dump her. I'm sure the wording of "cast a new beau for next season" could be a clue pointing to either the actress or her show, or maybe his show, but I don't think its saying anything about him being on her show now.

Char said...

hotpants, I actually thought of them first too, but they're not a new relationship... and as far as I know Megan Fox is a film actress not TV (I could be out of the loop, I live in Australia and we don't get all the US shows)

junglekitten said...

Megan Fox is a film actress.

christine8car said...

hmmmm. Heather Locklear is a small screen actress. Her 'new' relationship with Jack Wagner was recently publicized, photos of them together out and about. And...I think he was cast as her beau in the 90's on Melrose Place, no? that'd work..

Ent's Ex-wife said...

I think Megan Fox is the answer to the He knows how to hold her blind item on Laineygossip.

Jamie's Girl said...

"Megastar Boyfriend" is very few people. Megastar would be a Matthew Perry type that doesn't like needy women. She sounds very needy too. Time go quit her, Matthew!