Friday, April 04, 2008

Random Photos Part One

An airbrushed Cameron Diaz gets the top spot. It is a welcome to Los Angeles issue, and I think airbrushing a celebrity fits really well into that theme.
I have to say that Bruce Willis and his girlfriend look good together.
It is amazing what they can do with wax these days.
David Tennant and Catherine Tate.
At this point I wonder what judge is not going to vote for Chloe Marshall.
Well if you have any spare change in your cars, I know who would like to earn it. I really don't think it is possible for a woman in a beehive to look like Keith Richards, but Amy Winehouse is really trying.
Chris Evans on the other hand looks great.
David Spade and Kid Rock are hosting the new Fox reality show, "Who would you rather do?"
I just can't look at Kristin Davis the same anymore now that I know she is kind of a biter.
The amazing Johnny Knoxville.
I think this is the start of 30 days of JC Chasez being seen with a different woman each night. It would help if he was not being so obvious in his attempt to actually be touching her.
That is a big piece of fur Eva Herzigova is wearing.
Lupe Fiasco - London
Linda Evangelista looks amazing.
Kanye West - New York
I guess I don't pay attention to Kelly Ripa because I have never noticed the tattoo. Was it in that Shape Magazine bikini cover?
Keanu Reeves always looks better when he shaves.
It must be take your family to work week here in LA as Rick Schroder shows off another son and
Keanu Reeves brings along sister Kim.
Yes, I know you all love Mena Suvari's ass, but the reason I am showing this photo is because it is new and explains better the arm around the girl. It looks like the three of them are getting a photo taken and so I am going to say that this is not Mena's girlfriend.
Minnie Driver looks great.
I guess we all know what Mariah Carey's favorite position is.
Well I think f**king Dominic Monaghan would be a step down from Matt Damon, but that is just me.
RIP Wayne "Frosty Freeze" Frost. In my opinion he was the best break dancer that ever lived. He died yesterday at the age of 44.
Taryn Manning is a mess. New hair color, but still a mess.
The Kooks - London
I'm not going to go. Are you going?


donna said...

I think bruce's g/f looks like demi before all the plastic surgery ..

Kid Rock and David Spade are actually morphing into their charachers from JOE DIRT! said...

When the hell are people going to stop wearing fur? Get. A. Clue.

I totally want to attack that one guy from New Kids on the Block....with some Static Guard.

IndigoBlue said...

Kid Rock & David Spade = Deuce Douches

I like seeing Rick Schroeder out and about...

Bruce and gf look happy

Chris Evans looks good!

On NKOTB == uh, no, not going.

IndigoBlue said...

Brendalove - on NKOTB - LOL!!

Town Bike said...

Ellen Barkin needs to get her pants hemmed.

The overweight beauty queen - sorry but that is just as unattractive as an underweight beauty queen. Why can't we just find middle ground and celebrate healthy body shapes.

When did Linda Evangelista develop tuck shop lady arms.

Mena Suvari has a hot, hot bod.

If I were Cameron Diaz I would be scared of stumbling around in those spiky heels and falling over the edge.

Dave said...

Chubby BQ still is kinda cute, just keep the clothes on, eh.

I've gotta move Mena higher up my list.

Does Regis have some tats too? (no pun intended)

I always thought Taryn was a mess.

captivagrl said...

yay minnie! boo mimi!

jax said...

Cammie that is a slammin body.

i LOVE catherine Tate her show is hilarious.

poor Chloe,look at them cackling bitches behind her. "noooo Cloe we were laughing WITH you"

at this point anyone around her who is doing nothing to help will all have her blood on their money grubbing hands when Amy ODs. im talking to you too Ronson.

Chris Evans for FFF!

jesus christo! that is a climpse into the future of Old Man Rock.

Amazing Knoxville? actor? asshole? cheater?

Nice beard JC, you're a bout 8 years too late bro.

Linda got those arms the old fashioned way BY HAVING A CHILD.

as much as i loved the "Ricker" he shot a movie near my bff's house and was complete douche. even more so with that 'stache.

i'd shoot myself before i'd pose bare assed next to Mena.

MC's position is that of entitlement.

Man NKOTB...i still cannot beleive they are all in for this. NO i will not begoing EL, spending all my dough on George Michael know to hear LIVE music.

sorry for the novel,there are a lot of pix! holla for friday!

Twisted Sister said...

Chris Evans looks like a young Tom Cruise. Sorry, Chris.

Is Mimi ever NOT working the 'ho pose?

LOVE Minnie Driver. And her son, Screw.

Bruce needs to stop dating women young enough to be his daughter. It's creepy.

selenakyle said...

I know Knoxville can be a *real* jackass, but I swear he is sexy as hell to me!

Reese said...

Love The Kooks; thanks Enty!

jax said...

The overweight beauty queen - sorry but that is just as unattractive as an underweight beauty queen. Why can't we just find middle ground and celebrate healthy body shapes.

i tend to believe celebrating ALL body types would be the best possible thing for society.
i have no problem with this girl, why should skinny girls only be considered beauty queens?

oh and this isn't a rant,just a commentary on the fact that big girl got that far.

Snautrag said...

Neat. I used to work with Keanu's sis.

Kimberly-Anne said...

Re: Spade n Rock- Those are the exact type of men that when you went to that bar, you know the bar you have to be drunk already to step foot in, that when it was last call you were double fisting it and hoping to sweet baby Jesus that someone wouldn't turn on the lights...

They would be total Shame F@#ks..and outta the 2 who would I do?- I guess the "tall" one..Geriatic Fossil

juju said...

I always thought mena suvari was just skinny, but damn she is hot!!

juju said...

selenakyle, I agree!

kellysirkus said...

how unfortunate for the two girls who have to look at their ass next to that work of art Mena is rockin' on the backside.

surfer said...

Sure Ent, Mena's picture was for us. Whatever. Anyhoo, adding my voice to the chorus, she has a great bod, and hands down, I'd rather see people looking like her (healthy), than those size -2 stringbeans.

Amber said...

- I read this hilarious article about Cameron Diaz in GQ, and how it was so great b/c the interview was in print so you didn't have to hear her voice, and that the pictures were nice b/c the photographer went out of his way to make her angle her face away from the camera lolololol


- I love Amy even though she's a crackhead.

- Now when I see pictures of Kristin Davis, all I see in my mind is her inner labia :|

- I know I'm not the only one who finds Johnny Knoxville very attractive.

- JC Chasez loves cock.

- Kelly Ripa looks really good in purple. Not too many women can pull of that colour as a dress!

- Jordan was my favourite from NKOTB hehe

Amy said...

David Spade is hot and you know it. I love him on Just Shoot Me

Rare Avis said...

Ent Whoa!
That is NOT Keanu's sister Kim.

That is his half sister Karina.

On a side note, I still want to make him dinner.

Miss X said...

Thanks for the Keanu pic. He looks hot. took me a minute to figure out who was in the band pic (NKOTB).

jas faulkner said...

The KNITNOBS are back? Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

The Tennant pic with his wife is adorable. Veddy nice!

Keanu's Sis/Half-Sis/Whatevs is a cutie. However, I am surrounded by a circle of friends who keep me immersed in way too damned much Keanu love. This blog tipped off my friends Kev and Syl that there's a new movie out and now I will have to spend this evening listening to them fight over who is the bigger hussy and will make Mister Reeves happier.

Ent, generally you are a spot of sunshine in my gray little world and I love you for it, but oy gevalt, bubehleh!