Friday, May 16, 2008

Cannes Photos - Day 3

Bono and Sean Penn -

Catherine Deneuve -

Petra Nemcova -

Jean Claude van Damme with wife, Gladys Portugues -

Morgan and Alex Spurlock -

Simon Pegg -

Gillian Anderson -
Denise Rich, Star Jones -

Lily Allen -

Mischa Barton -

Julianne Moore -


Ernestine said...

THANK YOU, most SPLENDID Enty, for posting that shot of Catherine Deneuve! I LOVE her. She's such a goddess!

I'm interested to see Mischa from the front, because...dare I say it? I don't entirely despise what she's wearing. For once.

Julianne Moore, if you're reading this blog (because don't you think a lot of celebs probably DO read this thing?) you are SUCH a gorgeous woman, and so talented, and I LOVE you. You and Jennifer Connolly need to seek the same kind of therapy, though, because you often clothe your lovely frames in such abominable attire.

nothingsacred said...

I adore Gillian Anderson. Seriously. her wardrobe is so awesome.
if i had her boobs, i'd wear that.

Bad Fish said...

Wow Gillian's dress, hair, and tits, all look AMAZING. LOVE that color of dress.

And I don't care what anyone says, I think Star looks fabulous.

I oddly like Mischa's dress, she looks pretty for once...

Lily Allen: complete sheep.

Harriet Hellfire said...


tania said...

I cracked up at the Penn & Bono pic - Bigfoot and Littlefoot!! ;-)

Hi Simon Pegg, nice to see you! Ditto Gillian Anderson.

Holy hell, that Denise Rich/Star Jones pic has far too many bright colours for my retinas.

Well done Mischa - that's how to cover up the cellulite. With a ton of shredded toliet paper!

donna said...

lol tania .. my first thought was that bono had frankenstein feet .. and I love Bono .. but, please .. my mom mom used to call shoes like that "polio shoes!"

Rebecca said...

I hate to say this, but I think Jean Claude has the "package".

Gillian Anderson is on FIYAH!

Mischa really does look cute.

Julianne is a total hottie. She's a brilliant actress and it's about time these assholes in the industry recognize her for it.
Where's her OSCAR????

I don't know what it is about Sean Penn, but I would do him HARD. He'll probably beat me HARD after tying me to a chair.

dancersmom said...

OMFG! I LOVE Gladys Portuguese. She was famous way before Jean-Claude. She was the most feminine and gorgeous female bodybuilder ever. She was on every Muscle Mag cover. Then she married him and gave it all up for him. She was his wife number 1 or 2 and he cheated on her so many times and remarried so many times. I can't believe they ended up back together. Also, did anyone see the after-party photos of Lily Allen. Her father had to carry her out, she was passed out. Another intervention needed!

Alan said...

sean penn and bono: matching clothes and self-righteousness. i know i'm gonna get some hate on that.

Sara said...

I'm thinking that poor Morgan Spurlock's wife looks TOTALLY humorless.

DNfromMN said...

Looks like Jean-Claude had a little botox... or maybe his hairline just receded.. looks freaky.

And he used to turn me on like no other. The sex scene in the one where he was twins (unfortunately not with himself) always got me in the mood. (TMI i know)

adrian said...

I think I look better standing next to Bono then Sean Penn. Maybe it's the lighting.

IndigoBiatch said...

I never realized that Bono was so short.

Dave said...

Nice lifts there Bono, is that from the Cruise collection?

dancersmom said...

Really Bono, look at those Herman Munster lifts he has in those shoes.

littleoleme said...

Dave - Cruise collection - brill man, brill.

Julianne - please dearest, you are so talented and smart - what the hell are you doing in that awful frocK? Ditto to the commenter who said you and Jennifer Conelly need a lesson on how to dress yourselves.

boobsu said...

Damn... Star got skinny!!! She has a nice bod!

Bally said...

The one photo that jumped out at me was the one of Catherine Deneuve. I couldn't help but notice she's holding her own umbrella.

When's the last time you saw a celebrity do that, let alone a legend?

Jewels said...

LMFAO @ Donna's 'Polio shoes' comment!

If you had told me that Star Jones had any kind of figure under all that, I would have guffawed my coffee out of my nose. I'm impressed with her progress. She seems to be settling into this body now, she was looking really weird for a while there with the super skinny face and neck and shoulders, and the rest of her just a little bit plump and soft. Looked soooo strange to me, like she was melting.

Amber said...

Nice lifts Bono. Gillian Anderson is so pretty :) Simon Pegg is my #1 ginger.

Reese said...

Gillian Anderson is my favorite faux-redhead (I'm a real one and normally loathe the bottle variety). She looks so much better as a fake redhead than she does as a natural dishwater blonde. Keep the color Gillian, even after the new movie is old news.

Julianne Moore is gorgeous and has the most beautiful hair, but that dress should be burned.

Grace said...

Thank you, dancersmom, for commenting on Gladys Portuguese! She was indeed a forerunner of today's female bodybuilders, who are now so grotesquely deformed from steroids and implants. In her day, women were not even allowed to pad their bathing suit bras!

She's forever gorgeous!

The Dude Abides said...

I hope the Nobel Committee doesn't withhold Bono's long-deserved Peace Prize because they see photos of those hideous shoes.

jenner said...

Alan said...
sean penn and bono: matching clothes and self-righteousness. i know i'm gonna get some hate on that.

11:48 AM

I SO AGREE. 100%. Not a fan of either. Ugh.

Petra Nemcova looks weird...not in a bad way, it's just her face doens't look like HER face...just me? LOL

Gillian Anderson DOES look gorgeous. Totally beautiful woman. :)

c17 said...

LOVE the back of Mischa's dress

Wish Lily would go back to her natural color - she looks better as a brunette. Kinda like how LiLo looks better as a redhead.

selenakyle said...

Love Bono's Herman Munster feet.

selenakyle said...

HaHaHA! Me & dancersmom must've been on the same wavelength.

cinnarose said...

Yay, thanks for the Gillian photo! Unless you seek them out (and I sometimes do) we rarely see her in the States anymore.

Please, sir, may I have some more? :D


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