Tuesday, July 08, 2008

50 Cent Wants Us To Know He's A Good Dad

50 Cent wants the world to know he isn't a bad dad and that he cares a bunch for his son. Uh huh. In an interview with MTV.com, Fiddy says that he's afraid all of this negative publicity has strained the relationship with his son. Oh realllllly? You don't think maybe the fact that you wanted to kick your son out of the house he had been growing up in and putting he and his mom out on the street had anything to do with it?

Maybe I'm an idiot. OK, don't answer that one. It seems to me though that if my dad wanted to basically make me and my mom homeless as well as my brothers and sisters that I might be feeling a little negative towards him. I don't think it has anything to do with mom and dad not getting along. That happens. What is unusual is that Fiddy has gone to great lengths to make sure that his son doesn't have a place to call home. Forget the fact that the kid has lived in the same house and gone to the same school and hung out with the same kids for as long as he can remember, 50 just wants him to know that he loves him.

Awww, isn't that nice. From what I remember, the restraining order that Fiddy's ex got against 50 Cent doesn't preclude 50 from seeing his son. Instead of actually seeing his son though or trying to contact him, he instead says things like "I think he doesn't want his mum to feel like he's a traitor. ...The time I spent away is the time he developed this thing he's afraid to break with her. There's nothing you can do about that. This is the toughest (thing I've had to face), because he's my motivation."

He thinks? What? He hasn't even tried to call his son? If he had, I think he would have said that he had called his son and was talking to him all the time and that his son just doesn't feel right about it right now. There is no such quote because I'm betting 50 hasn't even tried to call or get in touch. My guess is that 50 decided to use his ability to get an interview with MTV to spin his side of the story in the most possible light. Because of that you and I both know if he had spoken to his kid, he would have said it repeatedly. He didn't and his actions in that regard and that of trying to make his kid homeless show his real feelings and actions.

50 Cent has more money than almost anyone in the world and so what does it matter to him if he has to let his kid and ex stay in one of his homes? Would he even notice they are there? I'm sure the house is paid for, and he is going to have to pay support no matter what. So, what he is really showing the world is that he is a selfish ass who doesn't want to live up to the responsibilities he has brought upon himself. If he really wants to make things right and look good, he should run out and buy them a great house in the same neighborhood, do what he can to repair the relationship with his son, and then shut the hell up about it to the media.


kris said...

yeah, he's a real winner...I wonder who should get daddy douchebag award, Fiddy or Papa Lohan?


irishstayc2 said...

Oh Enty - just marry me ok?? All 400 basement dwelling pounds of you. This is what I have been saying for MONTHS!! And as a single mom whose ex decided to abandon his daughter when she hit puberty 2 years after we divorced I can relate to this crap.
(I shit you not...he couldn't handle her getting her monthly )

How anyone can abandon thier child just cause ... Jesus step the F' up and be a frickin man !!!

ok off my soapbox!

icywench said...

gotta throw pimpa joe in the running too.

Nicola said...

Sorry but I'm siding with 50 on this one.

If my ex had custody of my kid, and my child support payments (not spousal support) were going to feed the kid, the ex (cause she doesn't work) and new boyfriend and his kids (because the new guy didn't want to go to his nursing job),and his mother. I'd kick them the hell out of the house they were ALL staying in rent free too.

Sorry, child support is to pay for the child, not the a lazy-ass ex and her lazy loafing new boyfriend.

adrian said...

I'd like to be a fly on their wall--if they ever get a new wall-- on Father's Day.

irishstayc2 said...

Nicola - you r right child support is to pay for the child - but that iuncludes housing, utilities, food, clothes entertainment etc...

and while I don't condone the scenario you wrote about - the bottom line of this is that he isn't seeing,loving , supporting emotionally and just plain being a dad to the kid.

That is what I'm bitching about - and i think enty is too - it's not about the money it's about the LOVE

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Fiddy doesn't have a clue about being a Dad. He had no dad of his own and he was dealing drugs before he was teenager, and his mother was too.

Money can buy you a house but it can't buy you feelings and respectability. and once again, the kids lose...

Ayesha said...

This whole thing could have been avoided if this fuckhead had slapped a condom on his dick before banging some groupie.

I seriously cannot understand these women who think of children as their meal tickets. It makes me sick. And the men who get them pregnant are no better.

Ayesha said...

This whole thing could have been avoided if this fuckhead had slapped a condom on his dick before banging some groupie.

I seriously cannot understand these women who think of children as their meal tickets. It makes me sick. And the men who get them pregnant are no better.

Vanessa said...

Well, Isn't he giving his ex...6,500 -12,000 a month in child support.
Why should he pay for a place for them when he basically is giving his ex 60,000-144,000 a year....that like more than the average american income.

If Tameka can't get a place of her own with that money...than why should he shell out dollars.

Plus, the court told her that she should be paying rent....she wasn't.

I don't know any man who is willing to provide a home for his ex ...knowing that she is moving her boyfriend,her boyfriend friends, and her friends in the place.

He is paying child support...she is a dumbass if she can't use that money to find a place for them and a dumbass for not getting a job.

Jesse D said...

Nope, nope, nope. I see a few misinformed mr's and ms's out there, and I'd just like to correct.

Child support is NOT to support the child. I was informed of this on SEVERAL occasions, by DHS workers in three separate states. Child support is NOT to be counted as income, and PRP's (primary responsibility parents) are NOT to count this when making your monthly budget. Child support is considered EXTRA money. After all, you have to support your child whether or not your ex "better half" sperm donor piece of schit makes his monthly payment or not. I know of a couple of single mothers that received lump sums of past-due child support money and went on cruises, bought new cars, etc. They'd raised their children on the money they made alone, so this money was "bonus" money. Payback, if you will.

Back to the subject at hand. I'm sorry, you knock someone up and make a few mil? You're going to pay. And pay, and pay, and pay. Noone ever said life is fair. There are more deadbeat dads out there than rich superstars with loafing douchebag exes. That's the way the cookie crumbles. If he's so concerned with his relationship with his son, why has he not taken custody of his son and said "to hell with you" to his ex? He's certainly got the money. Cramp his lifestyle, much??

And irishstayc2, I totally feel your pain. I can be heard ranting about the downfall of society through the irresponsibility of our deadbeat parents once a month, when I have to go to court for one or the other of my babies' deadbeat dads.

Nicola said...

@ Jesse D

I hear you, but not once did he complain about paying her child support. She was getting $25K a month -he offered that up, it wasn't decided by a court AND she was getting free room and board.

Then the ding-a-ling went to court, probably 'cause some fool told her she was entitled to 1/3 of his income. When the judge heard all the evidence, he reduced her support to 12k and told her to pay rent AND get a job (and pay all legals).

If your getting free room and board, and 25k a month and you have your new boyfriend move in (who quit his job to live off of that money BTW), maybe you should just shut the hell up. Tameka didn't, and funny how quiet she got once the lawsuit was dropped on her ass.

Her lawyer probably hasn't been paid in a while, so he finally told her the truth instead of stringing her along...

Gayla said...

50 actually successfully had his child support payments reduced around the time he was trying to get his son and babymama out - I think to 2,000 or 2,500 a month (don't quote me on that though; I just remember that he got the payments reduced by more than half).

He's got one hell of a lawyer because frankly I've never heard of an instance where someone with that much income not only successfully got his/her child support cut drastically but were even able to demand rent from the very person to whom he or she is supposed to be paying child support.

There is a reason people who make more money pay more child support. Your child should theoretically be able to afford the same lifestyle you can. 50 can obviously afford a very nice lifestyle. Why can't his kid?

As someone else pointed out if he really cared that much about his son he could have easily gotten full custody and cut his babymama off financially and only allowing regular visits, if he is that concerned with her living the lifestyle too. Don't get me wrong, I think his baby-mama is as trife as he is. Like attracts like, after all. But that's no excuse to end up treating your kid like crap and then trying to act like you're sooooooo hurt by the fact that the two of you aren't close.

50 has gone so far out of his way to make sure Shaniqua (is that her name? I don't know but I'll stick with it) doesn't have anything that he can't see...may not even care...that his son is catching a lot of that too.

Gayla said...

There's a one missing from the front of my numbers. blah.

Gayla said...

@ nicola:

interesting. She's the doofus who took it to court? I thought he was the one who went to court because he found out about the boyfriend, which I thought was bitchy and possessive...he can go stick his thing in whatever but she has to sit on her cooch just because it's his house and he says so? If he'd used the angle of not wanting different men around his son he'd have an argument but I have a feeling that wasn't the least of his concerns.

jax said...

jaysus are you for real? 50 shouldn't pay becasue she has a new boyfriend? girl you need to read up on some shit becasue what you are talking is not right.

who gives a shit if she has 10 guys living there.. he is PAYING FOR HIS SON. i don't care how scandalous this bitch is 50 is still the douchebag not paying for a life he created. you need to meet some better quality men if you think this is normal.

abigail7881 said...

I think 50 should be paying support, but he shouldn't have to support his ex, her new man, and his family. Should the ex live on just what he pays her? Why can't she go out and get a job? It's what everyone else has to do. Hell, if I was getting 25g a month for my son, I wouldn't be saying anything about trying to increase the money. Just be grateful at what you are getting.

DetroitRocker said...

And irishstayc2, I totally feel your pain. I can be heard ranting about the downfall of society through the irresponsibility of our deadbeat parents once a month, when I have to go to court for one or the other of my babies' deadbeat dads.

Is it just me or do we see a pattern here. DEADBEAT DADS..One deadbeat dad is bad, but two? Time to get fixed or break the pattern of men you date. I figure any man or woman that doesn't want to take care of their children,can step in front of my car anytime. I can't understand anyone not wanting to support their children the best they can.

Jesse D said...

So wait a minute. I should get fixed because my children's dads are worthless? And who said I was dating them? Who said they were both my biological children? You don't know me or my situation. Time for you to step off before life smacks YOU in the ass for being a smug bastard.