Friday, August 29, 2008

First And Last Date

Carrie Underwood has been taking a lot of crap lately and deservedly so. I mean come on, she has got to be one of the most self absorbed, narcissistic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She loves herself so much that she cries when she has to go to sleep.

So, if you are Carrie and you take this crap, what do you do? You scream and yell at your manager, agent, publicists and Simon Cowell and tell them to get Michael Phelps' phone number. I mean why not right? Most famous man in the world right now. Then you start texting Michael and leading him on and saying that they should hook up in Nashville when he gets done doing what he is doing. When he agrees, then one of Carrie's people lets the National Enquirer know, who then report it breathlessly.

Please. This is just another put up job in a long line of put up jobs. I think the actual genre kind of jumped the shark at the Lisa Marie/Michael Jackson thing, and it has been moving fairly steadily downhill since. Actually, now that I think a moment, it is a put up job in the sense that Carrie knows it is fake, but Michael might think it is real. So, she is going to have to fake it for awhile. Not that she has a problem doing that.

Let me go out on a limb here. Michael Phelps will find some hottie to date but it will not be Carrie Underwood. Oh, sure she will hang out with him for a bit because she is a fame whore and will stick to him while he is in the spotlight. By about Christmas or when she exhausts all the magazine covers it will be bye bye Michael and back to loving herself to the point where I think she probably has had sex with her mirror.


Molly said...

i hate to say it but i know two students at u of mi and both of these girls say he's a tool. i like him so i hope it's bullshit.

Reese said...

Those inside the swimming world say Michael has had a girlfriend for some time now and that she is a non-celeb who is "a stunning brunette". Everyone who knows MP well says he's a great guy, so breathe easy Molly.

Give MP credit for being smart enough to know that everyone and their brother wants something from him now, especially women. He's not someone who is likely to hook up with a desperate narcissist. Besides, his mother has to pass muster on everything/everyone in his life and she's no fool either. Carrie Underwood won't be getting within spitting distance of MP anytime soon.

Quintessential Southerner said...

MP has one hell of a body. oh, the real deal is a brunette. GO BRUNETTES!!!

selenakyle said...

Y'all fill me in--what's so bad about Carrie Underwood?

I don't follow country music, so not sure why she's so detested...

Quintessential Southerner said...

from what i have gathered she is a witch. we'll see two or three albums down the road on how relevant she still is. winning AI could be a blessing or a curse.

click on the carrie underwood link to see other stories and comments.

jax said...

"She loves herself so much that she cries when she has to go to sleep"

LMAO. damn thats good for friday.

captivagrl said...

sorry, thought phelps was gay.

Molly said...

reese, glad to hear that. maybe these two girls are just jealous.

captivagirl, really? no. the diver from australia, matt mitchum is tho. so glad he won and good for him for coming out.

Judi said...

I think Lainey has some photos of MP with his girlfriend posted in the last few days, or last week. She's gorgeous. Much better looking than CU.

bionic bunny! said...

another site also posted that lilo had been after him.
yeah, i know.
and molly, sometimes athletes in training act like tools.
my experience is water polo teamers are tools, they are hot, they know it, and they don't train as long and as hard (okay, not always true) and the girls love 'em.
unless you know enough to call their bluff, then they are usually okay guys.
listen to me. i haven't been on a team for, um, too long to mention in polite company.
so nevermind!!

featherbell said...

Hey, reese! I hope you're right, too. He seems like a decent guy, and now an Olympic luminary; the thought of him dating the Sharon Stone of country music makes me gag.

Molly said...

bionic bunny, go ahead and mention it anyways..rofl.

he really seems too nice to be a tool, doesn't he? a couple of those gymnastics guys, on the other hand came off like big jerks but maybe getting all pumped up for the olympics does that.

and i loved debbie phelps! poor mama phelps looked like she was going thru hell during some of those races.

shakey said...

"... the Sharon Stone of country music"

Let's give featherbell a round of applause for that one. Well done!

Once MP is finished basking in the limelight, he'll get back to training. I imagine glory in the pool is much more important than SSofCM's glory hole.

I bet that SNL episode will suck.


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