Friday, August 15, 2008

Must Have Been One Hell Of A Bite

Ever since I posted that photo of LisaRaye McCoy-Misick, I have to tell you I have been fascinated with the amount of hedonism involved in her marriage. You have the husband, who is the Premier of Turks & Caicos who apparently finds a new woman to bed every night, and then you have LisaRaye who from my vantage point appears to be even more greedy than Heather Mills at an ATM.

The latest confrontation between the couple occurred on Wednesday night. Depending on which story you believe, either LisaRaye and two other people attacked a security guard, forced their way into the house where she had previously lived and where her husband was entertaining his sister, and then beat the crap out of both of them before taking everything they could grab and leaving.

The LisaRaye version says essentially the same thing.

The LisaRaye publicist version who also happened to be there says LisaRaye was sitting quietly in her home when someone bit her. Uh huh. Both LisaRaye and her soon to be ex were both hospitalized as a result of their injuries. That is some kind of a bite. Must have been a Chupacabra.
Someone with some actual journalism skills needs to go spend some time down there and dig some stuff up because I have to tell you that this is gold. I can imagine sex, drugs, affairs, heads of state, and lots and lots of biting.


Mooshki said...

Chupacabra! Seriously, aren't human bites worse for you than most animal? This does sound like an amusement goldmine.

jax said...

not to mention he was linked to the girl who was murdered at Lil Kim's party a few weeks ago...interesting.

not a famous adrian said...

Yes, people always enter my home just to bite me. Is that wrong?

Mooshki said...

Adrian, depends... Need further details.

not a famous adrian said...

Just when I am sitting quietly in my home, random people come in and bite me also.

Actually, I have had strange people walk in--now I always lock the screen.
Once it was a woman holding a sheet cake looking for a party, another time a piano teacher looking for a student, a man down the block trying to see whose NY Post was blowing down the street--
neer rang my bell--just walked right in until I screamed.

Mooshki said...

Did you confiscate the cake?

My brother had a drunk guy walk into his house a couple of months ago at around 4am. The guy didn't speak any English, and my brother only speaks a tiny bit of Spanish, so it took him a while to herd the guy out. :) No bites, thank goodness.

not a famous adrian said...

Actually I screamed & pushed her out the door with her cake.
My next door neighbor was having a party in her backyard with lights, music, about 100 people, & this idiot comes into my house which was dark, because we were all in the den watching a movie!

donna said...

too funny .. my ex once walked into our neighbors house after being out "with the boys" .. dont think he realized it until he hopped into bed with ole lillian and she was willing to give him a little drunk love .. hahaha

jax said...

my dad was on the couch with his hand petting the dog off tot he side once when the dog walked in from the other side of the room.

it turned out my dad was petting the neighbors ferret! lol.

p m said...

yeah, that's why I've been missing... W. Bush bit me something terrible! I've been in recovery for weeks.

This story is just TOO weird, I agree.

BTW - yes, I'm back! I've successfully moved and finally have a working internet connection.


Mooshki said...

Jax - LOL! I think "petting the neigbor's ferret" needs to be a euphamism for some kind of sexual act.

Welcome back, PM!