Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh? You Meant The Real Gun

Want to see what happens when a client doesn't follow the lead of the publicist? A publicist who can lie really, really well. So, remember last month when Jerry Lewis was arrested for having a gun in his bag as he tried to board the plane?

Well, his publicist at the time swore up and down that the gun, was in fact a prop, and was hollowed out, couldn't be fired and was used in Jerry's stage act.

Well, Jerry must not pay attention because he told Entertainment Tonight, "Oh, I had a gun in my carrying case, which was given to me by a marvelous, marvelous engraver. Last year, at the telethon of '07, he presented me with this gorgeous gift. He presented it to me in the telethon office in '07. I put it in that traveling case, and I hadn't traveled since that telethon 'til that day."

Uh oh. You can hear the gurgling sound of the publicist when they see that going out on the air. A nice ten second break, and then the ringing of the telephone wanting a clarification. A quick swig of Pepto, a curse at clients in general, a smile, and picking up the call to say this.

"There was a prop gun in Lewis' baggage besides the handgun that was given to Lewis as a gift. I did not previously know about the gift and did not know which gun, the gift or the prop, police confiscated."

At which point someone called the police who said, "if it was a prop, then it wouldn't be a weapon, now would it?"

I'm just waiting for Jerry to give another interview to talk about the grenade launcher that he had in the bag as well. The publicist would say something like, "oh sure, I knew about the grenade launcher. Jerry has had that forever. The reason I didn't mention it previously was that it isn't a gun and you had asked me about a gun."
I am also cynical enough to think this is all one big publicity stunt to get people to watch the telethon which is in a couple of weeks. Jerry knows he would get arrested, but there is no way they are going to send him to jail for it. Meanwhile he gets free publicity, gets on Entertainment Tonight and gets talked about for a month or so. I thought it was interesting that the gun was given to him at the telethon last year which allowed him to say the word telethon twice and when it was. Also, guns are not exactly the first gift one thinks of when going to a MDA telethon.
"Honey, what did you get for when you meet Jerry Lewis?"
"I got em a gun. Polished it up real pretty."


Mooshki said...

"I am also cynical enough to think this is all one big publicity stunt..."

And we play right along with them, don't we? :) Damn my bottomless craving for dumb gossip.

j said...

Everybody got it wrong. The standard defense is that the maid packed the bags and the person did not know the gun was there.

Little Blue Pill said...

Am I wrong in thinking that publicists are just high paid glorified liars? How can someone feel good about making a living by covering up, making excuses and spinning lies all day? Seriously. I don't know whether to be amazed or disgusted by that "profession."

mags said...

just a little edit...

Marvelous, marvelous engraver's wife says: "Honey, what did you get for when you meet Jerry Lewis?"

Marvelous, marvelous engraver says: "I got em a gun. Polished it up real pretty and some marvelous engraving too!"

Good stuff!

j said...

Whatever, Lewis still raises millions for charity. Which one of us can claim that?

Mooshki said...

"Whatever, Lewis still raises millions for charity. Which one of us can claim that?"

Nigel Lythgoe. Great company. :)

Ayesha said...

Publicist: That is one job you couldn't pay me enough to do.

And I know there is the argument that he raises money for charity, but that isn't a free pass. Who assumes it's okay to bring a gun on a plane? Someone who is crazy or someone who thinks they are special enough to get away with it.

Shit, I can't bring a bottle of SUNSCREEN through security.

j said...

Who assumes it's okay to bring a gun on a plane?

He said that when he was presented with the gun a year ago, he put it in his travel case, and did not use the travel case for almost a year. The impression is that he forgot the gun was in the case. So, you can't assume that he thought it was okay to bring a gun on a plane because based on his statement, you can't assume that he was aware that it was in the case when he brought it on the plane. In LA, they use to dismiss those type of charges or reduce them to disturbing the peace -- even for the not so rich and famous.

Mooshki said...

J, does he realize that makes him sound even more irresponsible? Not keeping track of where his gun is?

Sexecution said...

I wonder how much of the money he raises actually goes to MDA reseach, now that is cynical!

Does anyone else wonder if Ent will ever give out some of the blind items about Jerry, who is supposed to be an absolutely horrible person. Oh the stories that will come flooding out after he passes to that great telethon in the sky.

Eeny Beeny said...

A good publicist (like me!) will always tell the truth, no matter how embarassed/pained/pissed off the client will be. It will be much, much worse if you lie and then the truth comes out. And it WILL come out. Ask John Edwards.

And yes, Jerry is a 100% certified jerk (I know someone who has spent time around him), but in 2006 the MDA spent nearly $150 million, or about 77% of what was raised, on their various programs to help "Jerry's Kids" and others.

Pauly's Arch Nemesis said...

I will start by saying that I have Muscular Dystrophy, and that MDA has been wonderful to my family and I over the years. They bend over backwards for those of us who can't.

...That said, Jerry Lewis (a great fund raiser) is bat sh#& crazy. Every year it's something new, last year didn't he say some ridiculous comment about Merv Griffin after he died? I just hope it brings in viewers to the telethon!