Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Photos Part One

Ernest Borgnine gets the top spot because hey, it's Ernie. In his book he writes about longing for the days when he was in the navy sailing the world, eating cheap food and the comparative cost of hookers in the 1930's and today. He looks pretty good for 90 years old.
I don't know how Aubrey O'Day ended up this high in the photos. I did think she deserved to be in them today though because she actually got dressed.
So, these guys said they found Big Foot and two of his brothers but only managed to kill this one. They found him in Georgia and are currently keeping his body in their freezer. Their kids haven't been wanting ice cream as much lately for some reason.

I don't really care about Alice Dellal and I don't think you should either. I just love when celebrities get drunk and fall down. Oh, and I love the flowerpots.
This almost made the top spot. This is a 100 meter long bar, and as you can see, after drinking at each meter, Mark Lewis-Francis is crawling. Or it could be that he is a sprinter and and posing for the camera. I prefer the crawling version. Margaret Cho is looking really good here.
This is Josh Henderson and Andrea Bowen. It's the new way to make sure you have safe sex.
David Beckham is going to be the surprise guest at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I know, I know, but the million reports all say it is a surprise. So, when you see him, act surprised.

I think Chase Masterson is the original Nordic Track model. Was that the first infomercial? I'm trying to remember the first infomercial I saw.
I think that watching ten or fifteen episodes of Blind Date has made me a dating expert. In my opinion, Chanel Iman and Ryan Leslie will not be getting naked in the hot tub later. Actually naked in the hot tub is more of an Elimidate thing or 5th Wheel. 5th Wheel is really just porn disguised as a dating show. Whenever you have enough material to release 10 DVD's worth of nudity from your dating show, then you know it really is porn.
There is love right there in that smile.
I thought Bijou Phillips and Danny Masterson were done. Guess I was wrong.
Killswitch - Wiesbaden

Who here thinks Ty Murray wears cowboy boots and a hat to bed? They are on a beach in the Bahamas and he has the full regalia on. His belt buckle reads, "I'm gonna git some tonite."
First time appearance for Gunner Wright.
Good Charlotte - Toronto
Guess Ed Westwick is enjoying the company of older men now.

Marcus Schenkenberg without a shirt. You love me yet?
You can't see it because of the angle but Mariah Carey is handing Nick Cannon his list of chores for the day. When he finishes he gets his allowance.
LeAnn Rimes - Dallas
Lucy Davis and no wedding ring.
So, what do you do if you are Lake Bell and you seem to be stuck and can't quite get higher up the list as an actress? You write a script and make your own film. I heard it is really good.

The impossibly gorgeous couple of the day is Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy. Yes, it is Scoot.
The US Men's Gymnastics team.
If you want furniture shaped like tennis balls, Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi have a deal for you.
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Miami
You know that I am one of maybe four people in the world who think Nicola Roberts is attractive, but this wig has got to go.


not a famous adrian said...

Mariah needs a little support there. I wonder if she is possibly pregnant.

Mooshki said...

You must've cheered up, Enty, 'cause these are damned funny. :)

Aw, Ernie looks so happy! I guess he doesn't mind paying today's prices.

It would figure if someone did find Big Foot that they'd kill him. People suck. (Not CDANers.)

Next "Your Turn" posting: "your first infomercial." News story: Interpol looks into worldwide mass suicides.

I love Zahara. (And all the rest of their brood.)

"You love me yet?"

Do you really have to ask? Now get him in FFF and we'll worship you.

Good for Lake Bell - I want her to do well.

Hey, speaking of Olympic Gymnastics, did you guys read the story that pretty much confirms the Chinese girls are underage?

Stephen said...

What's up with the Masterson brothers and their stupid hats.

Quintessential Southerner said...

i see that mariah has gained some weight back. she looks good, but fad diets don't work. ...and don't forget her liposuction. oprah knew her ass was lying.

Ernestine said...

Awww, come on, now. I like Jewel's wedding picture! And at least she and her husband waited longer than, say, six weeks after they began boinking to tie the knot. They've been together for about a decade or some crap, right? Hell, I think those crazy kids are gonna make it!

Mariah is droopy. Not much else you can say about that subject. And what the hell does Nick Cannon DO? Why is he FAMOUS?

God, I LOVE Zahara! Blinding teeth! Gorgeous!

"Hi, my name is Gwen and I'm here to WAAAAAAAAAAARSH your vaGINA."

Sorry, but I absolutely ADORE Margaret Cho, and that's the first thing that pops in my head whenever I see a picture of her.

Quintessential Southerner said...

the only thing that i know of is that nick produced that show on mtv. it was a popular and successful comedy skit type of show. he also had 'drumline' which was good.

this is just mere publicity for him, but it will come at a hefty price like katie holmes.

califblondy said...

I love Jewel and Ty's wedding picture too. Very nice.

Note to Mariah: There is such a thing as a wonder bra-type bikini top. Look into it. My boobs almost touched my chin when I wore one.

Everything I read says Zahara is the real character of the family. She's such a doll.

jax said...

Ernie borg says beating the meat keeps him young! wow El you're going live forever!!!

I lvoe Jewels wedding pic..its perty.

goddamn Becks is foin.

fucking asshats, just cuz you find a 'bigfoot' doens't mean you kill it you gun happy fucks. i hope it turns out to be a man and they get charged with murder.

Katy said...

This may be the inbred Texan in me, but I don't mind Ty Murray's boots and cowboy gear at all. I think it's much better than, say, what Good Charlotte is wearing two pics down. Better to be your own person than a wannabe douche.

And can we please get Raj from the gymnastics team in FFF? Dayum.

Production Girl said...

Zahara is gorgeous!!! She is much cuter in person. Maddox is another major cutie. I didn't get to see the other 2 kids tho....well 4 now, I guess.

Mariah with all the money you have you can't buy a nice bikini top with good support?

I like the Jewel wedding pic.

the Alice Dellal pic is really funny with them flower pots.

bitchface said...


1. Aubrey is the same color as the "3" in the backdrop behind her. Her dress matches the MTV. She's a heinous wildebeast no matter what she wears, and i pity her for that.

2. ty murray: hope ya didn't actually pay a florist for that thing.

3. clearly marcus should have loaned his shirt to mariah.

4. dont know who the fuck lake bell is but she looks fierce.

5. scoot mcnairy isn't hairy; scoot scoot likes it up the poop shoot. he's like an anorexic bad toupee version of matthew broderick (not that matthews toupee is so amazingly lifelike...) impossibly gorgeous, ent???? i did love you, then you said this, so now you're on probation. Forgiveness is available - if i can see jason bateman's peen tomorrow.

the chick however, is fairly delicious except for the third breast located right above her right hip.

k thanks.

Big Sur Expedition 2008! said...

Oh katy, I hope you're not saying that every cowboy wannabe is their own person... Ty can because he's an actual rodeo clown or whatever but the guys I knew growing up just wore ropers and listened to country because their friends did.

WTF? I am like the comment police today. Sorry all...don't pay any attention to me.

nunaurbiz said...

Now with the release of the official Jewel N Ty "After 10 years of living together here's the wedding picture from a ceremony that we didn't ask ANY of our relatives to attend and Oh, by the way, it's really just a coinkydink that Jewel's new single is titled 'I Do" photo ...

Let the breakup stories begin!!!!!

Can't believe it took Jewel a decade to talk him into such a stunt! He must be getting old....

And about the men's gymnastics team, um, could they look any gayer?

I can't WAIT to be surprised to see Becks at the closing ceremony!!!!

mags said...

Ernie looks like he's keeping himself very happy.

Ed Westwick is smarmy.

I like the photo of Jewel & Ty. and there's nothing wrong with playing cowboy at bedtime. boobs hurt just seeing yours like that.

Not familiar with Gunner Wright, but he's kind of cute.

I love the flower pots. I don't like Big Foot Killing Freezer Keepers.

Love the pic of Zahara-great smile.

Grace said...

Alice Dellal starring in the real-life story of Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole.

classalpha said...

... I just realized that ALL OF the women on this Random Photos page are homely at best... fugly at worst... and that 'DEAD' fake "Bigfoot" still looks better than the lot of 'em. Where did all the GOOD LOOKING WOMEN in Hollywood go?

Katy said...

Big Sur--of course not! I knew plenty of "ropers" back in school who did just because they thought kenney chesney was the coolest thing ever (God have mercy on their souls). My point was that if we are going to pick on someone for their fashion sense, I think we should choose a target who deserves it more than someone who is actually a cowboy for a living.

I must have blocked out the Bigfoot pictures earlier, because that is the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. You know that after they get their requisite fame and fortune from the pics, there is going to be a Bigfoot BBQ.

I just made myself throw up. Sorry.

Mooshki said...

Katy, that was horrible, but it made me lol. :)

Sara said...

I know they are all, like, 17, but those "men's" US gymnasts are just, uh, not appealing.

Katy said...

Glad you were able to get laugh out of it, mooshki. :)

califblondy said...

Katy, I was just thinking....

Big Foot: It's what's for dinner.

Big Foot: The other white meat.

Big Foot Helper: One pan, one happy family.

Mooshki said...

I'm joining Big Sur on the comment police force. :) Complaining that the gymnasts look gay is not good. Also, since most of them look about 12 years old to me, any comments on their attractiveness really squick me out!

RagDoll said...

Mooshki: I would totally try and teach Bigfoot how to drive my teeny, stick shift Chevy for fun, which is not as bad a fate as shooting. I'd probably also try to get him (her?) drunk....but not at the same time

Quintessential Southerner: right ON re: Mariah and the fad diet & the lipo!! I'm w/you, Oprah KNEW that was bunk!!

Thanks, Jewel & Ty for the wedding decor inspiration!! Except for me, less cowboy, less dead tree, moe candles. Woot.

CalifBlondy: ONE pan? Maybe one big, giant Paella pan. BigFoot Paella?

Katy said...

Califblondy, I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!

How much do you think a pound of Bigfoot is at the store, anyway? Of course, you want organic, free-range Bigfoot; it's just so much more humane.

gossip said...

Andre and Steffi = pure class. Enough said. :)

lachickforever said...

Zahara is sooo cute with her little baby arms and baby smile.

I know it's been said before a thousands times but they need to get someone to brush her hair better. Not talking about her, just her parents.

Lake Bell's waist is sooo tiny, lucky lady.

Leann Rimes is seeming kind of hot.

Chanel Iman looks VERY uninterested.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Ernie is 90? Shit, good for you old man!

I feel like I just got a scorching case of herpes by just looking at that pic of Aubrey O'Day.

Big Foot? ewwww.


Brad=yummiest of them all. The kid is cute too.

Masterson looks like he doesn't even want to touch Bijou. Pic looks odd.

Jewel's pic is nice but I still don't give a shit about her.


Mariah Carey=definitely has packed on a few. You can tell she had the lipo heavy in the gut cause she bloated up elsewhere. Meaty arms there. She needs them boobs lifted next time she goes back for some lipo.

Dan said...

Is Mariah ever photographed candidly without a glass of champagne in her hand?

Rhianna said...

Okay Ent 2 requests. Lay off the cowboys. We all know he's not going up Brokeback with anyone but us Texans are a little attached to him and his new wife. Cowboys look funny without the hat, jeans and boots. You ever seen one without their hat? They're normally balding, it's a trade secret. ;)

Second, he's a totally committed gay man but maybe you can dig up some shirtless pics of John Barrowman? He's a yummy piece of ass, even if he'd never swing straight. :D

trashtalker said...

The Margaret Cho line that I always think of: "STICK IT IN!" She looks good body-wise, but not fashion-wise (she tends to look like she just rolled out of bed). Looks like she's a good weight. Hope she's not driving herself nuts trying to stay that thin.

Lake Bell, on the other hand, has a cute outfit on, but she's entirely too skinny. :(

If Ernie can still wack it at 91, then good for him.

Zahara is lucky she's cute. Isn't she a little troublemaker, smacking Shiloh around?

crichmond1000 said...

So that last picture is a real person? Hm. said...

Actually, I think Ty is probably the one who tamed Jewel. She was quite outspoken about sleeping with whoever she wanted back in the day. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harriet Hellfire said...

I'm going to see Margaret here in a few weeks!

Mooshki said...

Ragdoll, I LOVE teeny stick shift cars. My heart still breaks every time I think of my VW Rabbit. I still regret junking it, even though the engine was just holding on to the frame by a few rusted threads. I saw one once with a plywood sheet bolted under the car to keep the parts from falling out, and I thought "why didn't I think of that?" :) My kid brother is 6'4", so if he could drive my car, I'm sure Big Foot could manage it.

Speaking of strange meat (hee!), I had Yak at a Tibetan restaurant a couple of weeks ago, and it was really yummy!

Mooshki said...

Since today's strip is semi-related to the Olympic picture, I'm going to take the opportunity to plug my favorite comic strip, Sheldon.

sheetrock said...

Bigfoot huh? Is this from the same dork that had "video" of an alien peeking in his window? Total Nutjob!

Dead Kennedy said...

I masturbated into my Depends to that photo of Lake Bell. She is the shit!

Jack was iced by the mob because Bobby double crossed them. Bobby was iced by Ethel for fucking around on her. Bobby iced Marilyn Monroe after he knocked her up because the cunt threatened to tell Ethel. Rosemary's frontal lobes were iced by Dad in one of his little "experiments" gone bad.

And I iced that cunt Mary Jo K. because the bitch threatened to tell Joan. Stupid cunt could swim, but I held her fucking head under water until she shit in the water and then died.

And I now return to my regularly scheduled programming of drooling uncontrollably and soiling my Depends. Because I'm Dead Kennedy and, like Rosemary, I am fucking brain damaged. Can a brain damaged vegetable be sued for libel?