Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Photos Part One

I think that it kind of goes without saying that if you get Ellen Burstyn and Susan Sarandon in the same photo, there is some kind of imperative to make sure they get the top spot.
Dredg - Aschaffenburg, Germany

Hey, the photo made me smile, and apparently Brendan Fraser made Luke Ford smile as well.
Wow. I don't think it is Alexis' good looks that are getting the guys, so I hope he didn't get that peen chopped off.
Ashanti - Los Angeles
There just seems like there is something off about Annette Bening. Love her, but something seems different.
Speaking of different, Jennifer Lopez goes for the Beyonce look.

I think this is one of the first pap photos of Jonah Hill I have seen.
You know. I told myself I was not going to post any more photos of Heidi and Spencer, but come on. How can you pass up this shot which you know they planned in advance.
George Daniels - Chicago
Venice in late summer is incredible. Throw in Eva Herzigova and it just gets that much better.
I have come to the conclusion, that while Michael Jackson is in face a pervert, I don't think he is as crazy as people think. I mean I think he acts that way so he can go shopping in a tuxedo jacket and pajamas. Wouldn't we all like to do that? With him it is normal.

Maria Conchita Alonso is the one who should be ashamed. Maybe she is going to act out Gladiator at home later or something.
Lee England Jr. - Chicago
Jesse Spencer in his first appearance to the photos. I think.
Jaclyn Smith at the Shear Genius party celebrating the winner. Notice I didn't say the winner just in case you are going to try and watch the whole season on TiVo or something.

Do you think Nina Garcia signs all her letters and checks and autographs with an "N" like that?

Just because I like typing in the name Nas. Sure, I type in nasty, but never got to type in Nas.
The gratuitous Olympians of the day today belong to Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.
Where else are you going to see Matthew Modine and Angela Bassett?
Mario Lopez and his friends out and about looking for homeless people to torture.
Whether you see Rashida Jones after being away for two days or two weeks, this is the reaction you get.

Didn't realize that Rihanna was 8 feet tall. Guess she won't be marrying Tom Cruise.
This is the best I have seen Rebecca Gayheart look in a very long time.
"I f**ked the entire crew and all they gave me was this hat."
I think it has been like two weeks without Neil Patrick Harris in the photos. That is much too long.
It has also been forever since I had Stacy Keibler in here. Of course it has also been forever since she had a career, so I think we are even.

If I only have to see Star Jones every few months I can handle it. If I had to actually live with her or something, I would probably die.
Because of the delicate condition of Samaire Armstrong, and because I am happy to see her, I will at this time refrain from commenting on what she is wearing.
Hey Rachael. I heard Oprah gets pretty pissed when you say that to her.
Rachel Leigh Cook and Alan Cumming. I wonder how many orgasm jokes he hears a day?
It's a Zooey.

And this is why Whitney Cummings doesn't get to walk very many red carpets.
Over or Under. Valentino's shoes $5000.
Interesting choice here. Anne Hathaway and Tim Daly. Apparently they got along very well.
Because he let her borrow his pants.


cinephan said...

I'm pretty sure Alexis is pre-op, so yes his humongous cock should still be intact.

Ayesha said...

Jonah Hill makes me want to throw up.

Is Heidi Montag fucking SERIOUS??? Aside from Phoebe Price, I have never seen someone pose so obviously and so ridiculously.

Rashida Jones has the most gorgeous skin.

kris said...

does Jaclyn Smith EVER age? JFC she's STILL gorgeous.

Harriet Hellfire said...

What is the deal with Alexis Arquette's lower lip???

No double meaning here...just the lower lip on her face.

Quintessential Southerner said...

want to know something else?

micahel jackson is broke and his so called voice, that you hear on tv, etc., is FAKE.

Dave said...

I just shocked that Ellen Burstyn is looking better than Sarandon these days.

I never noticed what a chubby chipmunk Rachael Ray has become.

palealebrew10 said...

A friend of mine went to high school with Heidi. He said she was damn annoying back then, too.

Molly said...

enty, i think annette bening's hair is making her look different.

i'm so happy misty may-treanor is going to be on dancing with the stars. it almost makes up for that skanky ass kardashian ruining the show with her ass.

i love angela basset and rashida jones!!!

star jones and rachel ray? you hate us, don't you?

tim daly?? he's mine, bitch! back away and nobody gets hurt.

Molly said...

q. southerner, tell us more about the voice thing.

tania said...

Yes Ent, it's nice to see Neil Patrick Harris. Yay for Dr Horrible!

DNfromMN said...

I miss Wings... so yay for Tim Daly.

Zooey's always welcome.

In that outfit, I don't think anyone will be Cumming, Alan.

The promo shots for Dirty Sexy Money came out today, Samaire didn't have any solo shots. Her hair looks cute there.

Nina might be a bitch, but I love her.

Annette looks good, and like she's not botoxed to hell and back. Age gracefully, chickypoo.

Quintessential Southerner said...

i was told that at one point bobby brown was trying to holla at janet jackson, but mikey was not having it. mikey called up bobby and threatened him. yes, threatened him and to top it off his voice was very masculine.

the jacksons are very talented and SREWED UP. latoya and rebbie may be the only normal ones.

janet is very nasty and loves her drugs. but she has the most wealth as of right now.

mikey does not have vitilago (sp?). he is color struck and does not like his heritage.

it's all an image.

CarolMR said...

Susan Sarandon is not 20 years old anymore. She needs more support under the Verrazano Bridge!

Molly said...

q.s., masculine voice? the whole thing is a put on? what a phony.

the rest of it i knew, but i wouldn't call latoya normal. rebbie maybe. not latoya. she's just as screwed up as the rest of them are.

califblondy said...

Molly, meet me under the monkeybars after school we're going to have to fight for Tim!

I think Annette's longer hair changes her entire face, but I'm always thinking Ent is giving hints with his comments, so who knows?

Post-op, pre-op, whatev, Alexis used to look so nice. Must be an off day with the make-up.

During the first season of Shear Genius I thought Jaclyn Smith looked flawless. As time went on though her face got more botox'd by the week. She still looks good though and I love it when she makes a bitchy comment because she was always the "sweet" one.

Speaking of bitchy comments, I love Nina Garcia. She's great on Project Runway.

Rhianna said...

Every time I see Zooey, all I can think is ZOOey. That and her parents are idiots and can't spell. She's a great actress (ever seen Tin Man from Sci-Fi it's a great mini). I like both the Deschanel sisters. And yes, I know it came from a Salinger novel and it's still dumber than dirt to me.

Alexis is, well, scary. The only other word that springs to mind is frightening. It's not like those Arquettes are normal but sHe's out there even by their standards.

Jungle007 said...

Who exactly does Alexis think he's fooling?? That would be unpleasant to wake up next to in the morning....
"rise and shine cookie!!" :)

Anette does look off... i'm thinkin flat hair/ lack of lipstick...

Even tho her voice makes my skin crawl, Jlo looks ok after having twins. I can't hate on that. I CAN hate on the fact that she's rich enough to afford a trainer, chef, and lipo, so.... F-U Jlo.

Jonah Hill is a f-ing hilarious man-child.

Ms. Alonso's sandals are also f-ing hilarious. Cripes.

Mario's gal-pal looks like she's just so damn excited to be with him while the paps snap away.

Barf on rhianna.

Rebecca Gayheart looks anorexic... i thought she was so gorg back in the urban legends and jawbreaker days!

Star Jones is frightening. good 4 her 4 the weight loss... but damn. something went wrong there.

Samaire`s upper body is weirding me out. I really don`t get what i`m looking at...

Rachel Ray is a troll on speedballs...

Whitney Cummings, that`s quite the pose there...

Val`s shoes-OVER!

Hathaway`s in here too often--- YAWWWWNNNNN!!!!

Reese said...

No good excuse for not having Jesse Spencer on before; we should be seeing a lot of him.

I agree with the thought that Annette Benning's too long, stringy hair is not helping her at all. She's always looked too matronly, I hope she doesn't think this ragged hair gives her the illusion of youth.

Ellen Burstin does look better than Susan Sarandon. Susan definitely needs a better bra and less schlumpy hair.

Jaclyn Smith's plastic surgeon is a genius; she looks amazing, not "fixed".

Don't know what Tim Daly is doing, but he looks great for a mid-50s guy.

Please, please, please Enty; in the name of all that is good and worthwhile in life, no more Speidi-EVER!!

Molly said...

califblondy, can we share? i loved tim daly on wings. why hasn't he done anything lately? or has he and i missed it? i was always suprised he was never in any leading man roles.

Emobacca said...

Tim Daly had a very memorable recurring role on The Sopranos

Carrie said...

Michael Jackson looks like he has
AIDS. He has that 'wasting look' in his face and if he didn't have the chin implants it would be verrrry noticeable. He is extremely thin and quite bizarre looking.
The whole family is messed up and a prime example of how greed, fame and wealth ruins people. Lots of sick secrets in that family and money to keep them hidden.
Annette looks a little 'dykie' to me these days.

Ernestine said...

Ellen Burstyn is such a gorgeous woman, and she was PHENOMENTAL as the pill-popping memaw in Requiem for a Dream -- still one of the absolute most disturbing movies EVER. That's an anti-drug PSA if ever I saw one.

And Susan = love. That should go without saying.

J-Lo looks fat. Hear that? You're FAT, J-Lo. FAT.

Eva looks redonkulous.

Molly said...

emobacca, we don't get hbo. i'll rent it from netflix just to watch my man tim tho. thnx for the info.

Little Blue Pill said...

Annette Bening..mmmm don't think it's the hair. She looks refreshed like she just came back from vacation. Although I don't think what she went thru to look like she went on vacation was much of a vacation.

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Y'all can have Tim, I'll take Jesse. Damn he is smokin' hot. It is a crying shame for the straight ladies that NPH is gay. That just isn't right.

Susan Sarandon looks like shit. Hope it's just a bad pic. Love Ellen Burstyn.

Alexis! WTF did you do to your lower lip? You are lookin' haggard around the eyes girl. Get some sleep.

I think Annette is botoxed to the hilt. That hair style is doing nothing for her.

Jonah Hill=<3

I'd like to put Speidi and Michael Jackson (throw in Jessica Biel for shits and giggles) in a short bus and then run that short bus off a cliff. Spencer can drive.

Jaclyn Smith made a deal with the devil. Trust that. LOL

Mario Lopez? You can throw him on that short bus too. Asshole.

Rihanna- love her. She has perfect skin and a great body.

Rebecca Gayheart looks great. I loved her back in the 90210 days before they killed her. ::tear::

The rest I don't care enough to comment. LOL

Q.S.--I don't doubt that Jackson info for a second. I had heard about Michael having a deep voice and the whole vitaligo thing being bullshit. Heard about Janet being a bitch but didn't know she was on dope. Makes sense. Coke I would assume? Rebbie is the only one that is close to sane and I'm sure she's a little bat shit herself. It seems that no one is spared in that family.

link88 said...

Ernestine, how fast and how much weight did you lose after having twins? Oh, you never had twins. Then don't harshly judge women who work to get their pre-baby bodies back!

Tim Daly is one of the sexiest men alive, no doubt. I loved him all the way back in "Diner."

Anon said...

Link88, bwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Old Ernestine is just pissing off people left and right here with the obnoxious thoughts she just has to share, isn't she?

dutch said...

Matthew Modine.....Sigh.

ClaireFrasier said...

WHO is this: Jesse Spencer

WOW! he's gorgeous!


both of these of FFF, at some point in time, please....

Ernestine said...

link88, I will never have anything positive to say about J-Lo ever. And I've pissed you off before and haven't really cared, and I definitely don't care now.


Same goes for you, Anon. Glad you only post when you feel like dissing someone! There you go, being interesting and useful again!

jlb said...

Thank Zeus there are no more Pitt/Clooney pictures - nice couple sure, but geeesh.

Star Jones' mouth scares me. She's like a praying mantis.

Two of my daughters are Jonas Brother freaks. Blech.

I never realized AB had such a long face before...maybe she always had bangs?

Jazz hand. LOL

I missed Alexis's lip and only noticed the pearl necklace. LMAO

stina said...

1. Lovely to see Susan Sarandon looking like a completely normal aging woman.

2. What the h**l is Alan Cumming wearing?

3. I want to see Neil Patrick Harris in every photo, every day. Pls.

Amber said...

Rashida is soooooo beautiful!

Jerry said...

Where else are you going to see Matthew Modine and Angela Bassett?

Not impressed. All famous people know each other.

Jungle007 said...

jib- the Jonah Hill pictured here isn`t a Jonas brother!! That would make for an amusing issue of tigerbeat!!! LOL
I`d even buy that issue :)

link88 said...

Ernestine, I don't recall you personally pissing me off before and me calling you out for it, because I don't particularly remember you, no offense. But if you insist. (I have criticized Jax for her swearing - maybe you two are the same writer, I don't know).

As a woman who has had two children, it can be difficult to lose the baby weight, and I think women do each other a disservice to judge a mother as fat after having children. But you are entitled to write your opinion, of course, just as I am to write mine.

Emma31 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emma31 said...

what ever happend to Samaire Armstrong? Didn't she go to rehab?

UKGrrl said...

Didnt samaire armstrong turn out to be 'No-Pants Girl' in the audition Dominique Swain blind? I always secretly hate her on DSM... much as I love that show!
I heard she was in rehab... written out of a permanent stint. Plus eating disorder troubles.