Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nick Hogan Getting Out Early

I appreciate all of you sending me e-mails and notes that Nick Hogan is getting out of jail early. How early? About three months early. In just about three weeks from now on October 21st, Nick will be done serving his sentence. John Graziano still can't do anything for himself. You may think I would take this opportunity to snark, but I'm not. Nick is in the justice system and they have rules and he behaved so he gets out early.

I actually think Nick will be good for a couple of weeks when he gets out, but then he will do something stupid and I will be right here, ready to trash him some more. But, I do want to emphasize that Nick is young, and was young when this happened. Was he conceited? Absolutely. A jerk? Yep. But the fact is he was just 17 and I would gather lots of us did idiotic things when we were 17, some of which may have got someone killed or injured but we just happened to get lucky. If we were 17 and the child of a celebrity and used to getting our own way, we might have been a-holes as well.

The reason I have been so angry throughout this entire process is because of the way the Hogan family acted, and how they put all the blame on John and that Nick could do no wrong. I just thought the attitude from the entire Hogan clan was despicable. That was my beef with the whole thing. It still is. The sentence is what it is and the kid will have served his time. Lets see if he learned anything from it or if he goes back to the same boorish behavior. He better know that we will all be watching.


Molly said...

it's a household filled with excuses. he's not going to change.

Lisa said...

That whole family is a bunch of spoiled, self-indulgent, entitlement-minded, whoreish, bleach-abusing, A-holes. Hair bleached of all natural color to where it is either the color of piss or platinum, looks sooo fake and I am soooo tired of seeing it! It suits only Scandanivan children under the age of 5; not Hollywood ho's. So grab a box of Clairol and get thee to the bathroom and fix that awful shit! (*deep breath*) Whew! lol

BlahFrickinBlah said...

What sealed the deal for me was listening to those taped phone calls between him and his family at the jail. Scumbaggary at it's best. That whole family will never learn.

Sylvia said...

Don't think this dumb kid will learn his lesson. I wonder who else besides him is leaving early for good behavior. Or is it only celebrity people that get lucky.

p m said...

I hate his family, but I agree that we need to let him out of jail. He was just being a dumb kid and I know I did worse than that when I was his age. Lets see if he can get past this.

Harriet Hellfire said...

Hopefully he will have learned something and becomes a bit less of a douchebag.

Not holding my breath though.

sandman said...

right ent, we will be watching...his reality show.

btw...just read ent's last sentence again.
i wonder what i should do with all my free time now?

not a famous adrian said...

I hope he set up an appointment with a proctologist upon his release!

Molly said...

I hope he set up an appointment with a proctologist upon his release!

he's such a giant asshole, it might take more than one.

Judi said...

LOL, Molly! They're trash. Hulk was a successful wrestler but there's never been any reason for anyone else in his family to be known. With more stability, maybe Nick wouldn't be the way he is. I was too busy to do stupid things at 17.

bionic bunny! said...

"Yeeeh" commented how nice it would be if john's marine buddies were outside waiting for him.

i agreed, thinking of the scene from "dirty rotten scoundrels" only instead "with no humor, no glue sovent, and involving testicles, tire irons and the gear shift handle from the wrecked supra in a prominent place". or words to that effect.

i have not one iota of sympathy for this whiny asshole.
i never did, but after seeing pictures of poor john, who appears to actually be mising about a 1/4th of his HEAD.... i'm just sick. that boy is NOT going to wake up, good behavior or not.


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