Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Photos Part One

So, it turns out that ever since I spelled their name wrong last year, The Dollyrots have pretty much been regular readers of the blog. Because they do read, they know I'm taking a break from the reader photos until the holidays. But, they also know that if you are a reader who takes a photo with a celebrity that is current, I will post it. So, last night, here in LA at The Viper Room they took a self portrait. They then proceeded to guilt me for not coming to their show to such an extent that I actually hugged my mom for being a softie. So, to make it up to them, in addition to their photo, I am posting their new video which is a cover of Brand New Key.

For some reason Byron Allen just looks really uncomfortable.
Amy Winehouse gets ready for Halloween a little early with her Mick Jagger impression.
Avant - New York
Adam Sandler gets in just because he is actually out and not wearing a t-shirt.
I think it is Aly and AJ. It could be the other way around. I don't know. Does it really matter in the entire scheme of life which is which?

Just friends

Sesame Street characters living a real life. Love it.

Did I miss the memo that says everyone is back in the 70's and we all need to sing Come On Get Happy.
The why were you there photo of the day goes to David Beckham and Belly Dec in Chicago at Jermaine Dupri's birthday party.

Emma Watson in Italian Vogue

Look who it is. Wow. Back in the day, you could not open up a tabloid without reading about Ed Marinaro.
This is what happens when you have to buy a tux from the hotel gift shop.
Would you believe this was the least trashy photo of Daisy Lowe from yesterday? She walked the Agent Provacateur show and there was nothing provocative about it. Also, her bottoms didn't fit right and even though she was walking, there was a huge gap and, well you know, not something I really felt like sharing.
The what the f**k were they thinking award of the day goes to Kelly Bensimon who still is managing to smile despite wearing this. It's kind of like she was in bed, woke up, but on some bag pipe socks and a sweater and went to a party.

Jerry Hall apparently wants us all to know she still has breasts.
So, for the 832nd day in a row Jennifer Garner took her kid to a park. And for the 832nd day in a row, Ben Affleck didn't go.
I like Hilary Duff much better now that she is not in our faces everyday.

I wish Lamar Odom would try as hard with his basketball playing as he obviously did with this outfit.

So, Lucy Liu has got a hold of Manolo Blahnik, and I'm guessing that she isn't letting go until she gets her Christmas list filled.
Wasted out of her mind, but Kate Moss at least looks like she is having fun.
I guess velvet must be making a comeback, because if the publisher of Esquire is wearing it, then it must be real.
All of you seemed to love that I posted Kathy Ireland a few months back. Well here she is last night as the buffer at a charity event. I think she was supposed to be the good to Sharon Stone's evil.
If I didn't know Nia Vardalos was happily married, then all of this time she is spending with John Corbett on and off set would be something worth noting.

OK, so there it is. Six weeks huh? I can't tell baby ages. I will let all of you hash it out.
Nelly - Ft. Lauderdale
I love Meryl Streep, but I love the view more. Coast of Spain. Road trip.
Dame Elizabeth Taylor.
Plain White T's - Paramus, NJ

Wow, it looks to me like Paul Sorvino has seen the bottom of a few bottles of something. Man he is looking rough.
While usually the queen of roughness, Penny Marshall actually looks really nice.
I've decided that Orlando Bloom doesn't take bad photos.
Ne-Yo - New York
Apparently the last time Steve Guttenberg had any money to spend on clothes was back in the 80's.

Just because no one really talks about Sadie Frost anymore.
I know all of you are going to smack me down for this, but Rumer actually looks decent. I don't know if it is the red hair or the distance of the camera, but she looks ok. Notice, I'm not saying hot, or stunning, but she looks about as good as she can.
Always looking good is Rex Lee. One of these days I am going to have Rex Lee day.
Ray-J and Kim Kardashian were at the same party. Got along also. Hmmm.
Well, if there any doubts as to the parents of Jack Henry Quaid, just take a look at that face.

The Kooks - London
Oh, look, an "everyday person" messed up the Hilton photograph. I'm sure Kathy had a discussion with security about him and had him tosses.
Mr Cheesy and his daughter
Shoshanna Lonstein and pants that look like they are about 30 minute ones.
Alfonso is always the odd man out. Will and Jada have chairs, Alfonso, not so much.

A first timer in Vincent De Paul.
The fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt.
Tara Reid looking nice at two events in a row.
All thanks in part to Mr. Personality.


Mooshki said...

Thank goodness "Cashmere Mafia" got canceled so Lucy Liu can dress well again.

Ms Cool said...

Aw, c'mon... Steve Guttenberg, Tara Reid, Rumer Willis?

I'm sure there has to be a Daniel Craig picture out there. He is way more interesting and definitely more appealing to look at than many of the others.

Bad Fish said...

Wow, Rumer's hair looks MUCH better than it did last week when she debuted the look at the Teen Vogue Awards. It looked like crumpled old doll hair before. Now it looks, dare I say it, HOT!

selenakyle said...

Ewwwww. I really thought Amy Winehouse would be dead by now.

I'm shocked that she's still kicking, really.

And I see Frenchy has eyes!

califblondy said...

Some of these people look rough and I'm not just talking Amy Winehouse.

Is David wasted or what? I bet Victoria won't be too happy.

Jerry Hall looks hideous.

Ed Marinaro, what went wrong? He looks like an old high school teacher.

What's up with the "just friends" caption for Christina?

Molly said...

For some reason Byron Allen just looks really uncomfortable.

wouldn't you look uncomfortable if you looked like oj simpson?

rumor looks good because she's far away.

steve guttenberg, lose the members only jacket.

amy will go trick or treating for drugs. she's going as a skeleton.

the comment on christina looks like the answer to a blind?

Mooshki said...

Selena, I think she's just holding on until Blaaaaake! gets out of jail.

MontanaMarriott said...

Wow CA and Hubby both don't wear their wedding rings anymore.

Becks and Belly look like Chelsea queens very Uber Gay lol

Ed Marinaro looks terrible, too much tanning????

Wow did not recognize Kate Moss

Kathy Ireland looks so classy

Isn't that baby big for six weeks?

kimmypie1 said...

Rumer looks good because you can focus on her figure, which I think is quite nice. When you have all the up close pics all you see is her unfortunate chin.

I really feel bad for her, you know she must agonize over that.

kimmypie1 said...

oh and there is no way that baby of Nicole's is six weeks.

MontanaMarriott said...

is Penny Marshall a lesbian?

Cali Girl said...

is Amy Winehouse starting to look a bit jaundiced?

GladysKravitz said...

Oh, I wish Enty had gone to the Dollyrots show. Can't you just see a 400 pound entertainment lawyer in that crowd!? I liked their version better than Melanie's. There. Dated myself.

ElsieFire said...

Oh, so now because we have confirmation that it's a real baby, we will now wildly speculate about it not being 6 weeks old. Yawn.

Molly said...

selena, i said that years ago about macy gray and she's still alive and kicking.

montanamarriott, she's been married twice, once to rob reiner, so i don't think so, tho she is rockin' the lesbian look there, isn't she?

Janele said...

ElsieFire said...
Oh, so now because we have confirmation that it's a real baby, we will now wildly speculate about it not being 6 weeks old. Yawn.

Elsiefire - not sure if you have children...but that baby was 6 weeks maybe two months ago

captivagrl said...

that's the only bad photo of kate moss i have ever seen. are we sure that's her?

not a famous adrian said...

Hermione looks stunning, Harry does not.
Jerry Hall looks like Belle Watling--the madame in "Gone With the Wind".
I guess Christina & Jordy are done-- she also looks like she has cheek implants.

Kat said...

Actually, Janele, I do have a kid and that child looks right in line with six weeks to me. They're all different, though, which I know doesn't bode well for those desperate enough to buy these stupid conspiracy theories.

I hope we all realize that we are often manipulated by bloggers into disliking/liking individuals of their choosing. Just saying.

ElsieFire said...


Yes I have a child. She was 24 1/2" long when she was born. In 6 weeks, she nearly 26". So, perhaps, just perhaps, that child could be 6 weeks old?

But, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, so I don't have a good enough explanation for why she would:

a) fake a pregnancy wearing really small prosthetics;
b) use her sister to carry the baby and then NOT use the actual due date as her own;
c) mysteriously fake carrying a baby around in a pouch for 3 weeks before hauling out a ginormously large baby.

Hmph. What do I know?

ElsieFire said...

@Kat: Exactly. Thanks.

Kat said...

Oh, and wow, does Jack Quaid ever look like both of his parents. Total mix. Guess there's no conspiracy theory over that one.

bionic bunny! said...

both my kids were big, so i can't comment on size, but that baby looks about right to me. just developmentally, ya know?

and why is it that emma seems able to carry off the "older" make-up, but on hayden p. it looks like she's just trying too hard?

i dunno, jack quaid also looks a little bit unfortunate to me. more randy, rather than dennis.

Molly said...

yep, her baby does look 6 weeks old so hopefully no more bullshit enty.

and wow, elizabeth taylor doesn't look at all like elizabeth taylor anymore.

Mooshki said...

What is it you guys see in Nicole that makes you so passionate about defending her against silly speculation? Why do you care if we think she went to rent-a-spawn for the purposes of this photo op? :)

Molly said...

mooshki, speaking for me only - it's not that it's nicole, i just feel when a blogger or paparazzi or anyone demands that a celebrity show the face of her baby and then makes more demands and then starts making comments that the baby isn't hers, it crosses a line. enty is being a major douchebag posting that so i'm coming to her defense. i really dislike madonna and i'd do the same if he was writing that stuff about her, too. it reminds me of the time a photographer got pissed because a group of them followed rebecca romijn home and she wouldn't look up for them to get a shot and he started calling her a bitch and saying no wonder your husband left you, all because he didn't get his way. no class.

i don't think i'm the only one feeling he went over the line. there's a difference between posting gossip and gossiping and making shit up about someone's baby, in my opinion.

kimmypie1 said...

Maybe it is all based on personal experience but when my daughter was 6 weeks old, she was not nearly as big as her baby looks.

While it is true that all children grow at different rates, it is also true that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I personally like to speculate about conspiracy theories. The theory is about Nicole no one is saying that the baby planned it all did they? I don't see the big deal. This is a gossip site, after all.

Kat said...


I actually really enjoy this site, and most of the time I am chuckling on the other side of this screen, but like Molly said, this has to do with someone's baby, and challenging their motherhood and that's plain wrong.

Far as I can tell, Kidman hasn't done anything wrong to earn this bizarre hatred (I see it on other sites too and I don't get it). The biggest criticism seems to be that she has botox injections, which ALL of them are doing, so why choose her to villify for it?

I love the snark when it's about something that the blogger knows they actually did (it'd be nice to get more reveals!), but persuading people to hate someone based on nothing but personal bias (or personal gain) bugs the bejeebus out of me. Seriously, Kanye, Mariah, Paris, Lohan-they all seem to deserve it (they ask for it!), but the quiet ones, leave 'em be and leave the kids out of the equation.

liveunderarock said...

Belle Watling ! I love it !

Ms. said...

The Dollyrots are awesome. Enty, I'm glad they guilted you. BTW, you should have gone to the show too. Your bad.

Ms. said...

Okay, conspiracy theories. Nicole and pregnancy, George and gay and so forth.

Here's my nine cents. If Nicole was faking it, she would have faked it better. Huge stomach and so forth. Why bother faking it in such a way as to invite speculation and criticism?

Enty - she was preggers and had a kid. Get over it.

Same deal with Clooney. If the guy is gay, picking the last chick as a beard was a big big mistake. Most beards are believable and enhance the beardee's reputation. Most of the women Clooney dated have hurt his rep, not helped it. For that reason alone I believe he's straight.

Bad Fish said...

My god, people, if you dislike all of this so much then go the fuck away! He's entitled to rag on whomever he wants.

You dont understand the Nicole hate? How about she was privy to one of the biggest shams (her marriage to Tom Cruise) in Hollywood so she's an awful person. I dont know if she faked her pregnancy or not, but I do know I dislike her willingness to sell her soul for a career!

DNfromMN said...

I guess Enty's right, velvet blazers are in for this fall. Tom Ford is wearing one on the cover of German Vogue this month, too.

Ugh, so ugly, but they're very touchable.

mazemerizing said...

If I look at a picture of me holding my baby at six weeks, he'd look a lot smaller. Of course, I weigh twice as much (or more) that teeny-itsy-bitsy Nicole Kidman does. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else's newborn baby looked like a six-month-old baby if she held it. It's all in the proportions. Just sayin'.

And I agree with a post further up that said if she was faking it, she would NOT have used tiny fake pregnancy pillows. She'd buy the Katie Holmes' size pillows.

But not a fan of Nicole's. Still think she should spill the beans about that crazy, gay ex-husband of hers, and stop with the Botox, among other problems I have with her.

Kat said...

So sorry to offend your delicate sensibilities, bad fish. Didn't realize you had the inside scoop on the inner workings of that marriage. Did you get your information from the intimate dinners you attended? The tapped phones? You lived next door? No? Oh, you must have been the flower girl at the wedding, that's it!

I have been one degree of separation from that particular pairing (someone I knew was a bodyguard on the of Days of Thunder, and if you'll believe the baby conspiracy thing, you might as well believe me because I'm gaining nothing out of telling anyone this), and he told me, in no uncertain terms after I started on the gay rumour thing, that T.C likes his women (he might like men, too, but on that movie set it didn't happen). He also said that Kidman was completely in love with him, that she was in it with both feet. Cruise is a manipulator, that doesn't make her evil. It made her young and stupid.

You can't relate?


Sarah said...

My thoughts on Nicole Kidman... I did some googling and sunday was 6lbs 7.5 ounces at birth on July 6, making baby SR 11 almost 12 weeks old by my count not 6. Do I think she is big for being 12 weeks old? No, big for 6 weeks but she's not 6 weeks old.

Time will tell when she looks different from her parents or not...

Also was anyone else wondering what the eff is up with Xtina's elbow 'pit'?? That's one weird mark.

Grace said...

kat, even Nicole herself said she was very young and in love at the time with TC, so I believe your story.

Anyway, hard to believe that Liz Taylor is 76 and Winehouse is 24 or 26 and both are in failing health.

Taylor is blessed to have the privilege to live to old age whereas Winehouse may not even make it to next week. Such a huge shame.

Grace said...

I forgot to say that I'm glad that Jack Quaid looks normal -- he was put in a boarding school in Boston at age 8.

Poor kid...

not a famous adrian said...

Sarah--Xtina has Hebrew lettering at the crook of her elbow. It was not done attractively.

JessieE said...

@ Molly -- Penny Marshall wasn't married to Rob Reiner...she's his sister, and Carl Reiner's daughter. Don't know what her sexual proclivities are...

mazemerizing said...

@jessiee - no, no, and no. Penny was indeed married to Rob Reiner. She's Garry Marshall's sister.

Molly said...

jessiee, mazemerizing is correct, and yes, rob is carl reiners son. look penny marshall up on imdb. here's the entry:

SpouseRob Reiner (10 April 1971 - 1979) (divorced)
Michael Henry (1961 - 1963) (divorced) 1 child

i guess you got confused about the relationship since a sister and wife are still all in the family. get it? all in the family?

okay, sorry.

Mooshki said...

Okay, I hate when people say this crap, but I can't help myself. If you're that unhappy what Enty's doing, go somewhere else! This is his blog!!! I don't agree with everything he says, but I express my differing opinion without attacking him. And the only time I've seen Enty change his mind about something is through a reasonable argument, not through someone getting mad at him - I think it makes him understandably defensive. He brings up a lot of controversial stuff here, and overall we've done an amazing job of keeping our disagreements civil. I can't bear the thought of this place getting ugly like other blogs.

not a famous adrian said...

What mooshki said.

ms snarky said...

The baby is about 2 1/2 months old (not 6 weeks), birth date July 7, 2008 according to a CNN story. So, she's a 2 1/2 month old baby born to a woman who is 6 feet tall and a guy who's in that range. How small do you all think this baby is likely to be? This is going to be one lanky kid. Sunday Rose (that name hurts me, but as soon as I say that I remember that it's not my business what someone else names their kid) looks about right for being almost 3 months old. Look at the development of her head - she looks like a fair-skinned 2 - 3 month old who's going to be pretty tall.

ms snarky said...

and for some reason, the change in Rumer's hair color is fabulous. That black hair is just too harsh for the contours of her face. The red softens her up a bit and de-emphasizes the strong lines of her jaw. good move on her part.

ms snarky said...

sorry for all the posts, but I was on the road yesterday! I missed you all!

Jerry Hall looks like an over-the-hill prostitute. Or current brothel owner. Isn't she supposed to have some fashion sense? Ouch! Suddenly she's old and amazingly tacky ugly!

ms snarky said...

Jack Henry Quaid's a pumpkin head!

ms snarky said...

Ent, I'm worried about you. Are you working too hard? You got the bandanna baby's age wrong by a whole month, the other day you captioned Vanessa Williams with Vivaca Fox's name.......We love you, but you have to de-stress.

I think you should take a weekend, relax, go for a walk in the woods, take a little "me" time. How about a nice frothy bubble bath, softly lit candles, and a glass of wine? You'll be a new, albeit still large, man!

jax said...

well i ain't no expert but damn that is a big baby for 6 weeks. weird espec. since nicole barely looked pregnant the whole'd think the baby would be smaller no?


ms snarky said...

jax - the baby's 2-1/2 months old, not 6 weeks! Ent got the number wrong, that's all.

ms snarky said...

@jax (again) - also, Nicole's 6 feet tall, so is Keith. The baby's going to be long!

bionic bunny! said...

not defending nicole. i love a good conspiracy theory, and you know i'll fight to the death (okay, gravely wounded maybe!) for enty. and i agree with you about the folks bitching about stuff. when my favorite sites devolve into politics, i just stay out of it.

i was just sayin' (devil's advocate) that the baby didn't look too out of whack for the age. and if she's actually that much older, then that much more so.

by the way, i gotta say i love the gutte! i guess i'm weird that way.

Mooshki said...

Bunny, and that kind of comment doesn't make the steam come out of my ears. :)

stiffkittens said...

"You dont understand the Nicole hate? How about she was privy to one of the biggest shams (her marriage to Tom Cruise) in Hollywood so she's an awful person. I dont know if she faked her pregnancy or not, but I do know I dislike her willingness to sell her soul for a career!"

Well said Bad Fish.

If a woman will freely give up/spend a decade of her life conning all those around her and potentially lying about something as tragic as miscarriage - twice (due to Tommygirls lack of swimmers and his alleged dislike of vaginas – google Big Red + TC, and his first wife’s comments on non-sex life) then i dont put it past her to fake a pregnancy.
Who knows - maybe she was pregnant and miscarried/had to abort due to Down's both of which women her age have quite a high risk of. Saving face and desperation would make the con-job a little less far fetched. Also i am rather attached to her being the answer to the blind about a big movie actress being a hermaphrodite/underdeveloped male (and it not being JLC).

And while we are commenting on the baby - Nicole was so slender before pregnancy, and had such a tiny bump. So how in holy hell could that woman pop out such a big baby? I mean where was it hiding?
I also like to believe that Suri is a tad older (read: months) than they want us to think and that she is not Tommygirls (hello sterile boyparts! Sci-cult doesnt cure infertility)...
I find it odd that people wont even entertain the thought of things not being right and normal with Tom and Nicole - they are not living in the real world and they have been or are both Sci-freaks. Lots of fucked up things happen in Hollywood and money sweeps it all under the carpet. Therefore its only logical to assume people of the alien-delusional nature would think about having kids in unconventional ways, and believe that all the yesmen around them will take care of the loose strings. Thats what all these celebs seem to spend there spare time doing if all the blind items are to be believed. There are even businesses that will defuse controversy and very bad truths about someone when they pop up on the net etc. If everything was rainbows and glitter in HW then these businesses would not be around. There has been something fishy about Tom and Nicole for a long time, and all the good publicity and public correctness in the world wont change that.

Of course all we can do is speculate, unless she would be so kind as to provide DNA test results - which im sure no one would demand she do. After alls said and done, this is a gossip blog that the writer can post about any subject he/she feels like. That is his/her prerogative and use of freedom of speech. You can choose to skip Nicole/anything-you-dont-like-based posts or not read this blog at all. That is your prerogative (I dont mean that in a bitchy way, im just stating a fact). You can even stick around and say you dont like it and argue why; but you cant have any impact on what the author does to his/her own blog – and nor should you try to.

Sweater said...

Hey, the Dollyrots are pretty cool. Thanks for the video Ent

GoGoLola said...

Please everyone, continue to speculate away!!! Who cares if Nicole faked the pregnancy or not, really, in the grand scheme of things??? It's an enjoyable theory to ponder over, and I personally come here b/c I enjoy the comments, the snark, and the overall tone and wit of this board. I don't understand why this particular topic has touched such a nerve...

Oh, and, of course I come here because I love Enty!!!! Who could ask for a better blogger???? Thank you, darlin,' for all the hours of enjoyment!!!

Diana said...

Roll TIDE!!!! Sorry guys, had to do it. What a game. Totally off comment. Forgive me, but they are now ranked #2 and I am SO HAPPY! Afraid that posting this will curse them.

Finished "Eat, Love, Pray" this afternoon - maybe I should just go meditate somewhere...

cricket said...

Keith isn't 6 feet tall he's around 5 foot 9 Kidman towers over him just like she did with Tom. She looks more like she's Keith's mother than his wife. It's funny that all the stuff she's done to herself to try and look young has just wound up making her look older than 41

Mooshki said...

Stiffkittens, yeah, by comparison to Katie's, Nicole's pregnancy looks perfectly natural. Do you remember how Katie's baby bump would get bigger, then significantly smaller? Once she had Suri, she had to keep the pillows in for a couple of months, but she kept getting the sizes wrong.

Diana, I don't follow sports much (although I did watch the Vikings suck ass this weekend) but I hope your team does well!

triunfopark said...

There is no F'ing way that baby is 6 weeks old...uh uh, not a chance.

Pam Archer said...

Ed Marinaro married Tracy York, and they had a son a few years ago. Do you know if they are still married, and if they still live in Bev. Hills? I've worked with Tracy on the Jenny Craig show, and we have lost touch. Would love to be able to find her again. I'm a fitness pro, too.